Karl-Heinz Rembeck from Germany Asks:

I am following your weekly shows on worldtalkradio and I'm very touched by you and your statements. I am also following the monthly meetings of another organization which is predicting the quantum leap on September 2007 and not in 2012, as you do.

How does this fit together? Can you give me an explanation and, if possible, your opinion, what my destiny will be in that ascension process?

I am very much longing for an answer. All the best wishes and thanks to you!

Karl-Heinz Rembeck- Germany

Sri & Kira Respond:

Dear Karl,

Your question is a powerful one as each being is at a great moment of self-recognition as the entire planet embraces ever escalating vibrational levels. Each person who opens a glimpse into the future is opening a scenario of potentiality that can only be realized through greater heart opening and conscious alignment. That is, on the ocean of consciousness there are many waves. It may look like there is a lifting happening in September 2007, and there may indeed be a shift in energy then, however the greater ocean is filled with peaks and valleys as we proceed toward 2012. The 2012 date does indeed represent a “high tide” and an opportunity for humanity to embrace a far more enlightened state of consciousness. The messages from the Archangelic Realm are abundantly clear and the many gifts of prophecy from other great traditions are all aligning with this energetic shift. This is beyond a prediction, it is a glorious universal culmination that all will be a part of one way or another. Yes, there will be many energetic high tides between now and then, however they are ripples in the ocean, part of a loving lift that will open ever more to the embrace of the Divine.

Your destiny is what you choose, it is why you are here, on this planet, now. That is, your soul already made a choice by choosing to take birth in this time period. Now it is up to you to either embrace that choice and let the fullness of the decision come into your awareness OR ignore the choice and decide to live in a different way. As Archangel Zadkiel so often and lovingly reminds us, simply make your choice, you cannot make a mistake. Within your heart, you already know your pathway. Simply allow yourself to trust the truth within ever more. Surrender is the relaxing into the soul’s knowing and highest evolution. We believe that this offers the greatest opportunity for expansion and completion.

We celebrate your commitment and curiosity. May you find peace in your own choices and knowings. Remember, the greatest gift you can offer to yourself and this world is to fully embrace yourself with divine acceptance, from that space you give others permission to do the same, and for that great gift, there is only one date that is perfect…now!
Abundant Love
Sri & Kira

Sheryl from California Asks:

I was recently passed a link to a movie featured on the internet called Zeitgeist. Although my heart feels that it is at least partially, if not completely, true, it is still very disturbing. My questions for Archangel Zadkiel are in regard to this film.  

First of all, are we to believe that this is all true and that people in power have succombed to such a low level? And second, is this truth going to surface as mainstream and push the people of the United States and beyond to wake up as part of the 2012 ascension process?

And finally, should those of us intent on ascending with our mother earth continue to fight for causes such as these and others (women's rights, humane treatment of animals, etc) or are these merely a symptom of our separation with the Divine and we should therefore abandon these causes and spend our time focusing on reconnecting?

In Light and Love,  Sheryl, California

Sri & Kira  Respond:

Namaste Sheryl!
In order to fully address your question, we took the time to watch the movie you write about. It reminded us of another movie that is currently available, America: Freedom to Fascism, by Aaron Russo. The gift of these films and others similar to them is that they are offering an opportunity to broaden the mass consciousness and paradigms.

The greater issue here is the one of personal response to any information that is being offered to you regarding any subject matter. The Archangelic realm has spent many years asking all of us to re-member the truth of who we are without outside interference. When we engage in the process of accepting outside energies into our own consciousness often times clarity dims and confusion enters. The gift of any form of information presented to each of us is the opportunity to tune in to our own heart. Your heart is the clearest guide on your path and it will all-ways guide you to serenity and divine action.

If we superimpose the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening as a guidepost along the way, then we can easily understand the experience we are having. For example, your concern about the issues brought forth in Zeitgeist. We can recognize that those in “power” are doing so at the level of Density Consciousness. Those who seek to expose those in “power” are doing so from Spiritual Activism. Now ask yourself, at what consciousness am I reacting/responding? Then ask yourself, at what level is my highest service attained in response to this information? Often, the levels are different and offer an opportunity for growth.

YES, all expressions on this planet are serving as part of the wake up call. How your respond to these is your journey. All-ways remember that you chose to be here….now.

Whatever you focus upon at this time will expand, for we are at the great time of expansion. So, ask yourself, what serves my highest purpose as a focus? Then, trust the answer, for all expressions are divinely serving.
With great love,
Sri & Kira

What do I say about 2012?

Hi Sri and Kira!

I love your work and have read 2012: You Have a Choice and was recently given your newest book, 2012: Atlantean Revelations as a gift.  I can hardly wait to read it.  My question is one that keeps coming forward in my life.  That is, I realize that we are all playing an important role in the upcoming 2012 events, and yet many of my friends and relatives are really convinced and very worried that only catastrophe awaits.  How can I help them understand that this is not the only future before us?  Thank you in advance as I really want to know how to respond to them.

I love you guys!
Anna, New Zealand

Namaste Anna!

First of all THANK YOU for recognizing that we all indeed play an important role in our co-creative participation on this planet. This is a powerful gift that you already embody and one that will assist you as you move forward. Yes, there are many doomsday prophecies and energies that align with the propagation that this is the only outcome for us ? poor humans.? As the energy of fear becomes more and more popular, so does the acceptance of a fear based paradigm become more anchored. It takes courage to not be afraid in a world that is predominately encouraging us to be so!

When you are with those who are openly discussing the catastrophic scenario, perhaps this is your call from the universe to simply hold presence, smile and invite an alternative based upon conscious co-creative power and courage. If appropriate, lead a moment of positive future visioning, teach the container exercise from 2012: You Have a Choice and clear the belief of a catastrophic future! Through your pro-active presence you will free others to do the same. Remember, it is your presence and courage without doubt that will free all those around you to break the chain of fear. Be the role model, have patience, use the Star practice often, and celebrate that you are being given such wonderful opportunities to serve!

Abundant Love
Sri and Kira

How do I deal with the upcoming Earth changes?

Hi Sri and Kira!

I know that you two have spoken about this recently, however I really would like to know how I can deal with the upcoming Earth changes.  Many around me are going nuts about this subject, and I will be working at an overseas military base and would sincerely appreciate some perspective.  Thank you so much for your love and your guidance. It helps me so often that I cannot even begin to thank you enough!

BeBe, CA

Dear Bebe,

So many people have this question. Thank you for asking!  Yes, our Beloved Gaia is shaking and quaking.  Yes, the ocean levels will rise dramatically in the coming years.  Instead of worrying, it is best to get clear on what your particular role is.  That is, are you called to serve by being in a "dangerous area"?  If so, then there is no danger for you.  For you are then following your soul's mission.  What could be better than living in alignment with the reason you took birth?

Danger is a density perspective based upon limited information and separation from Source.  As you bring your hand to your heart and relax into that pre-verbal communion, ask:  "Is _______(location) where I am to be? Then notice the communication you receive back. If the response is "yes", then relax and know that you are aligned.  If the response is "no", then ask is it appropriate for me to be here for the next ____(weeks, months, years)? Again if the response is still "no", then you'd best decide who you are going to listen to, your soul's voice or some other "authority"? 

We must all practice listening, asking and trusting our guidance.  The inner voice is connected to your highest wisdom.  Practice this form of communication and you will become unshakable!  Take advantage of those around you who are acting out, with each interaction they are gifting you with ever more clarity!

Be the presence of clarity for them, and let your soul's song sing joyously.

With great love,
Sri and Kira

Could 2012 events happen sooner?

Dearest Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa,

Given that the Gregorian calendar we currently use could be off by as much as four years, the events prophesized for 2012 could in fact occur this year.  I would appreciate Zadkiel's input.  I am grateful for you taking the time to address this and look forward to your response.  In the meantime, many blessings of Light, Love, and Laughter :)


Beloved Kristan,

Your question is important as it brings with it the rational mind doing its best to reconcile the plethora of information that is escalating around 2012. Archangel Zadkiel delights in all questions that are related to our conception of time...especially linear time. In our first book, Sacred Union, it is the subject of False Gods, and we encourage you to re-read that chapter.

In our current book, 2012: Atlantean Revelations, the entire last chapter, (17), is completely devoted to releasing all preoccupations with the past, present or future so that we may each fully expand into our Divine Wholeness through the present energetic confrontations currently on our planet. Whether the calendar as we currently view it is "wrong" or not is not as important as where we each bring our consciousness every moment of every day. As Archangel Zadkiel so lovingly and frequently reminds us, "When you keep your eyes on the Divine at all times, then all time disappears and the Divine is now!"

Thanks for asking!

Big smiles and lots of love,
Sri and Kira

Dear Sri and Kira,

Could you please ask Archangel Zadkiel if "he" has a part in the GAIA Project 2012, The Earth's Coming Great Changes as told about in this book of the same name. The author is Hwee-Yong Jang from South Korea. The book does have suggestions on how to cope with knowing about this information such as focusing positively on the here & now. Still it's such a burden to carry this knowledge that even now I cry and I find so many that are not awake I wish to share this with.

I am also reading your latest book "2012 Awakening" (I have all your other books read also) and am overjoyed from the love expressed therein. So I trust the divine Archangel Zadkiel guidance and God's plan for humankind is already in motion. Maybe I'm impatient but bewildered I don't know what to think. God only knows.

What a joy it is to have found you.

Love from Peggy,
Arkansas City, KS

Dear Betty,

It sounds like you are in a cleansing period! This can seem frightening and hopeless. Yet, it is the very life challenge that can lift us to new heights of Mastery. So, judge not your situation. Have mercy on yourself! Use this time to connect more consciously with Spirit. It is time to breathe ever more deeply! It is time to meditate, journal, go for walks and let the perceived blocks be enveloped in the energy of spaciousness and loving trust. Every Mystic has encountered the "Dark Night of the Soul." a time when everything you depended upon has fallen away. And their advice is always -- go deeper into prayer, meditation and Divine trust! Once you have surrendered into this place, releasing all fear and expectation and truly surrendering, then you will find that you can choose to exit the darkness. That is, only after you are at peace with the cleansing process is the power of co-creation and choice brought to a new level of empowerment.

Much love,
Sri & Kira

Is there a special place to be on December 21, 2012?


My birthday is Dec 21 so the Dec 21, 2012 date is even more important to me. I am aggressively moving on my spiritual path in preparation for 2012 and was wondering if there is a special place, on Earth, that we should be on this date and year?


Dear Kori,

What a special birth date! It is important to remember that each of us has a role to play and that we will be called to anchor our presence in the manner that best serves our personal evolution and the human family. Or, said differently: Listen to your heart! The time between now and December 21, 2012 will offer great awakening energies to our planet. Each person has the opportunity to grow in clarity and wisdom--this indeed is the path of empowerment. There are many wondrous places on this planet. Cultivate your inner dialogue with Spirit and trust that your soul will guide you to be in the perfect place on that date and year! By practicing this inner dialogue now you will eliminate all doubt from your life.

Many Blessings,
Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa



Kathleen from Australia Asks: 
My question is one on addiction. In the 12-step study groups they say that alcoholics have a chemical imbalance in the brain that after they pick up the first drink it sets of a phenomenon of craving and they can’t stop. Can I have some insight into why it is so hard for people with alcoholic/drugs problems to get clean. Do you think that most people with addiction problems have an imbalance within their bodies i.e. lacking serotonin in the brain or is it a karmic issue that the soul has decided to experience in this lifetime. I was an alcoholic/drug addict for 25 years and have over 14 years clean time and it is a constant battle for me to remain positive and full of joy on a daily basis. Some days when I wake up I feel the anguish straight away and just want to hide for the day. We become masters at putting on a ‘happy face’.

Sri & Kira Respond:

Dearest Kathleen,
We sincerely appreciate your question and the courage you summon in your commitment to wholeness! Since so many share in this question with you, we would like to first offer a reponse for the many who are reading this now, and for those whose families struggle with this issue also.

Yes. Addiction has a physical component. And addiction has an energy (mental and emotional) component. Unconscious energetic patterns must be fully healed in order to support a shift in the physical component which would heal the chemical balance. In our experience, the mental/emotional component requires deep expressive therapy if it is to be fully healed. That is, the underpinnings in the psyche must be purged, healed and reframed. Many who enter a recovery program often are reluctant to do the deeper work. Instead they do some therapy to gain skills and emotional awareness and then lean on a 12-step program for support. This is a wonderful first step as it is an adaptation that offers greater wholeness. Yet, it is a step along the way and may not always provide the full depth of healing required to change one’s chemistry. There is a profound difference between coping and healing.

Surrendering fully to Spirit is the powerful and effective alternative to deep, lengthy therapy. Surrender at the depth we are suggesting usually requires a mentor, for the personality will do its best not to let go on its own. This surrender can result in a brief period of perceived instability that may make traditional employment a challenge; yet it is not insurmountable!

All addiction when fully understood & recognized is a great gift. It is the soul's cry for Wholeness, for Union. It is critical that the one wrestling with addiction develop a deep trust in their own core essence through surrender to the Divine. This trust, along with listening to ones inner guidance, will carry one in the right direction. As you deepen your commitment to raise your vibrational rate, the physical dependencies will heal.

For yourself specifically: Remember, depression is a habit and will rear its head whenever we lose sight of the Divine. Write your personal mission statement, and then revisit it often. Paint it in brilliant color and attach beautiful scenes to the page with your mission. Do this when you are feeling inspired. Also, remember that you can reframe any moment by widening the lens through which you are looking so that you can see the divine at work...all-ways! Create beauty in your home. Include pictures of inspired mentors, spiritual teachers and nature scenes. On those mornings when you don’t feel like getting out of bed, look at the beauty around you, look at your mission statement, read spiritual literature, play uplifting music and remember the truth of divine love. You have a reason to be here.celebrate that you are alive.

Lauren from PA Asks:

Beloved Sri & Kira,
I have been on antidepressants for about 5 years and over the past year have tried to get off of them. I had an entire weaning program ready, did Reiki, and used the Egyptian Healing Rods, but after almost 2 months, when I was completely off, the pain and disorientation wasn't abating, and I went back on them just to stop the withdrawal symptoms! This shows me both how addicted I am to them, and the true nature of these things. Both times my mindset, when I went in, was that it was the right thing for me to do at the time, and that it would be effortless.

Over the last few weeks, I have been having almost an opposite reaction! I get a headache and irritable AFTER I take it. My husband is also having a similar experience. Does Zadkiel, or either of you, have any input into this type of situation? I'm sure many currently struggle with this.

Thank you for the work you are doing, and the joy and light you are spreading,
Lauren, PA

Sri & Kira Respond:

Dearest One,
Thank you for your courage and dedication to personal freedom. Let us first remember that antidepressants are a modern invention. Depression is ancient! Anytime we use a chemical to create a desired inner state we begin to orient our chemistry toward the presence of that chemical. Additionally, we orient our emotions and expectations toward the medicated state. Thus, going off antidepressants requires working through addictions at the physical, mental and emotional levels.

This transition can be made easier with the following steps:

1) Do not quit abruptly – ramp off the antidepressants over a 1 to 3 month period
2) Seek compatible counseling support, including energy work, body work and emotional support
3) Optimize your nourishment of the body. Nutritional support including large doses of B-vitamins and other herbs. Professional assistance is useful here. (Check out “Happy Camper” herbal formula! It helped Kira Raa when she faced the same issue many years ago.)
4) Exercise often to promote fluid exchange and endorphins.
5) Practice “being” in the state of freedom. Mediation, visualization or another form of centered recognition that all is well will accomplish wonders.

Your latest symptom of reacting to the drug in the opposite manner is a sign that your polarity has shifted. This is an essential energy change.

An individual program is in order for you and your husband. We recommend that you obtain holistic guidance that is specific to you. To offer you more is beyond the scope of this column. However, know this, you are already in divine perfection, and this wonderful gift is offering you ever greater clarity. Stay focused on your goal, and know that all is well!

With abundant love and gratitude,
Sri & Kira

Why do Souls choose a 'difficult' life?

Greetings Sri and Kira,
I really enjoy this column and look forward to it every week. Finally I have the nerve to write and ask my question. It has been heavy on my mind for a long time. Why would a soul purposefully choose to have a difficult, violent or abusive life? Thank you for answering.

Cindy, AZ

Namaste Cindy!

What a powerful question!  Prior to 2001 we would have offered this response:  Remember that a soul does not mind the challenge; it wants the growth.  The soul also chooses the partners for life experiences prior to taking birth.  What is not known is how "hard" it will be; what is known is the lesson sought from the experience. So from an earthly perspective a lifetime might be very hard, but from the perspective of a life review following transition, the soul could very well be in celebration for the accomplishment! 

Now that we understand that that karmic imperative was released at the millennium, our response shifts slightly. We are each in the time of completion, where we can fully embrace the energy of Self-Ascension.  It is a matter of getting clear that you are a soul having a human experience and then choosing how to continue. We would ask that person:  Have you had enough of this?  Has the lesson been learned?  Do you really deserve to continue with these patterns?  What help do you require to release this pattern of abuse and violence?

You see, if a person can undertake responsibility for their life, then that person can choose Joy.  If they are unable to align with their soul empowerment, then the karmic decision made prior to birth will prevail. Either way is OK - it won't matter in the long run.  It's just that we have been given our freedom and many are still in the habit of pain. When we make a clear choice, pain ceases, and we can replace that habit with one of Joy!

Abundant Love
Sri and Kira


Ascended Chakra System

The Lower Three Chakras
I have a question for you, or should I say I'm in want of a clarification. The clarification I am wanting surrounds the act of ascension through the learning to root from our heart chakra versus the traditional "root" chakra.  You may want to petition for a changing of the name ;D. Intuitively, I know the rightness of this; it feels right and true. But intellectually I'm struggling and I'm hoping you can help to present the idea in a different way so that I can let my intellectual uncomfortableness go.

It is said that the lower three chakras are only needed at this point in time to keep our bodies alive and that they are no longer necessary for our personal evolution. While I am right there beside the truth of the heart and heart opening and being heart-centered being our next evolutionary step, I am having trouble with how it is expected that we now hold, view, or think of our lower three chakras. It feels like a dis-owning or a de-valuing of them to me and this is where I'm finding personal, internal resistance. I personally enjoy many aspects of my lower three chakras and while they do carry the limiting energy of safety, sex, and power, do they not also carry the wonderful and beautiful energy of creativity, sensuality, and passion?

Can you help me with my conflict?
Many Blessings,

Greetings of Love Melissa! We are grateful you ask this question with such clarity as it is often asked by many!

Let us first remember that our wonderful and amazing bodies are here to experience all the fullness of this world. To stabilize the lower three chakras is to be present with them and the many gifts they offer! Rather than safety, sex, and power as controlling issues of the entire physical, emotional AND spiritual body, when we stabilize these three as peace, (the recognition that all is well), love, (beginning with ourselves for being on this wondrous journey into form), and Joy, (as the ultimate trust of universal perfection), we are fully able to be present, as you state so well, in our creativity, sensuality and passion.
This is a powerful discernment of presence that stabilizes these centers so that our heart center can fully root as the Divine center of Ascension energy. We are celebrating our stability and our trust without any form of doubt!

Through this celebration our heart anchors with greater clarity, abundance, and Divine presence for there are no longer and "needs" coming from the place of instability. When this gift fully embraces our being-ness, then every moment is filled with presence and the mind has truly relaxed into the spacious form of support that it is intended to be, rather than the controlling mechanism that brings forth the only true from of seperation...doubt!

Beloved one, you are ready to celebrate in all-ways and that celebration will further stabilize your three lower chakras to support your beloved body as your heart will continue to soar! What a wonderful time indeed!

With gratitude and love!
Sri and Kira


Eric Asks:

My name is Eric and I was lucky enough to catch your seminar in San Fran this spring. I was the little guy with the eyes gone bad like Kira.  I enjoyed it a lot and always do, especially Zadkiel who always makes me laugh when he visits me in the dreamstate. Oh except afterwards people thought I was weird because I had to pick up some of the trash in the city on my way back to my car - ha ha! I look forward to seeing you both at the East West Bookstore in Sept. I have  been getting dreams from Mary M. and Lord Sananda about energies arriving on 7.7.7 any inside info you guys could share?

Love and Light

Sri & Kira  Respond:

Greetings Eric!
What a gift that you are allowing yourself to simply be present with the many loving beings around you! (And, what a gift that you are called to beautify the world in your own wonderful way!)

Yes, there are many energies that are coming forth on our planet now; AND there will continue to be many more as we escalate toward the stunning shifts that signal a time of great presence for all.

Your question, (and many others like it), has stimulated a response from the Benevolent Ones of the 33rd crystalline dimension. Please read their loving revelations in our monthly newsletter Path of Joy [article and link follow] . And of course, KNOW that your personal guidance is the gift of presence that manifests in abundant joy all-ways.
Much Love
Sri & Kira

Galactic Alignments,
Cosmic Opportunity,
or Group Prayer?

Dearest Beloved TOSA Community:

Once again we witness many messages being circulated about “special dates” that offer alignment and heightened possibilities.  Sometime these wondrous invitations to align and activate include a suggestion that if you “miss this date and hour an opportunity is lost, as it will not come around again for thousands of years.” Does this not incite some fear as a reason to organize?  Remember, “Don’t miss out” is a proven Madison Avenue technique that effectively brings people to action. 

We remind you that we are all enjoying a collective call to reunion.  We are all being given the opportunity to expand our consciousness and lift from the beliefs and limitations associated with 3rd dimensional reality.  During that process we get glimpses of divine knowledge and blend those glimpses with our earth-bound ego structures.  Thus, many interpretations, channeled information and downright gossip is circulated on the web.  No matter how well intended this information is, for the most part it includes refracted perceptions and density beliefs that come with the messenger.  Thus, ultimately each and every one of us must return to our heart, to our own inner guidance and choose how we will respond to such information.

The Path of Self-Ascension rarely includes any mention of Astrological information.  For astrology, as it is used on earth, is also subject to interpretation and as such, can interfere with your direct knowing and the exercise of your free will.  The stars, the central core energies of the galaxy, are indeed shifting and there are a multitude of energies available and becoming available that can serve your path of awakening.  However, enlightenment will usually not come from following another person’s interpretation!  You must trust you, and through that alignment you will find the Stargates that are yours!

We invite you to get clear – when you hear of a special astrological alignment, are you responding to the emotional body or are you responding to your soul’s knowing that this alignment is important for You?  That is, if the fear of “missing out” or “being irresponsible” is driving your decision, then you are carrying fear into the next experience.  If a desire to change the world is driving your choice, then you are carrying the energy of judgment into your next experience.  What a wonderful opportunity to grow in discernment!

The Archangelic Realm has offered specific and clear guidance around the broader picture of what Galactic Alignments can offer to us. It is time for humanity to awaken into a deeper trust of the true Self and discover that it is your intentional choice that empowers any Galactic Gateway to make a difference in your consciousness.

ALL choices are Divine! Mankind is so trusted by the Universe that our choices are always respected and honored.  We offer you the following information as part of your own Co-creative discernment process.  Follow the link below to print and read the full Archanglic discourse on Galactic Alignments. Bring your hand to you heart, take in a deep breath, and allow the gift of your knowing to reveal itself with ever more clarity.

Many Blessings of Love and Abundant Joy!

Sri Ram Kaa and Kira RaaP


AVESA Miracle
Thanks again for all the work the TOSA team contributed for the AVESA workshop - I truly had an amazing experience.

I wanted to share that I sent a healing to my husband on Monday at 2pm. He reported to me that night (12am when I returned from NM) that he felt 'happy' that afternoon. I touched his head where he had a benign growth on the back of his skull, the size of a ping pong ball. The lump was soft and smaller. By morning it had shrunk to a small ridge - can't wait to see how it is when he comes home tonight!

Thanks and many blessings and Love,

Dearest Elaine! The power of Avesa miracles just keeps expanding and we have tears in our eyes as we read your letter! Your sharing of the expression of joy, (happy), by your husband at the time you offered to him the distance healing technique is powerful indeed. For what is healing at the essence of its fullest form? Healing is the wholeness experienced when one is in the bliss of Divine recognition. Your husband received the gift you offered to him! When we each allow ourselves to receive as well as give, the balance of wholeness restores itself and "miracles" spontaneously come forth. Within our wholeness there cannot be anything that is out of balance and to witness this in the physical is yet another gift! Thank you for fully embracing your wholeness during the Avesa weekend.  We are all-ways in awe and joy to witness as you claim your divinity with such grace and power!
Love and Big Hugs!
Sri and Kira

Avesa Magic

Sri and Kira,
I am reborn. You light the way magnificently.
The safety and joy-filled space you provide has allowed me to release my fears and trust the divine within. I will forever be filled with love and gratitude. You are my spiritual parents. Thank you.
Namaste, Renee!

To be forever filled with love and gratitude is a gift that we claim when our hearts anchor as the root of the Ascended State. We honor your surrender to fully claim your Divine Galactic Blueprint with joyous recognition and abundant presence. As the Archangelic Realm so lovingly states: When we anchor our hearts in the Ascended State, we hold the door open for 100,000 others to do the same! THANK YOU for offering such a great service at this important time on the planet and for freeing so many others to do the same!

With great love!
Sri and Kira

Avesa, Egyptian Healing Rods & Ascension!

Dear Beloved Sri and Kira,

I had this experience the night I took the Avesa Bath of Preparation during the week before the Avesa weekend. During the bath I felt so much release of my stuff, other peoples stuff, all the culmination as it got closer to attending. It felt like many people were " at " me with all their stuff the closer it got. Anyway, after the bath that night I felt refreshed, revitalized but ready to settle into bed. Grateful that that release had occurred.

In the dreamtime, I found myself with one of my guides as I was very comfortable with him. We went into this building, and there were these men who appeared as some figures of authority. And my guide was carrying this big wooden looking box. The feeling was we were there to show them the truth. Because they were in a place of influence show them and teach them. I had no idea what was in the box, and didn't know what we were about to do. He had me sit cross-legged on the floor and he opened the box in front of me.

When I looked into the box there was this object. I could only see the top of it, because of all the light. The top was gold and had some symbols either raised or carved. I wasn't sure if it was a rod or what it was. He had me reach into the box and grab the center of it where all the light was emanating with both hands. As I did this, I felt a surge of energy pass through me, and then a massive energy that in that moment felt like the light of Ascension. I immediately began to levitate about a foot and a half off the floor. I could only remain for a short time, then found myself laying down, then transported to this adorned hospital looking room where this beautiful meal had been prepared for me.

I'm not sure if this had to do with the Egyptian Healing Rods or another form of ascension tool. I know in my dream and also when I woke up, I so wanted to hold onto it again. It was amazing. You probably already know what this is. If you have any insight, I Am Here! I Am Open! I Am Ready! Guide Me!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Namaste Sue!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful dream/vision with us all. There is great courage taken when you come forward with presence and love after the gift of prophetic dreaming.

The weeks prior to attending an Avesa program will always amplify your energy field and open up Divine portals of connection. This is due to the loving commitment attending Avesa sends to the Universe. It is the Action of Being spirit. When we say Yes to the Universe and then take action to support our growth, we are rapidly and often viscerally, (as with your dream/vision), escalated on our path.

Each will receive the many, many gifts that await as we relax into greater love and trust. Consider that your gift was offered just after the Avesa preparation bath! You aligned yourself with clearing, gifted yourself with actually following through, and then entered into your sleep time with clarity! These elements send the signal of YES to the universe, and your gift was brought forward.

The Egyptian Healing Rods ARE part of your experience inside your vision, and we strongly encourage you to bring the moment of connection that you experienced during your vision into greater connection with your life now by spending quiet time with high frequency rods. As you do this, more will be revealed, and the symbols you refer to are part of the Golden Ray process that is offered after completion of the Navigating the Inner Matrix program. Celebrate that you are connected, awakened and ready to move forward! Or, as Archangel Zadkiel would so lovingly encourage, it is time to dance in little circles! The time is now.

With great love!
Sri and Kira

Am I ready for Avesa?

Hi Sri and Kira!

I really want to come to Avesa this year and feel very called to do so. My question is simply how do I know that I am ready to be there? Part of me feels really called and the other feels unprepared in some way. Thank you in advance for your help and I hope this isn't a silly question.

T.R., Rhode Island

Blessings of Love T.R.,

Your question is certainly not silly, and most likely many others seek to ask the same thank you for having the courage to ask! When we begin to ask, we also begin to grow in new and wonderful ways.

Celebrate that you are indeed growing through the period of self-doubt into the new and empowered state of self-trust. This is a powerful shift. This year, 2008 heralded an invitation for each being on the planet to make their choice of expansion. When this shift begins, we often find ourselves chaotic in our understanding of the "who" we think we are, and how to begin living in the state of empowered freedom.

It is the PERFECT time to attend AVESA. When your heart calls, then honor your heart. And, if your timing says wait, then wait. AVESA requires no special preparations, just the recognition that you are ready to share a few days in a safe space that offers you the gift of fully being present with you.

May your heart be your guide and we look forward to meeting you in person soon.

Big hugs,
Sri and Kira

Greetings and Good evening Sri and Kira!!

I am back from Avesa 2 and feel ready to put into words my experiences with taking both Avesa 1 & 2. I am excited to be able to offer these modalities to others! I am excited to have the experience of them myself!

Avesa 1 was very emotional for me, and being so deeply in that very emotional place, and surrounded by love and support, I was able to move through it to get to a deeper level of myself. I learned how to hold space for my own highest self and for others as well. During the Healer's Practicum day, I remembered how wonderful it is to do this work. I have to smile at that because it's not even "work"!

Avesa 2 was about being really comfortable with my authentic self, and allowing myself to realize that I don't need to "try" to be me, I'm learning to get out of my own way. On Sunday I wanted to go outside during a break and smell the roses by the hotel, and I realized that I really was there, that I really had manifested this for myself! That I really was ready! And I got to do 3 and 4 Balancings in a row!

The Insoulment, and the gifts we each individually received, was incredibly beautiful. My message was the word "PRESENCE" 8 or 9 times, I am not sure, then either "That is your Gift" or "So it is". This seemed to have many layers of meaning, Presence as in holding Presence, the Present and being present for it. Presents as in gifts and the gift of Presence, it was all bestowed upon me and uncovered from within me. It made perfect sense to me.

I discovered during Avesa 1 that Kwan Yin is one of my guides, so it was beautiful to learn that she was there with all of us for the whole weekend!

It is so completely true that these trainings are first of all to heal ourselves, to reveal our true selves, so that we can go out in the world and be that whole self, to radiate that experience for others. I first started listening to your radio show last year at this time, I listened to it all day long as I made my vegan Indian feast for Thanksgiving and called in to the show that night and got on! It wasn't until July that I was able to see you both in person in San Francisco, also a very emotional time for me. (As an aside, I was completely on "Angel time" for that whole weekend, I missed my first flight and was 30 minutes late to the Salon itself!!! This was great for me since I'm one of those never late people!) I feel like I'm integrating much faster, I'm recognizing the gifts in everything quicker, I feel so peaceful and radiant!

I want to thank you both, and all of the teachers and helpers at both workshops from the deepest place in my heart for offering these trainings! I met the most wonderful people at both! The experience of being around so many openhearted people, especially openhearted men, is wonderful in and of itself.

Huge hugs,

Dearest Sri and Kira,

The Beauty of Presence was a magnificent and wonderful experience at the November AVESA II and celebrating with the family groups on tones of joyous recognition as each blended being part of the harmony that we are within the Oneness. It was more wonderful yet to be in the presence and benevolence of the Benevolent Ones and to be touched by revelation and joy during the In-Soulment taking us to Higher Love.

And as we go forward now on the stream of the Essene, we are truly grateful for the opportunity these gifts of consciousness awakening offer to our clarity of knowing and trust expressing the magnificence that we are.

Thank you Kira for your presence that brings in that stream of consciousness purity and to Sri for holding that space.

We love you both and it is with much gratitude we say, "Thank You, thank you, for you are as we are I AM."

Much love and many blessings,
Ivan,Ontario Canada

Dear TOSA Family,

Thank you for an AMAZING AVESA experience!! I had to leave the closing ceremony early and didn't have the chance to express my true gratitude to all of you. Your hard work and more importantly your heart was felt throughout the entire workshop.

I would like to offer special recognition to:

My soul sister, Sevante for bringing a new energy to the store and the entire workshop. Your energy brought a sense of flow, organization, peace, strength, and love as you are the Maestro of all energies;

"Z" for your on-going dependability in ensuring that all details were handled so the workshop flowed without a glitch;

Misty, for holding a beautiful frequency that allowed those in your presence to be softened by your sweet light;

Toni, for a grounding energy that brought forth peace, flow, and organization;

Sananda, my beloved friend, your heart just beamed and glowed. It was transforming to be in your presence. Great job as DJ!!;

Irmgard, my Avesa teacher, you did an amazing job and I was honored to have you as my teacher. You have so much heart as I'm sure all the other teachers do AND it's the most heart energy that I have felt in my personal experience with an Avesa teacher so, Thank YOU for raising the bar;

Ganeshananda, I LUUUUVVVV YOU!;

Kira and Sri, I am filled with awe and gratitude for the over flowing river of love, generosity of spirit, and compassion you both offered throughout the workshop. Kira, you are a bad "AS*!" and Sri, your kind of a bad AS* and your kinda funny too. Haha. On a serious note, it was pretty HOT when you became THOR and used your thunderbolt to catapult to infinity the dark energy from Patrick. Thank you again;

All the other Angels, Danuta, Aranyah, and Elaine, thank you so much for all your support, and love. I felt more heart energy in this Avesa than any of the others, so a BIG HUG of gratitude and CONGRATULATIONS to ALL OF YOU for a job well done!!

See you at Quantum Leap! Rainbows of Love,

Sandara, Healer of the Planet
(This is what I called myself while on our trip in Europe and Africa-aka:Dee Dee)

Avesa Healing!

Hello TOSA!

We had such a great AVESA weekend - Emma, my 14 year old, had some significant emotional releases and a bump on her back plus a wart on her toe that had been with her (and resistant to be frozen of) disappeared! Melina, my 9 year old, is connecting with the 'bubbles' she sees on her shoulder, and I am feeling renewed.

Many blessings,
Boulder, CO

Dear Sri and Kira,

Thank you for the gift of Avesa. It was singularly the most soul expanding 3 days of my life! Thanks to Avesa I can clearly see that it is time for me to stop kowtowing to my ego and shaking in my soul shoes and completely embody the magnificent creation of who I AM. With gratitude I choose to fully embody the Love the Wisdom and the Power of my soul and be an oasis of peace in this turbulent world. It was with deep awe as I watched you and Kira work together with such ease and grace holding presence for us all to experience the divinity of who we are. You indeed embody your teachings which I not only witnessed but experienced.

On the second day I was floating down the hall anticipating another day of soul expansion and Kira happened to pass me and as I got closer I was seeing an angel, Kira literally took my breath away with her beauty, her radiance and her power. Thank you both for being the united front of Love, Wisdom and Power and willingly sharing it with the world. Also I wanted to thank all the other Avesa attendees who shared the jewels of their souls with me. What an amazing experience to be gathered with so many beings of light!

With profound gratitude,
Salt Lake City, UT

Dear TOSA Team:

I just returned from my first Avesa 1 weekend, transformed! THANK YOU for such a wonderful healing and connecting experience.

Thank you again.

With Gratitude,
Wendy, CMT


Receiving Clarity

Namaste Kira & Sri,
I once again request assistance in deepening the clarity and focus as this path unfolds. As I have heard you state on the webcast, "you are only capable of viewing what I allow to be revealed." So with that said, may the totality of Truth be revealed in regard to this request.

The last time we spoke on the webcast, the guidance you provided stated; from this point of now "follow the green path". As this "now" unfolds I am sensing ????? very soon. Would you please provide insight to illuminate this for deeper understanding and graceful surrender to allowing.

Dearest One!
Your question invokes the Archangelic Realm to step forward with great love and compassion! When you send out the energy of sincerity in the quest for clarity, Divine flow comes into your life. Often, we dismiss this flow through self-doubt or self-judgment, and it is in the delicate balance of calling forth an anchored and Ascended heart that we fully embrace the "graceful surrender" as you so well describe it.

Can you allow yourself to fully trust that your "sensing" an imminent shift is the first step in awakening to greater understanding? By celebrating this awareness, (even if the mind desires to consider it minor), you send the signal to the universe that you are ready for more! Yes! Great shift is upon you, and the next step is yours to take. Breathe in each time you experience doubt or feel that you are not clear. Bring your hand to your heart, often. Celebrate each moment, because your expansion is the allowing that opens the window wide!

With great love and joy!
Sri and Kira

How do I "see" like Kira?

Hi Sri and Kira

I’ve been wondering...for those of us who can’t see the way Kira can, is there hope? Thank you for answering, this is really on my mind.

With gratitude,


Beloved Shirley:

This is an important question because it is revealing a greater truth and a deeper request.  That being, can I trust myself?  We live in a world that seeks proof of everything.  Why is that?  Often it is because we have decided that our own internal guidance systems are somehow not on track.  This is partly due to the level of toxicity that we are constantly exposed to, and without conscious intervention, will cloud our intuitive filters.

Everyone has the ability to “see.”  HOW each claims this precious gift is as unique as each being expressing on this planet.  Bring your hand to your heart and take a deep breath.  Close your eyes and focus upon a question that you would infer requires “seeing” as a way to answer it.  As you continue to breathe and focus you will begin to notice subtle changes in your body, your energy, your breath!  Pay attention, you are developing your sight!

The greatest gift this journey will offer you is the moment you decide to begin trusting YOURSELF again. Is there hope? All-ways, and it begins with you!

Many blessings,
Sri and Kira

How do I expand my clarity?

Dear TOSA,

Namaste. As you've said in many of your talks 2008 is the year of action. You all said 2007 was the year of clarity and to reflect upon what came through for you that year. Can you expand upon this? Is there an effective exercise for doing so?

An abundance of blessings,

Namaste Anna!

We can all agree that 2008 is moving at a pace that as we reflect upon it would make 2007 seem as if it crawled!  How amazing the fluid time continuum is as we move further into the energetic downpour that is being showered upon our planet as we come closer to 2012. Take a moment each day and breathe deeply and with presence.  You may even wish to “assign” a time in the day that you do this.  Perhaps upon arising, or just before going to sleep.

As you breathe in, allow yourself to FEEL your clarity in action.  That is, what is it that you are really clear on?  Sometimes we are really clear that we are still seeking clarity!  Whatever energy of clarity you call forth during this sacred moment, offer gratitude for.

Then, sit down with a good old fashioned journal and pen and start writing.  Let go of any preconceived notions of what you should write, or how it should look. Just allow your energy to move into form by creating words, or even shapes on the pages before you.

By taking time each day to bring your clarity into action, you will very quickly uncover any roadblocks that may be clouding your actions.  Remember, you already made your choice, whether you are conscious of it or not; how you manifest that choice leads to subsequent and repeated choices.

2008 is the year of Action as manifestation.  So pay attention to ALL that is manifesting in your life now, and you will quickly recognize your choices in action!

Many Blessings of Abundant Love,
Sri & Kira

How can I more clearly hear what my guides have to say?

Hi Sri and Kira!

I am kind of new to the work you are doing, and it resonates so completely with my soul. Every discourse from Archangel Zadkiel helps me feel more connected and present. My question is how can I more clearly hear what my guides have to say? I really want to know how to do this. Thank you for your guidance.

Love Holly,
North Dakota

Namaste Holly!

Your question has a powerful recognition already built into it. That is, you know that you do have guides! To seek to hear them is an extension of the awareness and removal of doubt that they exist. Have you celebrated this moment? Many ask the same hear their guides...yet, we are each unique in our ability to receive. Are you sure that you are not already hearing your guides? Or, are you waiting for the voice from the night?

While we offer this to you somewhat tongue in cheek, the greater lesson is to release your expectation of "How you Hear" them, and discern this with the actions that are supporting your growth. Pay attention to the serendipitous events that are happening around you, offer yourself quiet time and pay attention to your thoughts. A wonderful way to clear the channel of communication is through good, old-fashioned, hand-written journaling. Begin to record your thoughts, actions and the shifts that you are witnessing in your life. The more you allow this communication to be honored and received, the clearer you will "hear" your guides. After all, this too is a journey into trust, and you are ready!

Many Blessings,
Sri and Kira

What is Truth?

Dear Sri and Kira,

I feel really good about my path and how I am living it; however, there are many around me who keep telling me that I am crazy, and it is a mistake to not be following the traditional religion of my birth. It doesn't seem to matter what I say, and they refuse to even read a book that I suggest. Please tell me, what is truth?

With great respect and gratitude,
Joseph, Minnesota

Dearest Joseph,

What is truth, indeed...a powerful question that is evocative and causes one to reflect and examine. "There are as many religions on this planet as there are people," is one of our favorite quotes from Gandhi. How each of us expresses our spiritual lives is a personal choice that is often judged by those around us...especially when our choices do not reflect the choices of our family and friends.

That being said, offer yourself the gift of complete self-trust. It sounds as if you are doing your best to embody that gift, and when you find that you are able to be present for others without the energy of interference influencing your choices, at that moment you experience the truth of you! Our world conspires to support our Divine unfoldment by creating experiences that will bring us to this choice often. Do we trust ourselves and our experiences or do we surrender our self-trust to the will of others?

We are experiencing this choice on a very large scale as our world is acting out in support of the rapidly expanding energies that are culminating at this moment in history. What is truth? Go first into your own heart, pay attention to how you feel, and when you recognize the joy that comes from the soul, may that be your barometer to consistently experience truth without doubting your journey. As you model this for others, as your consistency grows, most likely those who are causing you pain now will begin to ask for your guidance, rather than be frightened by it.

Until another asks, it is best to let the books remain in your home. When they are ready, they will be there for them. You are the book! Let your joy and actions be the teacher as you fully embrace your journey with ever greater love!

Abundant Love!
Sri and Kira

How do I gain clarity in a difficult situation?

This is a question for my angels.........

Dearest light being,

I have been raising my vibration despite all the chaos around me, If you would allow me to continue I will tell you what is going on...This is on alcohol addiction. I grew up around alcoholics my whole life. My father died from the abuse; my siblings all use and I did as well. It was destroying my marriage, and I sought counseling.

I am no longer using to hide behind who I am...I see behind the illusion of it, unfortunately my husband and most of my family around me do not and I guess my question is, "How do I stay in a marriage with the use and the pain it causes me?" It makes me physically sick to see them this way. You cannot talk or reason with someone who is drunk....

I wrote him a letter saying I could not bear this or hold on much longer. It is effecting the children as well. I stated that I honor him and love him but not in the way he is abusing himself. I feel my angels are telling me to stay and support. He is also my means of support for me and the girls. I do not work although I have been putting my resumes out there for 6 months now. Still nothing. Could you perhaps clear up what they are trying to tell me?


Namaste Sandra!

Our hearts reach out to you with love and appreciation for your tenacity and courage to ask your question. Congratulations on the journey that has brought you to this moment...right now.

All experience is part of the cycle of discovery that leads us to who we are. You have claimed your discovery through your experience and are now at the moment of decision once again. Patterns of being are challenging to shift, especially when our daily support mechanisms are involved.

Everyone who chooses growth will find that the prior structures often do not support the growth cycle and ever refining moments of choice will come forward in one way or another. To love someone does not mean you must join them in destructive patterns. Sometimes the greatest gift we can offer to those we love is to free them to find their own way rather than empower an old habit that brings neither person peace.

Let your heart be your guide: Ask yourself, does this bring me peace? Beloved One, addiction finds its way into many aspects of our lives and drinking is just one aspect of the addiction. It is your moment now to develop ever greater self-trust and love. Through this process you will discover how the energy of addiction is still doing its best to influence your decisions; this vital step of recognition is very freeing, allow it to come forward.

Anchor your recognition of the illusion by supporting yourself any way you can. Join a study group, defiantly take the Navigating the Inner Matrix program, create daily practices that offer you reassurance and demonstrate stability for yourself and your children. Breathe often and smile just because you can.

One small step at a time is all it takes, and as you clear out old habits and patterns your extraordinary ability to connect with the Divine will anchor with greater ease, and your answers will unfold as will your security.

Your abundant angels and guides simply wish for you to know that they have infinite patience as you walk through this time and that you are not ever alone. Have as much faith and trust in yourself as they do! You deserve it, and it is time!

With great love,
Sri and Kira

What is the meaning of "change?"

Hi, and blessings on this wondrous day,

In a conversation that I had today, a statement was made that I wondered about. It was that people don't really change; it's their perspectives that change. I would like your comment on that to help with my own clarity around the word "change."

Thank you. I appreciate and am grateful for all that is shared.

Namaste Kathy,

This is a powerful question, and one that inspires depth and clarity on many levels. Yes...Change Happens...AND ultimately it is our perspective that changes. Within the recognition of this, perspective is the magnificent manner in which we create meaning; it impacts our feelings and understandings. One's perspective is a function of emotional development, spiritual maturity and life experience.

What is perhaps even more potent to recognize is that as we grow, as we experience, we are fulfilling our spiritual purpose here on this planet, at this

Each being incarnates as a CHOICE to fully self-realize WHILE IN BODY. To do so mandates that you will have a myriad of experiences that will each propel your journey toward re-membering your Divine purpose and unveil your soul.

To fully live a soul-based life requires a shift in your experience of this life.

Is that change? Perhaps the only true change that occurs is we realize that all words are limiting, and we come to peace with all that is, and smile as we embrace our soul.

After all, it is why we are here, and through our presence we each free others to do the same.

With great love,
Sri and Kira


Donna from Houston Asks:

What can we do if there isn't a spiritual community in your area? The ones that are available seem more like it's kindergarten level. Any ideas? Much love and light to you.

Sri & Kira Respond:

Dear Donna,

Community starts with "U". That is, true community has a common Unity. That unity is a commitment to Spirit, to honoring the Divine in yourself and in others. We talk a little about this in our new book 2012 Atlantean Revelations. So, it begins with you. Get clear on your commitment. Be willing to articulate your truth and live that truth more overtly. Then start noticing what happens. You'll either notice more like-minded Individ-U-wills or you'll attract your own community. (Note: If you feel called to a Self-ascension study group, a tele-group offers connection with community regardless of geography!)

Melissa Asks:

Hello Kira and Sri & Namaste,

This question may seem somewhat trivial but it is something I have a burning curosity about.

In all of my encounters, as limited as they may be, with events or workshops of a spiritual nature there is always an overwhelming disproportionate number of women present versus men. The only encounters where the numbers have come close to resembling a 50/50 ratio are those of an eastern religious nature. So with this in mind, what I would like to ask is:

Is there a divine reason for this to be so or is it simply representative of the differences between men and women and of how women have less social indoctrinated barriers for bringing their spirituality to the forefront in their lives? And also, might those who are wanting for stronger and deeper spiritual development (or re-development you might say ;) during this lifetime, with the vital need for greater balance of male and female energy on the planet, have made the decision to purposely enter this world in a female body?

Just Curious. ;D
Big Blessings,
~ Melissa

Sri & Kira Respond:

Namaste Dearest Melissa,

What a wonderful question! Yes! Currently, there are more women at metaphysical events than least thus far! We believe that this is part of the overall healing balance that is occuring on our planet. That is, male-related domination energy has prevailed for centuries and therefore has created an imbalance that is seeking resolution. The female nurturing energy is now coming forward in a leadership fashion that emulates safely, love and is a more balanced, empowered feminine! (vs. a submissive one) While more men will join in this truth later, for now the female energy must find its strength without "permission" from the male, this is part of the cycle of re-balance!

And, yes, it is the nature of the female to traditionally be more "right-brain" focused. The "left brain" cannot continue to lead our world or the perpetuation of our destructrive tendencies is certain due to the essential disconnect that supports left brain dominance. (A left brain that is harmonized with the heart and the creative connection is a quite beautiful co-creative partner.)

We are delighed to share with you that during trainings the balance of men and women has been steadily balancing, and models the expansion of balance that we are beginning to see come forth on the planet.

Celebrate that we are indeed at the time of the goddess, and that for many men, this will mean honoring and celebrating the goddess within, and therefore recognizing the many goddesses that are about!

With love and a big smile,
Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa


Dimension Shifting

Robyn Asks:

I was wondering if you could help me with a few strange things that have been happening to me lately I can walk down the street and then feel a bit faint as though Im not in my body its like im floating but I realise that Im still in my body and then I go along a bit further and then come back to my senses? and at nights I have been waking up right on 4.00am few a few weeks now...and I feel as though Im ready to get up and go and also I wake up and my body feels as though I have been walking or running as my legs are very muscles on my legs are very sore..also I feel anxious as though Im waiting for something huge to happen. Hoping you can help put a few things into perspective for me.

Cheers Robyn

Sri & Kira Respond:

Dear One,
Welcome to the realms of dimension shifting. The sense of floating is indeed a sign of being out of body. Many peope are finding that they are gaining experience out of body. This is practice! Also the wee hours of the night often become times of alertness and clarity; be not alarmed. Instead, try to allow yourself to use a few minutes to journal and meditate. (You may even wish to prepare by having a journal and pen handy by the bed.) Be in dialogue with your guidance. The senstion in your calves and lower legs is the result of energy running up the foot chakras. The "Lifting Energy" is the communion with Spirit. For many years, we were all taught to run energy from the crown down into the body, now the best way to cleanse our energy system and lift into communion is to run the energy up the feet. This trains us to lift out of the gravity of the earth while remaining anchored in our heartspace. Trust your experiences and try some of the practices we shared in 2012: You Have A Choice! You might discover that the "Living Ankh" practice will sufficiently clear and open your channels so that the calves are not as sore.

Many Blessings,
Sri & Kira


Dome of Divine Light

Hello Sri & Kira,

I signed up to be an anchor to raise the dome of light on Dec 17. Can you please tell me if there is something specific that I need to do during this time? Do I sit quietly and hold presence during this time? Is there a visualization you ask us to hold during the meditation?

Thanks and God Bless!

Namaste Dearest Nancy!

We first thank you and celebrate your decision to be an anchor with us on December 17, 2008! The recent events in India only further strengthen the messages that have been gifted to us from the Archangelic realm.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO HOLD PRESENCE FOR INDIA PRIOR to the 17th of December and especially to raise and anchor the dome!

With each day this gift of preparation that was given to us way back on April 2, 2007 becomes even more meaningful.

The guidance we have been given from the Archangelic realm and Ascended Masters is that EACH BEING will call forth their DIVINE MASTERY in how they decide to be present for this experience.

For some you may even be asleep however the intention being set prior to going to bed will anchor at the Divine moment and bring forth powerful dream states that are worthy of documenting.

For others there will be a strong need to be with those who are also anchoring the dome and each group will bring forth their own UNIQUE presence to synergize with the Raising of the Dome! (Looking for a group? SEE BELOW!)

The consistent message from the Archangelic realms and Ascended Masters and now the Essene is for each of us to fully trust and love our Divine guidance within. This moment is yet another opportunity to fully embrace this gift!

We are grateful you are joining in this powerful moment! AND...we are only half way there. Please encourage everyone you know to visit the website and to register! With your help we will reach our minimum of 1000 anchors!

Much love all-ways,
Sri and Kira


I recently replied to the newsletter requesting or suggesting -however you wish to look at it ;) - that there be a way for fellow out-of-state TOSAites to find each other. When I read the call for assistance to raise the dome I immediately wished to be able to give this assistance while in the presence of others doing the same. I felt that synergy could come from a gathering that could not come in giving assistance alone not to mention a deep yearning to connect with others that hold TOSA in their heart like I do. Is there any possible way you can make this happen?

Love and blessings,

Many Blessings Melissa!

May you know that your heart and your question touch us deeply! THANK YOU for asking. For it is when we ask we a sincere heart that ALL requests are answered! We have several ways that you can join with others to assist with the raising of the dome!

1. Email one of our Celebration Group leaders if they are near you and find out when they are holding their group. Remember that December 17 at 11am in Hrishikesh, India translates to December 16 at 9:30pm Pacific Time in the US!

2. JOIN OUR FREE TELE-DOME CALL!!! YES...from anywhere you can join with CSAC Yesula who will be lovingly guiding anyone who would like to join in the call through the gift of community raising! This call will begin at 10pm Mountain Time, (adjust for your time zone), on December 16! This is one half hour prior to the actual raising of the dome. During this time you will be welcomed and join together through love, then, Yesula will introduce the evening, guide you through some wonderful Self-Ascension clearing techniques, teach the Avesa breath and then begin the gift of raising the dome!

Details of the FREE TELE-DOME CALL are listed in the appearance section above.

We are grateful that so many wish to be with others AND each will come forward as an anchor in Divine perfection as guided! You are at the moment of choice as to how your heart wishes to be present. Thank you for assisting to create more choices for others!

We are so grateful that you will be with us in whatever way your heart calls!

Much love all-ways,
Kira Raa

Raising the Dome of Divine Protection via TeleCall...

Dearest Ones All,

Truly last night was/is a night to remember! As I opened the call, the lines literally began to "pop" with people responding. I tried to write down the names and the places from where people were calling, and I could not keep up. . .people were literally talking over each other, and the energy and the excitement was palpable! Truly pure joy to feel the "pouring in" of the energy of "Yes, I Am here!" We began with what was more a guided meditation of the Ave Sa breath, albeit amidst the continuous callers that announced their names, and yet it was good to feel the connection, the energy, as we breathed, and brought forth our sounds of clearing, as we prepared to open for the lifting of the Dome. I guided us to the Himalayas to connect with our members there, and all who presented themselves for this grand reunion!

For me, personally, as the rays, and the portals, came together, and we lifted our energy, I was lifted off, out of my chair, and my hands stretched out, as if to find some boundary to hold onto, which there was none, and my voice literally could barely form the words, and everything slowed down, and my speech became "step by step" as I was guided to share the next. To Be in the Silence, to speak from the Silence, was a very powerful experience, one that I have not so deeply experienced. When we came back, I asked for anyone's sharing with each other, or to send to TOSA, so we might share our inspirations.

Three or four people shared, and I had trouble grasping, or writing down what was being shared, so I trust, is they want to write it down, they will. Here is a bit: "Sensations. . .carried into the Light. . .growing stronger." "I actually heard your voice change. . .and it was very profound for me." "I feel peace in my body; and my Soul is jumping for Joy." This morning, when I got out of bed, I immediately fell right back down into the bed. . .did not realize I was so expanded. And it is taking me much of this morning, to integrate this amazing shift! That discourse from St. Germaine continues to course through my body. . .what happened is sooooooo beyond any words that I might share. What an honor, what a privilege, what an opportunity to participate in this Grand Awakening of the Self, OurSelves on this planet: "Forever radiant and forever present, the Dome of Divine Light will begin the Initiation of the Age of Lustrous Wonderment, and "without the chatter of the illusion to confuse and manipulate it." Is this not the most amazing Miracle of "Yes." How very much love, I send to you, and for Being in this most important place, at this time.

I love you dearly!
~Yesula, Santa Fe, NM, USA

More sharings from Raising the Dome of Divine Protection...

Hello to Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa,

Thank you for a most wonderful event. At 5am. In Sligo, Ireland some of the registered group were sleeping peacefully. Others were awake and eager to be involved in the work of raising the dome. When we met up on the Wednesday night for our regular healing practice there was great sharing of joyful experiences.

Michael is just beginning in energy work and he had a great Benediction. The energy was very strong and solid for him. He felt focused and full of energy that came through his body for a long time afterwards.

Sharon, also relatively new to energy work but very conscious of the Divine feminine and Christ energy, had a wonderful visual experience of lights and angelic beings around her. She experienced bands of gold light around her. She was still blissed as she told us about it.

Ann experienced energy coming in through her crown and covering her like a blanket she felt great waves of compassion flowing through her. On the Wednesday night she was still experiencing strong energy. When we meditated and sent distant healing she felt that she was being lifted up from her chair.

Fergus, had great lights and energy flowing around and through him. He also experienced a strong feeling of love and compassion in his heart centre.

Gerry felt the Light anchoring in the centre of the ancient megalithic site that sits at our front door.

I - Asha (Patricia) woke up at 5am to a room filled with ribbons of gold, blue, green, silver and red light and a sense of something wonderful happening. I was resting in the beauty of this when Gerry woke up beside me and started to talk. I was annoyed that he had disrupted my enjoyment so I got up and came downstairs. Then the real show started. I saw gold light like an upsidedown cone shape coming down over my body with circles of stronger light rippling down on the outside of the cone. Each circle was pulsing with energy which filled my body with a strong vibration. I was quite blissed out until 6.45am. When I returned to bed my body, the bed, and the house seemed to vibrate with the same rhythm as the circles of Gold. I like the others, felt full of energy for a few days afterwards. It seemed to come in waves every few hours. A wonderful experience for all of us. We can safely say The Dome is raised over Ireland too.

A big thank you for a wonderful experience from the Sligo group.
~Asha, Sligo, Ireland

Hello to you all,

I just wanted to share the experience I had during the approximate time of your raising of the Dome after having registered with you to be an anchor point of light. This, I found, I was compelled to do and although it took days to pluck up the courage to do it, when I finally did, I could rest and let go and move on.

I had set myself a reminder for 4:30 in the afternoon, mistakenly thinking that it was that time in the UK when the Dome was being raised. I later found out that it was actually 5:30 in the morning. It turns out that it didn't make any difference in the end - I feel that I was definitely there.

I awoke at about 5:30 am on 17th December having had a dream about a very tall slim conifer tree - approximately 100 feet high - falling from the north east to the south west. I saw it fall on to its side. I heard it fall and was left with a very strong feeling that it meant something significant. I have had numerous dreams about trees; one that had a large branch falling off it exposing another very precarious branch; a tree with coloured lights all over it standing inside a walled garden and a significant dream of standing in an orchard with an unknown person surrounded by apple trees discussing something I fail to remember at this time.

I feel that my dream is significant, as I have felt with the others, but do not at this time know the meaning. I am assuming that it has something to do with the raising of the Dome, but what exactly? I may never know. I can only trust that one day I will see the reason. I feel a strong connection with the work you are doing, but feel, at the moment, like an observer from a distance, but at the same time connected. I feel I am watching you. I am not sure what that means either. I can only share how I feel and trust that I will see the meaning at a later time.

~Gail, United Kingdom

Hello to everyone - from a sunny and warm Cape Town here on the Southern-most Coast of South Africa!

I calculated that 11h00 in Hrishikesh, India translated to around 06h54 in Cape Town on the 17th of December 2008. Before going to sleep, I set my intent to be an Anchor for the reunification here in Cape Town - whether asleep or awake when it happened. I was woken at 04h04 am in the morning - with energy pumping through my body. I was lifted and exhilarated and simply lay there - doing nothing except loving and embracing the energy. I must have drifted off to sleep again because I awoke from a very deep sleep at 07h54 - where both of my alarms had been going off on the table right next to my head - since 06h30. I never heard a thing - I was not there. A

s I rushed to get to work on time - the energy was simply coursing through my body, and has not stopped since then. It is lovely, wonderful and simply amazing to experience. This was a definite lifting of the heart energy too - in a big way, and a general expansion (for starters) of the space I am in - suddenly. I am really looking forward to experiencing the growth of this energy. It is so lovely already! Thank you for your work in Raising the Dome of Divine Protection. We love you for the work you do on behalf of humanity, and for sharing so willingly with all of us who are awake and trying to live consciously. May you continue to be richly blessed for who you are, and what you came here to do.

Sending you all much joy, love and light!
~Erica, Cape Town. South Africa

Dear Sri and Kira,

It was 5am in our part of the world when the ceremony was taking place in India, so it was very peaceful and very dark and we weren't sure we would be able to stay awake as we meditated !! My experience was quite subtle and gentle (as are many of the Reiki healings I perform which seem to work !) and I spent much of the time 'coping' with a tight feeling around my heart chakra which got quite painful at one point ! I'm not sure what this meant in the given context....!

I found myself sending energy to the earth. I sensed light coming from somewhere around Peru but nothing from India at the beginning. The earth overall seemed neutral, the same as always. Then I had to shift my focus to my heart centre for a while and my lower back. Then when I returned to focusing on the earth, I noticed something had shifted - the earth seemed shrouded in a patchy white light and it seemed like she was smiling ( - does sound strange writing it down but that's the very definite feeling I got from it.) Had we all done that?! Craig reported sensing a lot of quite turbulent energy during his meditation. We feel very happy to have taken part in the raising of the dome and feel sure that it has made a huge difference to the earth and it's inhabitants.

Lots of love to you both,
~Melanie and Craig Hardy, England, UK

Namaste! Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa,

I began seated on the floor of my kitchen no less, with a makeshift alter that included ascended master Kwan Yin and behind her the Buddha, along with a portrait of the Celtic goddess Bride [don't really know why]. Bamboo in water, white scented candles, and several of earths healing stones were also present as well as the deck of Tosa cards I had pulled earlier for reassurance once the access codes did not work. A salt lamp purified the air. Kneeling before this alter arrangement, I called together my inner gratitude, I AM consciousness, great love from my heart center hands-to-heart and requested it join with others energy to raise the dome. I lifted my hands to send the energy. Then assumed a quieter pose for a time in which my inner eye saw three things worth remarking on.

They were: A piercing round ruby red gem surrounded by a equally piercing cobalt blue light surround.  This lasted about a minute then faded out.  I then saw a detailed outline, as if in a drawing of Sri and Kira looking up with beaming smiles and with what could only be described as energy waves emanating in arcs above them.  The third item seen with the inner eye were the many hands of many peoples - hands only- clasped together - old , young - all peoples. While my soul must understand I can only guess at the meaning. If you can clarify this I would be grateful, especially the gem connection, which seemed out of context. I do hope I was able to contribute my love and support to the to the raising of the dome.

Oh yes- somehow - I feel very different today....warmest love on a cold [19 degrees] winter day.
~Patricia, Michigan, USA

Is the raising of the Dome of Divine Protection related to the recent snowstorms?

I have been following the raising of the dome in India, and I have repeatedly received strong impressions during meditation as well as at other times that the heavy snow storms reported in so many places are strongly related to, if not a direct result of the raising of the Dome of Divine Protection.

I do not like snow personally, but I can accept the fact that snowstorms can be great dampers on dark energies, and I have read and heard from a number of sources that they (snowstorms) are often used for just such purposes, and that to those who are spiritually and psychically sensitive, there is a difference between snow storms deliberately created for such cleansing purposes and snowstorms that are just part of normal weather and climate patterns for any given geographical area.

Any comments?

Love and blessings,

Namaste Theodore!

Thank you for writing and asking about this question. Indeed there is great symbolism in your sharing and there have been MANY benevolent interventions on our planet since the raising of the Dome. Your sharing reminds us of the wonderful moment in the movie The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy and her friends were just about to arrive at the Emerald City when the Wicked Witch lulls them to sleep in a field of Poppies. It is then that Glenda, the good witch, unable to directly interfere, wakes them up with the gift of soft, cleansing, snow. Perhaps this analogy, so perfectly displayed in this movie, came forward from the greater inner knowing that indeed EVERYTHING on the planet Gaia serves to assist humanity to grow.

While there are now many who are doing their best to manipulate the weather, (HAARP), and use this gift to stimulate greater chaos, there are also those energies of benevolence which will in all-ways come forward THROUGH the energetics of the planet to assist us without interfering with us.

EACH being on this planet can lend their hand through the conscious responsibility of our thoughts and actions. This month's extraordinarily profound discourse shares extensive information about this. We suggest you apply the action steps given in the discourse, (available on the website later this week), and discover for yourself the gift of benevolent action in whatever way serves you.

With much love and Divine appreciation,
Sri and Kira


What is the connection between the Es-see-nah and the Great Mothers?

Hello and Blessings Sri and Kira,

Perhaps you can shed more light for me. I have been listening to the Book II; what an awesome discourse that is, right on time! I have been reflecting on the return of the Great Mothers during our transitional time. My question centers around the Es-see-nah connection to the Great Mothers? Is it possible that Great Mothers were a part of the Es-see-nah, but that not all Es-see-nah were the Great Mothers?

Much Love,
Elantra Raa

Blessings of Love to you, Elantra!

What a truly inspired question, thank you for asking! Within the context of the Great Mothers the many aspects of this Divine Feminine energy is now seeking to re-emerge with greater clarity and empowerment. As we breathe and recognize the great expansion around us and through us, the self-revelation of the Great Mothers unfolds before us. We understand that our beloved Gaia is our Great Mother to humanity and that ALL of humanity contains a piece of her. Through this expanded recognition we then are able to relax into the understanding that the Great Mothers were indeed part of the Es-see-nah just as each Ess-see-nah expresses through the energy of unification with the Great Mother. May your heart rejoice as you claim your expression through the Great Mother and smile as others discover the same.

Much love and Abundant Joy!
Sri and Kira


Galactic Contact

Where is Zadkiel?
Do you know if Zadkiel is currently incarnated in a human form?  If so, would Zadkiel wish to communicate with his human incarnation?


Dear Colin,
Thank you for your question! Some angels have taken human form, however, these were not the Archangels. Zadkiel and the other Archangels do not take human form. Their role is to hold a "space" between our dimension and the Elohim. That is, from their dimensional space they offer a purity that is not refracted by density and from that place of clarity they can offer guidance to us.

Many Blessings,
Sri and Kira

Peggy Asks:

Dear Sri Ram Kaa &Kira Raa,
Blessings & salutations to all the Archangel guides as well. I have followed your story from the one time I heard you on the radio and ordered your first two books. By the way I'd like to buy the third book but somehow can't get to it online. I've had a traditional Christian upbringing and have continued it through adulthood. I feel that we have gone beyond it and are more tolerant of others not calling themselves Christians. As one who has also studied astrology, I now believe we are into the Aquarian Age. The Picean Age of which Christianity has been a major force is overlapping it and probably hold on for several more decades. My question is: how can we be sure the external spiritual entities that have recently been with us are not what the Christian defines as demons who use ingenious techniques to fool us? Go ahead and shorten this question if you wish. I thank you for the love & light you are spreading.
Namaste from Peggy

Sri & Kira Respond:

Dearest Peggy,
Your question touches us on a personal note as we asked the exact same question when we first got together! Often, we would keep asking and Archangel Zadkiel would lovingly and ever so patiently respond each and every time. This is an important topic as many are indeed being attracted to fourth or astral entities that are very numerous as more and more beings are opening to their intuitive nature.

Let's start with a recap that you will find in Sacred Union: The Journey Home. Essentially, Archangel Zadkiel states that the first way to ascertain love based energy from the masqueraders is to ask yourself the following: Am I being asked to judge another? Am I being told to do/say anything that would interfere with the path of another? Am I being made to feel that I am higher or lower than another? Does the information leave me feeling less than love and joy? If the answer to any of these questions is yes than it is not of the Elohim. Remember, always ask "Is this from the Light?" Anything less than love cannot exist in the face of love, so when you greet all energy with love and ask clearly for the source, you will receive the answer. We could write an entire book on the many reasons to be careful about the 4th dimensional energies or astral energies that are doing their best to entice so many at this time in history.

You mentioned wanting to read our latest book, 2012: Atlantean Revelations, Becoming a Mystic in a 9 to 5 World, well, we have an entire section on this! You will love reading it and much more. If you are unable to purchase it at our web store, just call our office at (505) 286-9267.

Know that you are divinely protected, and that your heart is open to receive the many gifts of love you are calling forth now!

Many Blessings,
Sri and Kira

Question from Qatar:

Since Xmas 2007 I have discovered that I can channel -  It is an inner voice an inner knowing - I can feel what other people feel as if I become one with them, and at the beginning I was sooo happy about it.  I even had some clients that I was able to help, but lately I do not even want to have clients.  The only thing that matters to me is to communicate with the extra terrestrials,  the galaxies -   IT IS A FIRE THAT IS GROWING IN MY HEART more and more every day. Metatron is with me all the time. 

Please, is there anything you can advice me about the matter or Am I going insane????????

I thank you with all my heart,
Anonymous from Qatar

Sri & Kira  Respond:

Dearest One!
Our hearts reach out to you with the reassurance that you are not insane. When we each connect with our Divine heritage and call forth our re-membrance and method of communication, often the mind of this world reacts with fear.

The fire that is growing in your heart is glowing brightly and offering you the time to simply be with yourself and your connection. Part of maturing with our gifts is recognizing when our best service is to retreat from assisting others while we offer ourselves the gift of deeper connection/understanding and integration.

This time is transient, as you are rapidly moving through it. Be gentle with yourself and allow the heart of the universe to become ever more your heart in all-ways. We also encourage you to take time with the current discourse on The Healing of the Universal Wound, for you are actively healing many scars of many lives and many worlds. Breathe often and smile with the knowing that all is well!

Big Hugs and Divine Laughter,
Sri & Kira


The Elohim
Dear Sri and Kira,
The Archangelic Realm often mention, and it comes up a lot in the courses, things like the "Elohimian" or "Enochian" lifestyle. Do you have any books or other info that you suggest for finding out more about what these terms mean, and about the different members of the Archangelic community?
Thanks for all you do,

Namaste Brian,
What a wonderful question for you to ask, for in the asking we open the doorway to our knowing! When the Archangelic Realm refers to "Elohimian" they are making direct reference to the Elohim. Similarly the word "Enochian" refers to Enoch. Your search to learn more about these terms will take you on a journey that will reveal wonderful insights about yourself and your personal mission. We have defined these terms in the notes section of both 2012: You Have a Choice and 2012: Atlantean Revelations. Also, if you simply Google the words "Elohim" and "Enoch," you will find plenty of sources to discover. Remember: in our journey of discovery, and with the plethora of information available, all-ways engage your "truth detector"! That is, place a hand on your heart, take a deep breath and ask, "Is this information of the highest?" Trust your response and then the search itself becomes a practice in expanding your trust and love!
With Divine appreciation
Sri and Kira

How does one embrace the gifts of a near death experience?

Dear Sri and Kira!

Well, first I want to share with Sri not to be offended; however, this question is more specifically for Kira Raa.  Kira, I know that you have had several near death experiences and I have had one myself.  Did you see a Holy Being?  Do you feel that is why you now have such profound psychic gifts?  How did you learn to control and use these gifts?  I am still battling with my experience and really need your help. 

God Bless you!

Leola, WA

Beloved Leola!

Thank you for your kind regards to Sri, and he is happy to pass this question to me! Did you know that there are now over 7 million of us who have NDE's (near death experiences)?  And that is just the statistic of those who have been documented and/or are not afraid to discuss their experience.  For myself, I spent nearly a month after my 1989 experience in complete confusion and fear.  I knew that something had happened, and yet my density brain did all that it could to deny the possibility.  After all, 1989 was before Dannion Brinkley's first  book, Saved by the Light, was even published, so there was really no one/no where to turn.  My heart reaches out to you as you make sense of your re-connection through your experience.

Yes, I saw what many would call a Holy Being, actually many of them.  They took many forms, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and those who we have no names for on this planet.  When any of us has a conscious NDE, there is always a new choice being made to return to this world.  For some it is clear immediatly, for others, (like myself), it unfolds in the time frame we agreed to during the "contact" and then everything is once again revealed.

All of us that are here on this amazing planet are filled with profound psychic, for lack of a better word, gifts!  Yet, for many of us, forgetting these gifts and the road to re-claiming them is often the primary reason we took birth on this planet. Rather than trying to control these gifts, I found that by relinquishing my belief that I could actually control anything was the catalyst to bringing forth greater clarity and wisdom from the universe as to why I returned, and how to move forward.

Most of all, be patient with yourself and let each moment bring your own revelation as to why you are

With Great Love and Many Blessings,

Kira Raa

What are amazing types of rainbows that I am seeing?

Sri & Kira,

Two weeks ago I saw at 9:30am two pillars of rainbow light on either side of the sun, with coral being the most predominant color in the rainbow. So beautiful! Yesterday I saw, as I went to get into my car, a huge rainbow circle all the way around the sun, and it was encircling my house and land from side to side. It took my breath away. Because I had my back to it and when I turned around I saw it.

Then, as I got on the interstate, I saw it for a long time, and there was a bulge of color on the left, in part of the circle. The rainbow was a complete circle but the bulge of color on the left of it was very bright, and extended beyond the natural arc.

Just wondered what this is!

Much love,

Dear Pat,

You are opening to the experience of the Universal Rainbow Energy.  This is actually an Ascended Master energy. What is most important for you to call forth from these experiences is the recognition of the Joy and Wisdom that is offering itself through this reconnection. 

The Universal Energy expressing itself through Ascended Mastership is a post-millennia reawakening that is rapidly escalating each year toward  a culminating “halo” that will manifest itself in the energy of the 2012 experience.  The rainbow may be visible to many; however, the recognition of it in the way you are calling it forth is cause for great celebration. 

We encourage you to journal, sing and draw this experience so that your mastership may illumine and your love may open ever more.

Many Blessings!
Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

How do I raise my vibration to communicate with my spirit guides?

Dear Sri and Kira:

How do you raise your vibration to hear, see and commune with your spirit guides? I would really like to feel that I am doing the best I can to be clear with this recognition.

Thank you so much for everything you give to so many every day, I really don't know how you two do it, but I'm really glad!


Karuna, Hawaii

Aloha, Beloved Karuna!

When this question is asked with sincerity it will immediately open a portal to support the communion. You must, however, first be deeply honest with yourself and ask these questions:

Why do I want to hear, see and commune? (Pay attention to the first thoughts that arise)

Am I open to serving through this process without expectation and anticipation
of what it will bring to "the me?"

These are the greater questions and the most vital first step! Whenever we reach out to the universe with sincerity, we attract to ourselves all of the support and synchronicities to manifest our sincere intentions; it is that easy. When we reach out with frustration, (which has many forms), we repel that energy and will often attract to ourselves astral communications that at first will delight us, (entrap), and then begin to degrade and create chaotic channels in our vibration.

For example, we just returned from the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. This year there was an extraordinary "sampling" of those who were completely governed by the astral, (vast majority), and those who were sincerely seeking truth and communion. This was a wonderful mini example of our world and the perfect opportunity to practice the ability to hold presence amongst any illusion of chaotic interference. (Yet, the astral is rapidly gaining momentum through manipulation of those who are not in sincerity of greater service, so be careful!)

Yes! There are some tangible "things" you can do to raise your vibration:

Sincerity is the key first ingredient and it can only burst forth when you are ready to honestly look in the mirror.

Escalate the process through Soul Nourishment, (read our first book, or take the Inner Matrix Course...or both)

Daily recognition that all events are in Divine order.

Three simple tasks that when focused upon will effortlessly unfold your greatest gifts! Breathe often, allow yourself to receive the many gifts that are pouring into your life now, and you will be delighted with the outcome!

Many Blessings,
Sri and Kira

Dear Sri Ram Kaa,

When I meditate on the Angels, I feel their presence around me. Just recently though looking at my Angel cards I feel that Raziel stands out and I feel he wants to tell me something. I don't seem to get signs or possible thoughts as to what. Could you pass along the message.

Many Blessings,

Dear Francesca,

This is an important question! Many, many people are receiving energies and messages from their angelic guides and struggle to understand what is being offered. And many people are being interfered with by well-meaning others who offer interpretations and messages! I would do you a disservice by attempting to intervene for you. Instead, I would like to encourage you to expand your self trust and conscious angelic connection. The gift of our interaction together could be the following!

Please draw a warm bath, add sea salt and any essential oil you feel called to add. Light a white candle, and place it where you can see it from the tub. Perhaps set the Raziel angel card at the base of the candle so it is visible as well. Then, softly enter the bath as if you were entering a temple. Close your eyes and bring your hand to your heart and breathe deeply and slowly. After a couple minutes of quiet relaxation and peaceful deepening, say out loud: "Beloved Raziel, I am here. Guide me." You may want to repeat this a total of three times.

Then relax and be in trust. Communication happens on many levels. Trust allows the energy and guidance to enter you. You may feel an energy, you may hear a tone or see something. Just breathe and hold the energy of loving trust in your heart. After another five minutes or so, when you feel complete, then go sit and journal. Again, be in soft focus, and simply let your hand write& do not judge anything as it comes out, just be in flow.

This practice will deepen you ability to receive direct communion. This will help empower yourself and your Divine connection.

Many Blessings,
Sri & Kira

The Power of Connection

On Higher Love Radio, you told me the names of my 4 'main' guides, one being a Native American who has been with me many times before. I am attending a Native American drum circle and sweat lodge meeting this weekend so I purchased a drum a few days ago. As I drove home from the store, out of nowhere, there was my guide in my 3rd eye dancing and singing in Native American tradition. He was celebrating me buying the drum.

Ah-ha, we celebrate them and they celebrate us, we are all fragments of the One so every time we celebrate we actually celebrate the whole of One ! It is wonderful to experience how much more quickly the connection between my 'Diamond Four' is unfolding and I give you the greatest divine thanks for guiding me to my awakening of who they are! A huge ah-ha moment for me is when I realized that I no longer see myself or feel myself as a single entity. I am now always not only me but also my Diamond Four ! ! !

I so look forward to each experience of my life with a sense of child like wonder now. Thank you again from the depth of my being and when we think about our depth of being these days, it is indeed a pretty deep subject !

BIG Love to All One of Us !

Charlotte NC

 Guatemala & Belize

Why were you called to Tikal on the Solstice at sunrise?

Dear Sri and Kira,

I listened to the radio show this week and loved it!  I'm wishing to know why you were called to be on the top of Tikal at sunrise on the solstice? I did look up Tikal and saw the stone temple and the steps up to it, and read about it being the home of the Jaguar clan lords.  It looks so powerful. I would love to know more about why you were called to be there.......and did you have to go in the middle of the night?


Pat from Vermont

Dear Pat,

Thanks for asking!  The Mayan culture was founded in a powerful area on the earth.  The sites were the location of galactic contact, DNA manipulations, cosmic teachings and were constructed at powerful lay lines. Galactic visitors will return to these areas in the coming years.  Some of the sites actually sit at an intersection of earth and galactic grid lines.  Some of the temple pyramids seem to send an energy into the earth’s lay lines, like giant acupuncture, to support the flow of these essential energy grids.   Not everything we experienced can be shared right now; it is not all within our conscious language.  Suffice it to say that we felt called to be at the energetic intersection at the Solstice in order to better prepare ourselves for the mission ahead.  We look forward to sharing more with you as we further integrate the gifts received.

Many Blessings,

Sri & Kira

A response to Guatemala...

Dear Sri and Kira,

I am just reading the newsletter of your time in Guatemala and I am so moved by it. It is as if the energies you wrote about it are coming right through the computer screen and this is probably just a taste of what they are! What an amazing stream of Love is coming through, and I want to cry joyful tears and walk in this stream all the time (and yes, go to Guatemala too, it feels so perfect for TOSA there).

Thank you, thank you!


Would you explain "the Eagle and the Condor?"

Dear Sri and Kira,

I have heard you mention" the eagle and the condor," and I am wondering what you are speaking of? Could you explain more about these two energies?

Thank you,

Much Love,

Dear Pat,

The Legend of the Eagle and the Condor has been shared by native people in the western hemisphere. The Eagle represents the people of North America and the Condor represents the people of South America. One legend states that Central America was created by a meeting of the Eagle and Condor energy many eons ago and that this land will support the reunion at the appointed time, which is fast upon us.

The union of the Condor and Eagle, according to the prophecy, should signal the birth of new spirit, a healing for humanity. This new spirit will unite once again the red nations of North, Central and South parts of the hemisphere. From the perspective of those in South America, the Eagle Power, the Eagle Spirit which is very mental, and materialistic has outweighed and dominated the Condor Spirit, which is very spiritual and very much from the heart. Now it is time for the two to come together and fly in the same skies as equals so that energy can be balanced out.

For Kira and Sri, the prophecy carries with it a symbolic return to true Union, the balancing of the male and the female or the yin and the yang in addition to the restoration of harmony between peoples once separated by nationalistic borders.

The idea of the new Pachacuti, of a new era, and of the coming together of the Condor and the Eagle, of them dancing together and soaring together, is a very old one and it's shared in one way or another by many cultures all around the world.

We celebrate your question as a sign that Union energy is arising in your heart and seeks greater understanding and acceptance.

Many Blessings,
Sri and Kira

Tell us about the Guatemalan orbs!

Dear Sri and Kira,

I love the "orb" picture submitted to this week's newsletter of you in Guatemala, and the orb on the top left has such a beautiful intricate pattern in it. Can you speak about the pattern? I can't say I have ever seen that before in an orb! I also like the image of Kira reflected in the window as she took the picture of Sri!

Much Love,

Dearest Pat!

Yes, we also found this orb to be quite intricate and stunning. Actually the picture in the newsletter was cropped for size and the "full" version is filled with many more orbs. This orb is also very similar in color and intricacy to those found in several photos taken inside the house at TOSA La Laguna. (See main story in this week's newsletter.)

What we experience when we simply sit with these lovely pictures is the recognition of being "inside" the portal energy of multi-dimensional space. Think of it as if you were inside of a beautiful crystal gazing out. Orbs are here to open our nervous systems and our minds to the greater depth of existence beyond the 3D. Whenever we connect with a particular orb, its color, pattern, and appearance, we are gifting ourselves with the opportunity to become fully aware that we are, indeed, not alone.

Smile often whenever you connect with one of these cosmic gifts, and let your heart open evermore to greater truth and love!

Big hugs!
Sri and Kira


Releasing Anger
I have a personal question. In July I was diagnosed with stage 4 recurrent colon cancer in my pelvic area. I received a full hysterectomy, partial bladder removal and the removal of my omentum. I am currently doing IV chemo for 6 months. I have been on a course of awakening for the last few years and I have been told to release beliefs. I find myself in an inner battle that I haven't been able to silence.

My question: How do we live in this world with no beliefs? Or more personally, how do I let go of the anger towards my body and fellow humans?

Thank you,

Beloved Dradeelyn:
Your story is profound for many reasons, and there are many reading it now who are in/soon to be faced with the confrontation of wholeness. Yes, you have been on a “course of awakening”, and through that journey, your body has come forth to offer you abundant clarity. Anger is also a potent gift when we allow ourselves to become detached from the anger, that is to not dive into it, to simply be present with it. Denial of your feelings will only empower your body to “act out” and send you more signals. You have masterfully brought yourself to a wonderful awakening point and one which offers you clarity on how you want your life to be experienced.

Several months ago, the Archangelic Realm brought forward the Four Knowns. The first and one of the most freeing of these knowns is “I AM not my body.” This is an empowering recognition for it begins the release of anger held toward the body. We encourage you to read this discourse in particular in its entirety and to have mercy on yourself! Let go of having to embrace the world in this moment, and let the next six months be fully about you. Perhaps the gift of the chemo is the recognition that you must slow down during this time. Your wholeness is calling, and six months from now this too will be just a chapter in your journey of awakening. We love you and know that you are supported in all-ways.

With great love
Sri and Kira

Question from Las Vegas:

I have been involved in a legal dispute with my work over sexual harrassment/discrimination for the last 11 years! It now seems to be moving forward again but I was wondering why it has taken so long for this to move through the legal system? Is it me holding it back? I have also been working on some repressed memories of abuse, is this case tied to that too??? Is healing of one, healing for both? I want to start living my life in a big way and would love to hear any wisdom you can impart to help me move into my full being and potential. I am ready and willing...

Thank you so much and many blessings to you and the work you are doing!
Las Vegas, Nevada

Sri & Kira Respond:

Beloved Angel!
Yes! You are ready, you are open, and you are willing which is exactly the reason why this case is ready to settle. Often when we become entangled in a system of justice, (in any form), the energy of wholeness separates from our consciousness, and we are forced to delve deep into any unresolved habits/patterns/memories. Healing is present when we are ready to accept wholeness INSTEAD of Justice. This is a very big step and one that often can feel uncomfortable to the ego and traditional societal paradigms. This is why the system of justice becomes self-perpetuating. So, what does wholeness instead of justice really mean? The Archangelic Realm is clear that to seek justice for justice sake embodies an energy of imbalance and separation. It also affirms victim consciousness as it is the victim seeking the justice. As you allow yourself to embody the wisdom of wholeness that is unfolding in your life now, the healing becomes complete and you are able to fully allow resolution of all issues from this energy. The victim is no longer controlling your actions, and the soul comes forward establishing balance in your life. This expresses in many ways and in ALL-ways! Stay centered in your knowing that your time as a victim is over and your memories of abuse are also a gift to allow the fullness of your Soul Based life to be!
Abundant Love
Sri and Kira

Sharnene Asks:

My question is I am new at this and I am in pain physically and mentally. How can I better myself so I can be a good Mother and partner.

I often wake up in physical pain when I wake up ….so I then have to get up and walk around. They say that I have depression and I am doing much better now but how can I get that better too. I  would love to know my angel or guides names so I can say thank you.


Sri & Kira  Respond:

Dearest One!
Within your heart the gift of your Divine knowing is beginning to show itself in many ways. Often as we awaken to this profound gift, the body seeks congruence with the energy that you are embracing. For many, this often manifests as physical pain. As you have shared in your loving question, depression is often part of the journey for MANY lightworkers until they resolve the core issue of self-recongition.

Allow yourself to walk through this time with greater self-recognition through gentle reminders that you are indeed coming into balance with all-ness in every aspect of your life. Post notes that say thank you. Breathe often, and smile at everything, especially yourself! The Mantra Of Self-Ascension is also a wonderful way to call forth ever more clarity from your internal guidance, use it often and know that you are in the perfect moment of your life…right now!
Abundant Love,
Sri & Kira
PS: You have several angelic guides, who ask you to trust yourself in knowing who they are! Place your hand over your heart, take a breath and ask their names. Trust the answer!


Receiving the Gift of Wholeness
Blessings to you all and many thanks.   I am stopping by to give a testimonial per se and to express my gratitude. I will do my best to be brief. Explaining my presencing would be far to long to explain so let's just put it that I am an extreme sensitive.

Over the last few weeks, with all the shifting of energies and working with so many people who are in many levels of change and upheaval, AND..I have found myself in the experience of pain patterns of unexplained origin. I do what I know to do and it clears and has continued to show its loving face at me most every day when I am working with people. I had to go out and about today and when I got back to my sanctuary (home) I was observing tremendous pain in my hips and low back. Following guidance, I went to my drawer and pulled out the Himalayan crystal Chakra Expander that I ordered from you all quite some time ago, and a Clear Quartz Vogel and put them both on. The pain went away within a minute or less. Astounding is an understatement and I will be beyond HIGHLY recommending this pendant. Thank you.
Results are everything.
Much love and many blessings, Ariel

Beloved Ariel!
What a wonderful first hand account of the power of receiving! When we allow ourselves to be open to Divine intervention for any reason, we often find that everything we need is already available to us. By opening and TRUSTING your Divine guidance, you were able to bring forth the gift of presence and the many benefits that are available to us all when we say YES to receiving. Thank you for your presence and may this be the first of ever greater miraculous unfoldment in your life!

Abundant Love
Sri and Kira

Transforming Negative Energy and Self-Doubt
Dearest Sri and Kira:
What does it mean when you have recurring encounters with negative energy? I have been on the path all my life and did consider myself to be a growing spiritual person. Yet, there are three time periods when I faced strange occurrences all connected to technology and energy and the power to use this energy in negative ways.

I do feel this is connected to an Atlantis time period and reflects something I am to learn, yet I am stumped for I have always strived to see the good in others and oneness in all. Why do I attract such battles?

Greetings of Love Lori!
This is a powerful question. There are several key words in your question that the Archangelic realm asks we point out prior to further response. These words are: recurring, did, strived, battles. Take a moment and simply BE with these words, then read on.

We are smiling as most likely simply seeing these words strung together has already revealed your answer! Let us also share the guidance of the Archangelic Realm:

Whenever the journey of this life in density brings forth moments of Divine wisdom seeking clarity, they will often express and recur in the opposite of the energy of truth. That is, if you experience a battle with negativity it is because you doubt yourself and your own ability to be in present Divine clarity (self-doubt). Often there is a connection to an energy of a past life that repeats itself until it is simply released from the spacious recognition that wholeness is abundant. Go forth with greater trust in your heart, and know that you are in all-ways ready for the moment of Self-realized love!
All is well,
Sri and Kira

Herbs & Supplements

Beloved teachers, just a few questions about diet: Is it true that we do not need to worry about our vitamin B intake as vegans because there is an abundance in raw fermented foods? Also, do you recommend taking Holy Basil and Reishi to aid in meditation? Are there other herbs you recommend?
With abundant love and joy,

Beloved Haranya!
With great love we honor your questions and your sincerity to bring ever more love and joy into your experience of this lifetime! The greater question here is actually about worry. When we offer our energy to the expression known as worry, we are actually separating from Divine Trust. Similarly, when we allow ourselves to recognize that all experience of the body, mind and spirit are conspiring to support our level of conscious awareness, then we open to ever greater support from the universe. We are each abundantly supported on our pathway to mastery, and the process of Self-Ascension is one gift that we have the pleasure of opening again and again!

Certainly there are vibrationally enhanced foods that support a vibrational level in transition. That is, when one initially begins the Soul Nourishment program, the mind is usually the first to rebel in some way. Once we reassure the mind, then the body will usually step forward. Each of these steps along the way are great gifts for we must stop and acknowledge the underlying need that is being expressed through the body and mind as we move ever more into Divine love and trust.

Navigating the Inner Matrix of this world is a journey filled with unlimited choice! How we nourish is a primary one for it "feeds" all other expressions of who we are. And! Nourishment is not limited to food.

So, dearest one, follow your heart and your love as you make your choices. What we have found is that as we trust ever more deeply, the need for any supplementation has fallen away and the choices we make in all aspects of nourishment continually support the body, mind and spirit.

Tulsi, (Holy Basil), is indeed a very popular choice at TOSA. We drink it as tea often because we enjoy how it lovingly supports our vibration. With respect to other herbs, let that journey deepen your connection to your body. One simple way to "test" is to literally ask your body what it needs. Hold an herb to your heart, face north, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Then ask your body: Does this herb serve my highest need at this time? If you sway forward this is a yes, swaying back is a no, standing still is neutral.

This form of connecting with the body may take a few times for you to adjust to being comfortable with it, however you will find that once you master this technique, the body relaxes for it knows you are connected with its needs, all nourishment moves into Divine balance.
Abundant Blessings of Love!
Sri and Kira

How much do I need to focus on building my physical strength?

I am wondering about my fitness program and level of exertion. It seems that the first book is recommending gentle exercise and movement. I have been through and recovered from a time of chronic illness and have been rebuilding my body with ever more pure nourishment and chi gong for movement. In the past two months I decided to return to an aerobic fitness program which incorporates a body-mind approach. I used to be a teacher in this program and I'm thinking of returning to do this part-time. I feel uncertain whether this is too draining for me, too much emphasis on 3d density. I was a talented and inspired dancer; I feel much lighter now that my lightbody has built up considerably. I know that care of my vehicle is incredibly important, but do I really need advanced muscle strength?

Do you have any thoughts to share with me?

Thank you. 


Dear One,

The amount of physical strength and tone needed relates to one's mission here in the 3-d world.  All vessels – all – need love, gentle movement and pure nourishment.  Deliberate body building, whether through an Eastern or Western approach, offers a compensation for fear. It states, “I must be stronger to survive.”   Thus, Power yoga and weight lifting both derive from a 3rd dimensional preoccupation.  There is nothing wrong with this!  Just get clear where your true intent lies. Are you seeking to empower an old paradigm?  Or are you preparing for an upcoming challenge?  Find the physical balance you need in order to function well in the world.  If you are living authentically, that is, trusting your inner guidance vs. imposing an external standard upon your body, then celebrate that clarity and trust it!  Your body will reflect that inner harmony.

Many Blessings,

Sri and Kira

What about the Archangelic prediction of a new disease by the end of 2007?

Dear Sri & Kira:

I recently read the monthly message from 31.12.2006. There is a prediction about a new disease revealing by the end of this year (2007).

Is there any comment from Kira and Sri to why this prediction obviously not came true?

Many greetings,

Hi Karl,

We appreciate your question.  Actually, the prediction came true “in spades” on many levels!  Zadkiel did not claim that there would be a new plague or other widespread newsworthy catastrophe.  There were actually DOZENS OF NEW DISEASES in 2007.  Many of these were plant-based diseases that have now entered the food chain.  Many were strains of flu and other viruses which are affecting the health of thousands. Also on the up-rise are incidents of existing disorders that have mutated in some fashion.  Do a web search and you will be surprised!

Now, that said, let us offer a reminder about prophecy.  We offer very few predictions because to do so can be disempowering to our Co-creative consciousness.  That is, predictions become self-fulfilling prophecies if we swallow them whole.  Yet they also gift us with a confrontation.  If you hear a prediction you do not enjoy, what will you do about it?  We can use our Co-creative power to shift the probability field toward another outcome if we reside in the Peace of our ascended hearts.

Your question is powerful, for really, there is nothing to prove.  There are only fields of probabilities that can serve our destiny.

Many Blessings,

Sri and Kira

What is the reason for my physical condition?


What do you recommend for GERD (Gastro Esophagal Reflux Disorder)? I know I need to improve on a vegetarian diet, but is there an herb or an affirmation that will help??????  What is the metaphysical reason for this (can't stomach emotions)?

Thank you,


Dearest Sue:

Your question is one that could be asked by many who are seeking to stabilize the lower three chakras with the energy of peace, love and joy.  While the physical symptomology may have a different name associated with it via traditional diagnosis structures, the underlying energies are similar. Consider for a moment that your body is the greatest teacher you have.  After all, remember that you chose it to serve you through this lifetime.  Often as we begin to assimilate the many lessons of this earthly experience we forget that the body is our servant, (also the mind), and give our power away in our search for reconciliation of who we truly are.

That said, are you ready to fully claim back the truth of who you are without hesitation?  Your power center is literally screaming, and this is a battle within that you can easily win with the choice made to declare to the world:  Enough!  I trust myself!  I AM ready to joyfully claim my life with ease and flow! Perhaps more of a declaration of your truth than an affirmation that seeks verification.

Beloved one, go to your heart, allow it to grow ever more stable, and YES, pay attention to the way you are nourishing your body.  Are you ready to let go of the habit of this pain?  If so, celebrate and more forward with confidence, if not, ask the pain to “speak” to you and celebrate that you are in communication! 

With great love

Sri and Kira

Is there a safe way to use Past Life Regression Hypnosis?


I have been trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, with additional training specifically in Past Life Regression. PLR was my primary reason for learning Hypnotherapy. I was excited after reading books by Dr. Brian Weiss. I have been avoiding practicing hypnosis for myself and others, but not sure whether because of "guidance" or my own resistance.

Recently, I have come across 2 sources of concern. In Paramahansa Yogananda's "Autobiography of a Yogi" he says, "... a hypnotic state is harmful to those often subjected to it; a negative psychological effect ensues which in time deranges the brain cells. Hypnotism is trespass into the territory of another's consciousness. Its temporary phenomena have nothing in common with the miracles performed by men of Divine realization." A friend who channels the Hathors, Ashtar, and other Beings of Light also commented that she has been told by Spirit that hypnosis changes the brain cells in a negative way afterwards, although she did not inquire as to how.

Is there a safe way to use Past Life Regression Hypnosis? I have not yet developed skills to access the Akashic Records myself, in order to support people in their healing.

Thanks so much for your insights,
BC Canada

Blessings Joy!

This is a timely and important question and we thank you for asking. Yes, there is a safe way to use Past Life Regression Hypnosis.

Wonderful masters such as Paramahansa Yogananda and The Ascended Master St. Germain, have lovingly been offering this cautionary information because many seek control over others through the process of hypnosis and other methods. There is a safeguard here, and it is the sacred intentionality of those involved.

Archangel Zadkiel has been very verbal about not dwelling in past lives. Zadkiel reminds us that past lives are just that...past! Yet, they are very beneficial for understanding and resolving key issues and then recognizing that resolution IS the gift.

The damage or brain cell concern you voice is similar to any addict. If one ingests too much caffeine, alcohol or drugs, their brain chemistry alters, and after time, the brain cells shift. For those who are overly pre-occupied with their past lives or for those who are playing in the astral realms for curiosity and ego-centered satisfaction, an addiction is developed. Often, they will find those who are not centered in their heart to work with them and support the addiction and if unable to find co-conspirators they will learn how to self-hypnotize.

Beloved One, feel into your heart, and remember why you chose to be trained to begin with. Pay attention to your clients' intentions and keep clear boundaries to avoid past-life addiction.

With this being clear, you can only serve, and no harm can ever be created. This is EXACTLY the reason that Archangel Zadkiel asked us to bring forth the Empowering Quantum Clairvoyance program. We will focus on how to bring forth loving, empowered guidance for ourselves, our families and for our clients (if we choose to be a practitioner), in a world that is addicted to addiction.

You are on the right track, trust yourself ever more and smile that all is unfolding perfectly!

Love all-ways,
Sri and Kira

How do I bring forth health in my body?


Thank you for reading my question.  I quit my job 5 months ago because I felt guided that this job was creating undue stress and no longer served my purpose.  I accepted the guidance happily and planned to take a few months off working to relax, regain my energy and enjoy life.  Since I have been home; however, I have been experiencing continuous health problems, one thing after another, sometimes experiencing the same ailment repeatedly.  I've grown tired and fearful that this will not go away, that I will be plagued continuously. 

I am trying to take care of my body with exercise and diet.  I would like to understand why this is happening all now?  When will this finally end?   What can I do to heal my physical ailments so they never return?  How do I stay in a constant state of perfect health?  I know I must go within for my own answers, but I find this difficult to do.  I am unable to understand what I am being told.  I have no clue what my body's guidance is.  Your help and guidance would be most appreciated. 

Thank You,


We feel your sincere need for health and wholeness and celebrate your willingness to be a process of transformation.  Often when we say “yes” to a greater spiritual alignment, whether leaving a relationship or job, a doorway to healing has been opened for the body.  That is, the imprints, fears and toxin that have been suppressed for a long time now present themselves for healing.  All body issues require loving presence.  That is, do not resist these messages from the body.  Instead bring loving presence, calm breath and attention to each “symptom.”  Ask the body to communicate...have a pen and journal ready to record whatever comes forward.  In the return to Oneness all the separation energies must be reconciled, and your body is the first Union.  Be not afraid, instead be like a loving parent listening to a very young child.  That is, be lovingly patient.  Address each issue one at a time.

Also, ask your body what it needs.  Seek healing assistance from Wholistic practitioners.  You do need some counsel and professional assistance.  Address one issue and find a protocol that seems to help.  Some of what you are processing is not yours...that is you are transmuting for others; an act of love.

In the next Path of Joy newsletter Zadkiel addresses this further.

We feel that in just 3-months a new doorway will open for you.  That is, you will be clearer, healthier and ready for a wonderful phase in your life.  Trust the process!

With love and respect,
Sri and Kira

Should my energy be in my upper chakras?

Kira Raa & Sri Ram Kaa,

I have a question that I think only you could answer.  I've been wanting to ask you this for 3 years.  So many people (healers, clairvoyants) say that all my energy is on the top part of my body; that is, from the heart up.  They see me and they say my bottom three chakras are closed.  Some healers get very agitated about this and tell me that I may die soon because of I don't have my root, sacral and power working.  I don't know how my chakras got like that.  I do chant vowel sounds daily and maybe the energy is naturally just going up to my 7th. 

I also do have problems making money & having a true romantic partnership, lower chakra issues?  But besides that, I feel energized, happy & healthy.

Question:  Is this how energy should be looking now, with it all on the top part of my body?  And if not, what can I do about it?

You are the only people I've ever run into that say the heart chakra is the new root.  That is why I have to ask your opinion.

Thank you for your consideration.


Dearest One!

Your question arises responses on many levels and we honor your courage to ask rather than assume there is something wrong with you simply because the paradigm of another is being asked to stretch! 

Your heart is anchoring as the root center of your ascended Chakra system known as the Divine Galactic Blueprint! Yes, this can certainly feel like a “death” to the lower chakras when this glorious energy comes forward, however within every death is a re-birth, a transformation.

You are feeling energized, happy and healthy, this is a key component of your question, and you are calling forth Divine harmony through your daily practices of toning and Divine connection.  ALL OF THIS is in perfection to fully anchor yourself in the Self-Ascended state where the traditional chakras become comfortable as infinite swirls of Divine light and energy rather than earth bound orbs.

Many healers of traditional paradigms are confused when they encounter this and sometimes try to “fit” you into their model of consciousness rather than recognize that you are indeed expanding and demonstrating great love.  If you encounter a healer that becomes “agitated,” consider why you are seeing them rather than trusting your own inner guidance!  They are offering you a great gift through their projection, the gift of fully anchoring your heart without doubt!

With respect to the money/relationship question, once you fully anchor this presence and release any judgment around yourself that it “should” be different, this old habit will release and the gift of Miracles will unfold.

This is a powerful time on our planet, and your experience will also assist others as they move through the same process.  Perhaps rather than be concerned, it is time to celebrate!!!

If you have not read ALL of our books, please get started now!  At the very least go to the website and learn more about this process by re-visiting the entire Living in the 5th Dimension series. Smile, beloved are truly moving into a wonderful moment in your experience of life!

With great love
Sri and Kira

Higher Self

Shahid from India Asks:  I desire to know how to Consciously connect to my Higher self/Open up to my Inner Guru/God and get Direct Guidance from there??? Thank you.

Sri& Kira Respond:

Namaste Beloved Shahid!  Your question touches our heart deeply as it is a question of the heart and one that is asked by millions each day. Within your question is the guidance that you are seeking, or the question would not come forward. Ask yourself if your left brain is still trying to define what "Consciously connecting" means? Can you accept that your divine guru is and has always been present for you? The answers to these two questions will open a powerful recognition and reconnection within your heart. Direct guidance is your birthright and your soul’s recognition that it is leading, not the brain. Keep your eyes on the Divine at all times dearest one. See God in every expression, action and being. From that place, all of your answers will flow with the abundance of the Universe.

Can we all achieve Ascension Consciousness in this lifetime?

Dear Sri and Kira,

The pyramids of spiritual awakening that you describe in both of your books on 2012 are really enlightening for me.  They help me understand those around me and also myself with much greater clarity.  Thank you for bringing this important work to the world and for making it easy to read even for those who consider themselves beginners!  I am curious; however, is it possible for everyone that is now on the planet to achieve Ascension Consciousness in this lifetime?

Thank you again,


Dear Maureen,

Thank you for your thoughtful question!  There are two answers to your question:  1)  Yes, absolutely every person alive on the planet can achieve Ascension Consciousness and live in the bliss of their Self realization.  2) It is likely that untold numbers will find their authentic soul empowerment in this lifetime. And, masses will not, for they have chosen to anchor in Density Consciousness as a gift to those who have chosen Self-Ascension!

What matters is that you choose how you will be and then be at peace with your decision. It takes commitment and trust to fly in the face of the density consciousness wind!  This is why the Archangelic realm has given so many teachings and practices.  Human beings are in the habit of thinking they are mortal!  Human beings are addicted to the pleasures of the world - those "pleasures" include the pain, the fear and the discomfort as well as the "goodies."  You see, we like having the experience of a body, even if it hurts! 

So to truly transcend the density norms means that you love the Divine more than any material form.  In that love one dissolves the ego's need for engagement with form (including emotions) and slowly yet suddenly one finds the Bliss of Oneness as their now.  A beautiful journey indeed!

If you sincerely seek the Divine and make a commitment to Self-Ascension then you will certainly succeed.  Success is guaranteed!  Whether your Ascension Consciousness happens while you still have a body or after transition won't really matter if you are committed to the journey! 

With love and respect,

Sri and Kira

Can you help me understand what I am experiencing?

Dear Kira:

I came home from work one night and lay down on my massage table in my healing room, and asked my Avesa masters to work on me. I felt them come all around the table and what transpired was...I felt part of myself lifted up out of my body, but still attached, in almost a pyramid shape with the apex at the top reaching up into the ceiling. I also "saw" a particular place in Peru and was shown the portals in this chamber. I felt my body was understanding what it was like to bi-locate and what happens on a cellular level, but not just felt like I was also being shown how the portals were used in this chamber to travel galactically. All I can say in words is it was a cellular knowing...and a cellular feeling...and I came back into my body and had an energy that feels like I was "recharged" and it is still sustaining me. I wondered what you could tell me about that experience?

Thank you, thank you!

Abundant love,

Beloved Pat:

What a true gift to read about your most wonderful connection, or more appropriately, re-connection to your Divine creator self!  Each being is capable of coming home to the presence of soul energy as the dominant “force” that moves us.  When we let ourselves finally arrive at this gift, the opening to abundance in all forms comes forward, and frequently the first way we experience this gift is through greater healing/wholeness on a cellular level.  This frequency is beyond the galactic, although that is a very appropriate way to describe it.  It reaches into our heart center as the anchor point of Divine love, and literally “finds” whatever stagnant energies are being held in our physical form and clears them.  You have had this experience as a gift of reassurance from the universe that YOU ARE on the right track, and all is proceeding well.  Thank yourself for going into the experience and not stopping it.  Thank yourself for not being afraid, and let your presence inspire others to find this gift of freedom. 

With great love and gratitude,

Kira Raa


Indigo Children

Veronika Asks:

I'm the mother of an Indigo 16th year-old teen. I have been trying to introduce her to this new path of enlightement, but it's very difficult to "fight" the rest of the material world, peer pressure, television, and in general the negativity of everyday life. I recognize the importance to prepare these special teenagers particularly for the upcoming changes of 2012. Have you ever consider a weekend retreat on your ranch just for teenagers? My daughter, as well as most of her friends are in a limbo. They are not old enough to be adults and attend gatherings for adults, but too old to feel comfortable with children. During these weeks of summer vacation if they can't find jobs or do volunteer work, they are just faced with 10 or 12 weeks of boredom stuck at home. I have heard them talk about meditation, astrology and I can sense their need for spiritual enlightement and having attended two of your wonderful seminars I know you two are what our youth need. So, how about it??? I see a teen retreat in your near future, right?

Veronika Eliakim

Sri & Kira Respond:

Dear One,
This is a wonderful idea, and one we have been evolving! (Did you also know that at every Avesa Mastership training we have had several teens, some even younger than your daughter! There is even now an 18yr. old Avesa Quantum Level II Master, these "children" are extraordinary indeed!)

Yes, the children need environments of higher frequency energy in order to remember their truth in a safe and loving manner that does not threaten their peer acceptance and social interactions. They have important roles to fulfill in the coming times and our recognition of them helps them "step up" to these roles. We would love to offer even more than a weekend: our goal is to offer a summer residential experience program at TOSA ranch. This will involve a number of building projects to make the ranch ready as early as 2008. This is just one of the amazing visions that we will be shortly presenting to the Miracle Team as part of their manifestation focus. Thank you for stimulating this project and know that the support of the Universe already has blossomed!

Many Blessings of Abundant Love,
Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Ladyzis Asks:

I am new to learning all that you have to offer. My son is an Indigo child and we have nothing available in my area in Maine to help him. I have been told that he must not be "in his skin" and wondered what can I do to help him? He is a fiery Leo and does not take kind to others giving him directions, rules, even myself. This has caused him to be extremely assaultive and disrespectful of people, especially myself. I am a single mom and our household consists of us two only.

How can I help my son? He is 10, almost 11 and is a sweet, compassionate high energetic person, but is hard to tame! He is close to going to a residential home because of his physical aggression. I am at a loss as to what to do. We have tried Jin Shin techniques for him to use as coping skills and many others, and they may help for a while, but nothing sticks. Any ideas? I am most grateful for any suggestions!


Sri & Kira Respond:

Namaste Ladyzis!

Beloved being of abundant light know that your question is for more than just yourself. Thank you for the courage to ask and in this format!

Many Indigo children, MANY, are here to further escalate the lives of those around them. Often this brings forward very challenging experiences, especially with young boys! The scenario you are describing brings forth from your guides a shining light that is surrounding both of you, however it is important to recognize that nothing will "stick" with this amazing being until he fully awakens to the greater purpose of his being. You must stay firm in your ascended presence, and do your best to hold a compassionate yet firm response to all agression. Yes, he is acting out energy that he does not understand, AND he is asking you, (without words), to fully empower yourself so that he may relax into his own empowerment. Above all you must recognize that you have not failed in any way! Neither has he! You are both fullfilling your roles and this time will pass, the question is how it will pass. You must ask yourself, "Am I able to firmly maintain the presence of being and hold to ramifications of the actions of my child?" This may mean a residential home. Remember, firmness means the integrity of consequences for actions, this is also a gift you offer to yourself. Know that you are divinely guided, and breathe often, if possible, with your child, his breath is shallow and this is also a constriction that is causing some of the acting out. Trust what is unfolding as you allow yourself to anchor your own presence ever more. Your full empowerment is the greatest gift you can offer to your son!

Abundant Love
Sri & Kira

Spiritual Practice and Our Children
I just finished reading 2012: You Have a Choice. I truly feel connected to this information. It just made sense. I have two questions.

Spiritually the writings of the Tao have always made sense to me. I practice Tai Chi and Qigong. They both emphasize trusting your lower brain (tan tien) and staying rooted. Is the idea of storing energy in the lower tan tien and staying rooted something that was more appropriate at other times of earth history but is now no longer appropriate?

The second question is about our children. More and more seem to have autism, aspergers, ADD. Is that caused by things on earth like pollution or is that they are born more prepared for the future?

Namaste Elizabeth! These are powerful questions indeed and of great interest for many. The information that was brought forth in our first book on the 2012 discussion, (2012: You Have A Choice) is paradigm shifting and also offers great expansion of our energies in many ways.

Let's address your first question, which is powerfully tied in to many aspects of the multi-dimensional overlays that are in the process of anchoring in our world now. There are many energetic practices and spiritual practices that have been present on our world for millennia and have been a great gift for us all to bring us to this time. ALL of these practices are important due to their ability to offer the one who is called to them the greatest opportunity to stabilize the root or core centers of the physical body. Since the release of the karmic imperative at the millennium, we each now have the opportunity to utilize any of these practices to assist with the maintenance of stabilizing the lower three traditional chakra centers while offering to ourselves the ascended energies of the the new root center found at the heart. All practices have their appropriateness, however it is how we now offer the benefits to ourselves that is transcending.

Your second question is one that we receive often and the Archangelic realm has gifted us with much discourse about these amazing beings of light! When we can first remember that ALL children who have chosen to be on the planet at this time are here for each of us, we then can see beyond the "labels" and recognize that with every interaction with one of these amazing beings we are consistently called to presence. Whether this is in the form of being the primary parent or caregiver, or whether you are simply a witness in public, every opportunity that you are given to interact with one of these divine beings is a great gift! How we receive the gift is the greater question and the environment that has been created to support these precious ones is also a gift! May we all be able to fully appreciate how much we are all loved and therefore appreciate and love these children ever more! Yes! They are prepared for the future, are we?
Blessings of Abundant Love
Sri and Kira

Indigo Children
I wonder if you can help me. I was wondering whether Archangel Zadkiel or any others from the angelic realms have given any advice during discourses about how to deal with the so called Indigo children, ie the highly spiritual/psychic/sensitive, that are currently out of control teenagers. I have a very precious 16year old who is struggling with life at the moment.

Many thanks,  Margaret

Beloved One!

First and foremost, celebrate that YOU were chosen to be the parent of this amazing being.  Begin each day with the celebration while you are still in bed.  This can be as simple as laying there, taking in a conscious breath, and saying thank you to the universe for your role at this time.  Then, begin breathing with your child so that they can further align with the energy YOU are holding.  As with all caretakers/parents of Indigo children, they came for YOU.  So, my love, hold on to your heart and be firm in the truth of your strength.  Your child is doing exactly what they came here to do…empower you.  When you claim your gifts without reservation, your child will seemingly have a “miracle” transition to yet another wonderful state of being.  Accept this gift, be firm, and re-member!

Abundant Love
Sri and Kira


Navigating These Times

Moving Into Higher Dimensions
Dearest Sri and Kira,
How can I begin to share in 3D words all that is occurring. First, knowing that you are with me always gives me great comfort as you are indeed with me as I am with you.

I wish to express my Gratitude and my Love for All who are assisting this transition into Oneness!

Last weeks Miracle Message by the Great White Brotherhood has been amazing. I have experienced my heart and my crystalline heart in my chest opening the portal of divine spaciousness providing the manifestation needed for each step; for each day.

I have understood more clearly that "I" have been living in 2 other realms/dimensions and I have become aware that "recently" my expression in another sphere has ended. This clarity is amazing. My knowing is that I am to integrate this higher dimensional "Me" into my current form. Wow! I am excited to see how this will unfold. I will let you know as things progress.

I see myself moving closer to moving and I have worked with my occasional feelings of panic in not moving as fast as I might think. I am breathing and "trusting the flow'

Namaste, Hasah Elantra Raa

Dearest One,
Thank you for sharing your experience. Remember to continue to focus on trust and recognition of the energy that is unfolding. Sometimes our description of the experience will change as we relax our minds, that is, relax into the pre-cognitive knowings and just "be". We are grateful for you. All is truly well!

Many Blessings,
Sri & Kira

Phil T. Asks:

As you know, most of us on the path have found some relief by trying to transcend - if not fully use self-ascension techniques to rise beyond - the proverbial stigma attached to individuals "caught-up" in the psychiatric and DSM scandals that seem to forever hold "people with great spiritual intelligence" in check. What are some of the things we progressive, liberal, flame-keeping, 11th-step working (referenced from the 12-step program) seekers can do to facilitate our lives through these complicated times? If the Governor or any Constitutionally Elected Officials of a State (i.e. California) have no desire to "raise, recognize, or facilitate" this evitable shift of CONSCIOUSNESS, are we to move to a new venue or place of residence to ACCOMMODATE this shift of CONSCIOUSNESS in another State? What help can you offer? What does this say about psychiatrists, our psychiatric research and development as a whole in America?

Sri & Kira Respond:

Dearest Phil,

This is such a powerful question for these times, as many are asking the same question. The rare gift of the energies that are attracting your attention is the opportunity to re-member that the outer world has no power other than that which we grant to it. Rather than transcend, gift yourself with the courage to fully and simply "Un-Plug" from the outer experience that is appearing as real, and "Plug-In" more fully to the Inner truth of your divinity. This means breaking the spellbinding energies of diagnosis, legislation and scandals. "God grant me the serenity" is a good beginning - let the focus of the prayer be on you, not the outer world.

You are Love! Practice delighting in that first and embrace being the witness of the divine plan!


Michele in Colorado Asks:  This question pertains to my husband who recently seems to be having a bout with negative encounters. Can he be attracting negative energy and if so what can he do to release this as so to bring more positive energy into his life? What can I do as his wife to help with this? Am I focusing on this too much and unknowingly bringing this to our life?

Sri& Kira Respond:

Dearest Michele,
What a wonderful question. Many are experiencing this dance with the negative. Whenever energy comes forward in our lives that appears disruptive or negative it is a call to stop, breathe and listen ever more to our heart. Often, these events which frequently manifest as depression, illness, financial crisis, etc., are precursors to a life shift that is often joyous and illuminating. Ask yourself if you are really clear on what you want in all aspects of your life. If not, then take this opportunity to remember that you are FREE to have an Amazing life, AND you must be clear on what that looks like. As the Archangelic Realm so lovingly reminds us, we are here to fully re-member and embrace our Divine love and light. When we remain focused upon ourselves, and become the loving presence we seek, then negative energy simply cannot exist. Use this time as the gift it is. Focus upon our own light, get clear on what you want, and trust that the universe is conspiring to support your highest good.

Aldea Asks:

I have been having a lot of hardship these past 2 years or so, when will these end? And I have been listening to your show and loving it very much. I recomend it to people ps keep up the good work. How can I get a mini soul reading? Love Aldea! namaste.

Sri & Kira Respond:

Beloved One!
Thank you for the gift of allowing yourself to see beyond the present illusion that has been manifesting as hardship. Simply asking the question and surrounding yourself with loving energy is one of the key components to the release. In our first book, Sacred Union: The Journey Home, Archangel Zadkiel discusses at length the many gifts of "the pain of the pain".

Ask yourself: How has hardship created a habit in my life? What would I have to give up if I released this habit? What would I gain if I released this habit?

Often, when we allow ourselves to detach from the experience of hardship, and sit atop a mountain while viewing it from a distance, we can realize the gifts that we have brought to ourselves through the experience, and also gift ourselves with permission to create a new paradigm. You are truly supported to move through this at any time. Archangel Zadkiel is asking us to share: "Beloved one, we are here, we are ready, and you are the powerful creator of light. Declare to us what it is you wish to create, and it shall be so!"

May all of you all-ways be present with the knowing that you are ready to shift in any moment you choose!

Abudant Love

Sri & Kira

PS: For a mini soul-reading just call the show any night we are on live. Call early, the lines are filling very quickly!

Anna from Connecticut Asks:

Namaste: I have been experiencing a dramatic increase in Ascension symptoms since the Equinox and Mercury going Retrograde. I feel ungrounded and have lost my connection to my guides, the archangels and to my own higher self. I have noticed that my short term memory is failing and that I don't feel my body at night when I try to go to sleep. And when I do wake up in the morning, it is often with a tremendous "jolt" back into waking consciousness. Can you give some advice on how to adjust to these changes and to re-connect with my higher self and guides. This loss of connection to spirit has caused me much grief lately. I also read something on the Internet about Jupiter going supernova and becoming our 2nd sun on December 23, 2007. Could Archangel Zadkiel comment on this planetary event. Thank you. Anna Beatrice (Connecticut)

Sri & Kira Respond:

Many Blessings Anna!
Thank you for sharing what you are experiencing as many are going through this process in similar ways! Your question opens up a greater question which we are actually exploring at length in the next issue of our monthly newsletter, Path of Joy, so be sure to read our article about cosmic and planetary events. The Ascension Acceleration Experiences that you are describing are actually cause for celebration and it is an important first step to avoid feeling fear, panic, or concern about them. The brain will want to dis-empower your Ascended Heart which is in the process of truly anchoring as your new Root Center. This is the reason you are feeling ungrounded. You have NOT LOST your connection with your guides or Archangels. You are being CALLED TO EMPOWER your Divine knowing in an ever clearer form. Consciously bring your hands to your heart often and breathe in deeply. As you do so, affirm to yourself: In this moment, I trust myself. The energy of your Ascended Heart will anchor as quickly as you allow yourself to release doubt that anything “wrong” is happening to you. Beloved one, let your grief simply be for the recognition that your life as you have lived it is now entering yet another wonderful cycle.  From there, your grief becomes a gift of recognition. Love it for teaching you, and then allow it to release into the wind of divine presence.
With Great Joy!
Sri and Kira

Shashi Asks:

I have heard that EGO is bad for one!  I have also heard that EGO can be harnessed and used positively.

I have heard that EGO has a place in Spirituality that IT can be used for advancement in Spirituality.
How does one use EGO in a positive way?
How does one use EGO in Spirituality?

Thank you in anticipation!

Love & Light.

Sri & Kira  Respond:

Beloved Shashi!
What a powerful question you ask and profound in so many ways! Within the context of this column it is impossible to embrace the full scope of your inquiry, however, it is important to address the most vital piece of your question about the ego. Remember that you do have a body while navigating the earth. It is a great gift that offers your soul the opportunity to enjoy all the many wonders of physical expression. Within the gift of physical expression is your mind and its expression known as the ego. When we allow the mind/ego to be a gift, and when we allow our soul to “lead” the mind/ego, then we have offered to ourselves the balance of energy that offers us discernment for navigating a world of that is filled with many challenges. It is your ego that keeps you out of harms way in the world of density, and it is the ego that will challenge your habits and beliefs thereby bringing you to the point of spiritual recognition! When you let your soul lead, and allow the ego to be governed by the soul, rather then the ego governing you, the expression known as ego quiets, and every action you experience is filled with Divine presence. (We do encourage you to read Sacred Union: The Journey Home again, or for the first time, and to pay particular attention to chapters 5 & 6.)
Many blessings,
Sri & Kira

Maryanne Asks:

Hello Dear Ones,

I am so happy that you have a section for "Questions". I am loathe to ask this question, but am hoping for some answer, no matter what answer is forthcoming. I have been to every conceivable medical and/or psychological physician and no physical or "mental/emotional" cause has been discerned that can explain this ongoing feeling of moving in all directions, sometimes feeling as if I am going through the floor, sometimes feeling as if I am above the floor, moving up and down in a very intense fashion and also moving in all directions.  I know that my body is in the "usual" space, but it "feels" that my body is not in the physical space that is considered "objective reality". There are times when I am unable to walk from "point A to point B".  I feel that I am going "mad" and that something is very wrong and I feel guilty over experiencing these "sensations" since because of "feeling" them, I have become quite a hermit and prefer and need to stay secluded in my own sanctuary and not relate to the "outside" world. It is too difficult to "navigate" and that is an absolutely correct term.  I simply can no longer navigate!  I have also actually "lost" my connection to my "past" which is very disconcerting to me and to those of my family. I find that I can no longer participate in the usual familial relations (and prior to this, my family was my overwhelming concern and love of my life.) This has caused me to feel an overwhelming guilt. I now only choose to read and study all things of a spiritual nature and to commune with my "higher self", if you will, and to no longer be involved in entertaining friends or even participating in customary family functions.  Help! Has anyone else that you have known experienced this or should I simply begin taking some medication (which has not been suggested, but which I know exist?)

Thank you for reading this.  If you have too many requests for answers and I do not hear from you, I completely understand. Sometimes it is helpful to put a request "out there", bare one's (my) soul and express the dynamics in writing. This is rather "confessional" and, perhaps healing.  Mea Culpa...smiles.

In Gratitude for Reading,

Sri & Kira Respond:

Dearest Maryanne!

Your question touches us deeply as you so lovingly, clearly and beautifully describe an experience that MANY are having.  In fact, your question has arrived by many...yes, these almost exact "symptoms"!  Several months ago during one of the monthly discourses, Archangel Zadkiel described another Ascension Acceleration Symptom that was becoming prevalent amongst those who are truly committed to the YES of these times. (Please see our note above.) While the physical experiences each being is having in response to this multi-dimensional experience may not always be identical, the overall expressions are.  The first and most important gift for you to focus upon is that we are always offered the support we need to integrate all energy we are receiving.  Often, to the emotional or density body we many not view the gift of support as that.  For example, your desire to stay within is actually a gift of support. 

Beloved one!  If you had just had surgery how would you treat yourself?  Literally, receiving the opening to multi-dimensional expression is similar in effect to surgery for the physical body.  That said, it is important for you to remember that you are still on this amazing planet and that your body needs you.  Have mercy on yourself and focus upon conscious breath anytime you feel disoriented or concerned.  Please consider the nourishment you are ingesting at this time and if you are still ingesting dairy and eggs, we suggest refraining for a few weeks until you stabilize.  Abundant water, fresh air, easy movement, (walks, gentle yoga), and as much green food as you enjoy will send the signal to your body that you are aware of its needs and embrace the fullness of your presence on this planet!  If you feel you are needing additional support for your emotional body, the only supplement we suggest for this is an herbal remedy called "Happy Camper".  However, it is your heart that is calling you to simply be present.  Journal often, breathe consciously, and know that this time will pass and your integration does not need to be so challenging.

Abundant Love
Sri and Kira

Releasing Pain
Dearest Sri Ram and Kira Raa,

I send my heartfelt gratitude to you both for so rapidly answering my question. You have no idea of the pain that you have assisted in dissipating. I, not only read and re-read your answer, but followed your suggestions of studying the relevant reading material, in terms of my present "difficulties", on your site ...and read even more of the teachings, which were so helpful. I began practicing some of the suggested "exercises" and I feel as if a huge "rock" has been moved from my heart area! My "lack of balance" is also already beginning to ease.
This "lightening" of my heart was IMMEDIATELY reflected back to me, in terms of my daily life. One very painful "scenario" involving my beloved daughter and myself, placed us on the road to healing our fractured relationship by receiving an almost instantaneous telephone call from her after a long and hurtful separation. I strongly feel that this is no "accident".  Mere words can never describe my gratitude to you both. Thank you from my entire being!

In Love and Appreciation,

Blessings of Love Maryanne!
We celebrate your journey of ever expanding love! May each day be filled with ever greater clarity and
joyous celebration for each step that you take! Our hearts reach out to you with loving gratitude for your courage, willingness, and presence. Thank you for the gift of your sharing and know that your steps forward free others to do the same!
Abundant Love and Peace in all-ways
Sri and Kira

A Question from California:

Dear Sri and Kira, 

I am experiencing a lot of conflict/frustration with the world.  I feel like I am moving at an entirely different speed than those around me, much much faster, and am feeling constantly held up and held back by everyone. I wait at a stop sign and it seems like everyone is moving in slow motion, I'm at the grocery store and everyone looks like zombies to you have any suggestions on dealing with this - I am feeling very judgmental, but I am also feeling a "running out of time" feeling too.  Much love and gratitude, Anonymous, CA

Sri & Kira Respond:

Namaste Dear One!

Your heart and your DNA are activating in accordance with your Divine timing.  First and foremost have mercy on yourself!  When feelings of judgment arise and we sense a "phase shift" around us, it is a call to come back to center.  One very powerful way to do this is to prepare ahead of time for these experiences.  We find that the Mantra of Self-Ascension in conjunction with a hand on the heart and a conscious breath go a long way toward calling in the balance that is being called forth.  Yes, you are moving at a different pace, and the gift of this time is for you to gently be aware of this shift so that you can integrate it.  As with the question above you are also experiencing the newest ascension energy and your ability to relax while in the "thick of it" will hasten its release.  Smile more often, especially when you feel there is no reason to and you will find that your ability to be a bridge between many world will reveal itself in a powerful and abundant way.  Keep going, you are almost there!

Many blessings of Love
Sri and Kira

Managing Magnetism
Hello Sri and Kira,

First, I would like to apologize for my not very good English language (I'm French), and I'll try to write as good as I can. :)  I have discovered your wonderful website thanks to a very good friend (Betty). She talked me about you, about what you do. I have visited your website, it's fantastic ! Thank you for all the things you do, this is amazing. I'll be back soon and often. :)

I talked to Betty about something which happened to me. And she said that I could maybe tell you all my little story and ask you about my question. So, I will do it, and I hope that I want not bother you too much with my story.

Something happens to me every year, since 2 years. But I don't know if it has something with magnetism to do...

Every year, during 2 weeks, I have too much energy: when I want to kiss or touch someone, there are electric arcs and sparks between this person and I. But not only with humans : when I touch a TV for example, the TV breaks (it doesn't work anymore). That's the same with all the electric and electronic devices. The first time that it happened to me, I didn't know what was happening to me : just by touching things, I have broken alot of devices (I had to pay a lot of money to repair everything...). I just couldn't touch something anymore.

Then I have been to a magnetizer (is this word correct ? A man who is specialist in magnetism). He told me to hug a big tree (luckily, I live in the country with forests !), several times per day, to unload (offload, go flat) my energy, before I want to touch someone or something. And yes, it works. But this is not a solution! I would like to know why it happens, and how I could control it.

I also know that I have magnetism into me, but this is something else I think (which has nothing to do with magnetism). Or maybe am I wrong ?

Ok... That's my little story, I think you very much for reading it.

Have a wonderful day, filled with Joy, Peace, Light and Love.

Kind regards,  Renaud

Merci Renaud!

Your letter is truly a gift as it reveals a greater trust in the universe than perhaps you may even be aware of!  Many have yearly cycles of enhanced energy in preparation for life shift and greater clarity of soul purpose and intent!  Congratulations, you are at that time, and will soon no longer need to be concerned about these events.

When one carries powerful energy of magnetism it is important to get very clear on what you want to attract into your life as it is being asked to come forward.  Please take time to write out with a pen, (not a computer), what you truly want to come forward in your life…and be very specific!  Also, when you hug a tree to allow the energy to dissipate, also please be sure to receive back from the tree, this is why it does not last.  Whenever we ask any loving form of the planet to assist us, it must be done with balance. You are gifting the tree with energy that will help it grow, expand and be.  Ask the tree to then offer to you the gift of balance so that you may both benefit.

Dearest one, great shift is upon you, and it is time for you to claim this ever more!

Many Blessings of Abundant Joy,
Sri and Kira

How do I receive the lessons my life is offering me?

Dear Sri and Kira,

Thank you so much for your continued work in the healing of our planet and souls!  I also appreciate your willingness to take our questions and give us insights into our lives and challenges, I have learned a lot from seeing what others have asked and you have answered with.  I am especially interested in the orb pictures because I frequently see one around me or in places I am in and it brings me comfort to know that I am not alone.

Recently I have had jaw surgery (of which I am recovering from right now) and it is occurring right before I learn about when I am to have my Federal Court date for harassment charges stemming back almost 12 years ago.  I was wondering if this jaw surgery was a cosmetic wink (or joke) or am I missing some critical thing in coming full circle in this process.  I do know lately my life has been in major 'clean up' and things that have been on the back burner are on full speed as I prepare myself for this final battle.  I have not been able to sit on the fence and have had to really look deeply at myself, a valued perspective I have needed for some time.  It has put many things in my life in turmoil, including my marriage, but it has also given me a clarity I have not had in some time.  If you could give me some insight on what to do and where to look from here, I would really appreciate it!

Thank you and many blessings to both of you!
Gina, Las Vegas

Dear Gina,

We appreciate your willingness to contribute to planetary healing by completing your own healing process.  Energy places no time limits on its resolution!  That is, trauma or emotion that is frozen in our tissues will patiently wait years for its resolution and healing.

Yes, your surgery is related to the prior harassment "issue."  There is a tension carried by the connective tissues in the jaw that is relating to your attitude toward the issue.  It is not a cosmic joke as much as a nudge toward final resolution.  Yes, a gift!  Allow yourself to bring a hand to your heart and then reflect deeply on these questions: What judgments do I have around the parties in this, including myself?  If I unconditionally forgive myself and everyone involved, how would that affect my handling of this issue today? 

Forgiving the parties involved offers an opportunity to find a new level of clarity and peace.  It does not mean freedom from consequences, it just means you can be at peace and bring things to resolution more easily.  And the best news is, once you fully embody this lesson, it is one you will not have to repeat!

Celebrate that you are!

Much Love,
Sri and Kira

Can you share some direction as my life is shifting so dramatically?

Hi, there,

I am emailing from Australia. I have recently discovered your book which is exactly what I need now as I have been on a fast growth track this year...and basically I feel quite alone. I only have two people I know who even understand the things you are saying that I know to be correct. I am about to leave my job because I no longer resonate with their integrity...with no means of support, and I can't seem to stop it. I have moved away from so many so called friends who have let me down and am a little scared of all that is going on. As I am in Australia and you are in USA I realise this is difficult, but I was hoping you could give me some direction......

I hold monthly Spiritual meetings here with a friend; we have about 50 attendees but she and I are on different paths now also, and I feel the need to also leave this behind. Is this normal??? LOL!! I know I have a very open heart and know I have a life purpose, but this is big scary stuff. Thank you for listening and hopefully responding.

In Light and Love,
Veronika (Ronnie)

Dear Ronnie,

Thank you for your sharing!  Yes, as one evolves their vibrational rate changes and often their circle of friends shifts as well.  However, it is important to allow this shift to happen in congruence with your Joy.  

Leaving a job can be a good way to exit an unsupportive environment.  And, being an Oasis of Light in an otherwise oppressive job environment is also a wonderful service!  You see, it is important to first claim your authenticity, regardless of the outer world.  So, be yourself in your job and with your friends.  Be respectful, honoring that others have differing opinions and never discount yourself just for the sake of “fitting in.”  This may sound like simple advice, however, we encourage you to look deeply at your motives for making the changes you mentioned.

Your spiritual meetings have 50 people in attendance. That’s quite a variety of folks.  Perhaps some of them are waiting for a fresh perspective!  Perhaps some of them are silently holding a similar feeling as you hold and wish they could articulate it!  Thus, if you stand up and express your truth, you might be delighted by the impact of your empowered sharings.  Yes, this can be scary and yes, it is liberating.  We encourage you to take the risk by standing visibly in your truth, sharing your feelings and your needs and then, if you don’t enjoy the response, you simply move on and celebrate yourself on the way!

Best wishes on your path of expansion!

With love,
Sri and Kira

Please explain the "energy of resistance," and what do I do when it comes?

Dear  Sri:

On Wednesday, 2/13, on the radio show, I was taking notes and I heard you say, "Is it time to heal my Divine electronic belt? What am I not enjoying in my life...discharge the energy of healing it, seeing the gift."  Could you talk more about the energy of resistance, as it caught my attention. Sometimes I just don't feel like going to work and, wow, there is the energy of resistance right there. and what is the next part????

Thank you, thank you!

Abundant love,

Dear Pat,

When you don’t feel like going to work, then ask, “What detail around my working world needs a shift?”  Usually there is an aspect that we do not want to squarely face.  Do you feel nourished by your work and the working relationships?  What need of yours is not being met? Honest inquiry will offer insight.  Flat out resistance is the strategy of the inner child. Inquiry is the adult strategy. Be curious and nonjudgmental…just look deeper. You can find a creative solution once you have the discernment.

Our lives reflect the totality of our consciousness.  So many people have good intentions and healthy dreams yet they suffer in some areas of their life or sabotage a near win.  These sufferings are your clues as to where the Light of consciousness is needed.  Resistance is the product of the ego.  Sometimes resistance is simply inertial, that is the habit of being stuck.  Sometimes resistance is an active effort to control.  We resist change or we resist surrender.  Usually this is simply an effort to control.  In order to heal this we must remember that the ego is a child, and it just wants to be safe. 

We need to first offer love to those resistant parts of ourselves. This means not judging yourself as flawed and actually listening respectfully to the resistant voice.  This listening heals.  Then we must make a firm commitment to our ascended aspect, our authentic truth. That commitment to a different outcome needs to come from our authentic soul energy.  From that place of knowing we declare I AM SAFE.  I AM ATTRACTING CASH CLIENTS (or whatever you are guided to affirm).  This declaration places the attractor truth into our consciousness.   It is empowered by the soul, not the ego.  Then watch for the confirmation in the outer world.  You must take action on the baby steps, the little opportunities that come your way.  This opens the flow.  Taking action on these little steps is safe to the inner child and helps her relax into greater trust.  Resistance then fades away!

Much love,
Sri Ram Kaa

Is it possible to fully keep your eyes on the Divine at all times?

Namaste Sri and Kira!

I am very excited to write to you and hope my question will make it into your wonderful newsletter. Living in Indonesia it is wonderful that the web is available so that I can read the daily thoughts and receive the weekly practices. They have changed my life and I share them with many others. Each day I wake up and have my little notes of thank you all around my home.

Here is my question, will I ever get to the point where I no longer need the notes? Can I really call forth as Archangel Zadkiel says, "keeping my eyes on the divine at all times"? Is that really possible? I thank you for your kindness in answering and the wonderful role model you are for me.

Humbly and with great appreciation,
Ti, Indonesia

Namaste to you, Ti!

What a wonderful question!

You are already off to a great start. The "sticky note" practice is a great way to anchor the habit of keeping your eyes on the Divine at all times. With gratitude we offer to ourselves the energy of love, presence and appreciation. Through these energies we instill the recognition that we are all connected, and that each action is the Divine in manifest form for all to experience.

Spiritual tenacity is a commitment that can only be kept when it comes from the heart. As Archangel Zadkiel also reminds us, "You cannot play yourself off the gameboard; you can only lift off of it." This lovingly stimulates our hearts to greater action and allows our brains to simply rest and take their role as servant rather than master.

Is it possible to fully keep your eyes on the Divine at all times? Of course it is. You are already doing it by asking the question and committing to your spiritual tenacity. With each breath, each moment and each day your commitment becomes the habit. Once anchored as a habit, then the many gifts of your spiritual tenacity become your living presence without having to consciously call them forth. You are the master, you are the gift, it is time to celebrate, and thereby allow your presence to free others to do the same.

With great love and joy,
Sri and Kira

Are spiritual names and Soul names the same?

Dear Sri and Kira,

I have noticed that so many of the people around you have spiritual names starting with the letter "A". Is there a significance to this and are spiritual names and soul names the same thing?

Much Love,

Namaste Margaret!

What a great question! Yes, there is significance to this, AND there is a difference between a spiritual name and a soul name. Let's begin there.

As each of us grows through the wondrous and many experiences of our lives, we gain greater connection and understanding of who we are, why we are here and our relationship to this world in all of its glorious facets. Often, where we begin our journey is not where we end up. Spiritual names are in virtually every tradition and reflect the state of our consciousness at the time the name is either given or revealed. For example, when one enters the Catholic priesthood or convent, a new name is taken to reflect the new way of life being embraced. Spiritual initiations in many traditions offer names based upon the state of consciousness of the initiate as in the Native American or Mayan traditions. Often times the name is revealed at the conclusion of an initiation and may grow or shift to a different name as the initiate grows in mastery.

Soul names are quite different as they do not change based upon the experience of consciousness on this planet. Soul names are an expression of the energetic signature of the soul. While here on this beloved Gaia, a soul name reveals itself when one has anchored their energy in a space of being that creates safety to live a soul-first life. Often, many request their soul name in an effort to anchor this energy prematurely and with its presence comes chaos and change. This is due to the energy of the soul being unleashed without a grounded heart to balance physical, emotional and spiritual energies. In trusting the perfection of this experience, the essential harmony will always come forward and the soul name/energy will offer great presence to expand this gift.

As for the amazing amount of those around us who start with A, remember that we are often drawn to be with those who are vibrating/resonating at the same frequency we are. This is why as many grow in their spirituality, friends change, etc. Simply put, we are at the time where each is being called to share time, space, friendship, love with those who are kindred in many ways. The "A's" are finding each other...we can hardly wait to see the B's!

Much love,
Sri and Kira

How do I trust myself?

Hi there,

Let me say, "Thank you," to both of you for the work that you do! I truly appreciate it. I have been rapidly ascending, and I know in my heart that this is my path. My heart is open, mostly, but then there are definite times where I'm just filled with self doubt and loathing. Once the negativity sets in, it just overtakes my mind and I lose myself! These "episodes" are coming more often but paradoxically, the times of joy and peace are coming more often as well. Its pretty intense. I feel a real conflict between my head and my heart in regards to navigating the outside world while staying true to my higher self.

If I could stay home and tend to my soul's desire all day I would! But I am a wife and mother of two busy kids while working and attending school myself! I'm 35 and still trying blend my heart's desire with the work that I want to do. So I have two questions for you and Archangel Zadkiel: 1) Should I focus on finishing college (even though I'm not enjoying it or seeing the reward) or plan on going to yoga teacher training school which is what my heart says? 2) How do I stay out of the negativity and stay centered?

I guess my biggest struggle here is distrust in Myself. How do I trust myself?


Beloved Marcy!

Thank you for your honest sharing. Your story is touching, and most likely many who are reading this now would say that it is their story, too, in one way or another.

You are already in the process of stabilizing your energy in a new way of being, and this is why you are experiencing both the joy and the pain. This is not a paradox, instead it is actually confirmation that you are growing. Each time you find negativity coming forward, do your best to simply stop, take a deep breath and declare out loud, "I KNOW this is not the truth of who I am." Even if in the moment you do not believe it, by setting the energy in motion, you will begin the process of minimizing these experiences.

Both of your questions, indeed your entire sharing, is all the same question! That is, how do you follow your heart without doubt! The answer is simple, just do it! Now, the mind may step in and try to derail the simple truth, and that is what complicates the issue. So, start with a small step that brings you joy, and simply do it. Allow yourself to begin accepting that when you follow your joy, the universe amplifies that joy and within what feels like a moment, joy becomes your life.

You are ready to trust yourself and if you have not already taken the Navigating the Inner Matrix Course, please consider doing so. Trust that each step you are taking is one step closer to the freedom you are claiming. Breathe deeply, smile and know that all is well!

With great love,
Sri and Kira

Where are the crystalline grids located?

Would you please explain exactly where the crystalline grids are located?  I see here in your newsletter that Guatemala is the last of the crystalline grid.  Where are the others located?

Thanks, Love and Light, Love Yourself

Dear One,

Your question is important and would take a book to fully answer!  That is, crystal grids are located throughout the planet.  Some of these grids are associated with Ascension Portals, and others actually help hold the planetary structure in place. Ascension Portals are new and are related to our work on the planet.  That is, each Ascension Portal offers an opportunity for cleansing, realignment and greater clarity for those who embrace the energy.  This is essential for conscious Self-Ascension.  Each of the Ascension Portals has branches or connections to other locations on the planet.  Thus, it is important to look inside your own heart and feel where you are called to locate on the planet.  You might imagine that you are floating in space looking down on the earth and ask for the place to brighten where your energy is to anchor.  Then go to that place.  Once there you will find a clarity or an energetic gift that will support your up-liftment.  TOSA ranch is gridded to the Ascension Portal in Peru and that grid travels right through Guatemala!

It is important to cultivate our heart’s wisdom and our intuitive minds in such matters.  To look at a crystal-grid map and make a mental decision will not serve you as deeply as letting your inner presence reveal to the outer awareness the information you seek.  Each must find their way to their authentic alignment.  And yes, we will share more details on this topic in the coming months.

Many Blessings,

Sri and Kira

How do I be with "opportunities" that are challenging?

Dearest Kira Raa and Sri Ram Kaa,

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you. My sincere and heartfelt gratitude for all that you are doing for all of us here on the earth plane and actually, everywhere on all levels of existence. Whenever I need to remind myself of what really matters, I pull up your website and I am reminded, with my hand on my heart, of what really matters.

Anyway, on to my question, I have been experiencing lots of opportunities to "rise above" with respect to my boyfriend's daughter and ex-wife, and I am trying to stay in my heart, and I am not always successful, but, I find that I am getting headaches and no matter how much I white light, breathe, pray, drink water, let go Let God, do mantras, use EFT, etc, the headaches and head pain, sharp stabs, pressure, sometimes still persist. Have resorted to aspirin at times, and feel as though I am failing in some way by doing so.

Do you have any suggestions for an additional method for addressing these "opportunities" they present me with? I am very aware that his ex and daughter are my teachers in this matter, but there are issues that arise with the treatment of a foster child that they have adopted that are really challenging me.

Thank you so much for all that you are!!!!

With Love and Light,

Namaste Julie!

First and foremost may your heart and your joy know that you are in no way "failing" as you walk through this powerful issue. To be fully present in the face of challenges is one of the first great gifts we bring to ourselves as our journey unfolds before us. With each moment that you are present with this issue you are able to be even more aware of the ignition of energy that is currently birthing in and through you and your circumstances.

The moment of great awakening is before you and everyone involved is playing their roles perfectly. Within your own self-discovery there is a final piece of unresolved energy that is ready to come forward for healing and release.

We encourage you to journal as you reflect upon the following questions:

Why am I attracted to this boyfriend? What do I feel when I witness these interactions? How is my role in this experience affecting my life experience?

Remember that you cannot change anything outside of yourself. You can, however, change your role in the play. The answers you uncover as you walk through this journey will indeed bring you to a new level of awareness and growth.

You already are stabilizing your heart as the root center of your experience...let it become ever more present as you stay focused on as you stated so well, "what really matters." As you fully embrace your truth with peace, love and joy, then your presence will free others to do the same!

Many Blessings and Big Hugs!
Sri and Kira

Is where I live energetically able to be a portal of Light?

Dear Sri and Kira,

I just listened to the July Insoulment and wondered two things: I would like to get a copy of Godfrey Ray King's book that you spoke of before the insoulment and I heard you say the book has been changed somewhat since the original edition. Would the information in the newer editions still be as consistent as the original? I wondered what changes were made from the original?

and my next question is a little more private......... probably one I do not wish to be published, unless you think it has some merit for others............

I was listening to the Insoulment and hearing Zadkiel say the four points of energy (or portals) coming in would be Peru, New Mexico, Guatemala, and the headwaters of the Ganges in India. I was driving in Vermont, enjoying the views of the mountains and lush green (lots of rain this summer) when I was listening to it and I just wondered to myself, what about Vermont? Vermont is so beautiful and holds an energy, Vermont energetically able to be a portal of Light? I live here; I haven't felt the need or urge to move and yet in the back of my head, I remember conversations about the "east" being so much in density. Could you speak more about the energies in Vermont and if there is anything I can do to bring in or hold more Light here?

Love you!

Beloved Pat!

Yes! The July In-soulment was so truly powerful and inspiring. We are publishing your full question as indeed it does apply/have merit for many! Thank you for asking. The four energetic portals that were referred to by Archangel Zadkiel during the In-soulment are an ancient realignment grid of crystalline energy specifically for this moment in history. Once fully anchored on our planet they will unite a Divine Dome of Protection for all who seek to gather Crystalline Light and Love from their presence.

There is much more about this Divine Dome that we will be releasing shortly. In April 2007, the Ascended Master St. Germaine came forward with a short, concise and powerful discourse that set the date of December 17, 2008 as the time to be at the headwaters of the Ganges to "connect" the energy and raise up the dome! As we move toward 2009, this 2007 discourse becomes even more inspiring and timely. This is the reason we are personally going to India in December 2008, and are honored to have others join us to initiate this process in person, while we will invite the entire world to join us in spirit. (Again, look to future newsletters as to how you can support this powerful moment!)

Many are familiar with the light grids around our beloved planet and everywhere we touch the heart of our soul, the energy of the planet responds with great joy! We are already here in 2008 and within the blink of an eye it will be 2012! There is not any place on our planet that is excluded from the gift of connection with the Universal Crystalline Light and the Dome.

As we travel the world we are often asked the question/s, "Where should I live, and where will it be safe on our planet?" The answer is that ANYONE can be SAFE when they fully align with their truth without doubt. That is, begin to fully honor that ALL WISDOM is and has always been WITHIN YOU. Pay attention to your heart, listen to your soul's voice, and the outcome is assured!

In response to the first part of your question, we are blessed that we have an original signed edition of "The I AM Discourses." This very old book "magically" appeared in our living room one day and has been an extraordinary gift. Contained within its bound pages were also very old slips of paper with additional information. We cherish this gift and due to its age, it is now quickly disintegrating. This book is readily available as it is has been constantly in print since the first publication. Let your heart enjoy its wisdom.

Much love and Many Blessings,
Sri and Kira

How do I navigate when I have strong Ascension Acceleration Experiences (AAEs)?

Kira & Sri ~

Thank you for the AAE message on your radio program! I enjoy your show.

I have felt like I was going crazy; I come home to the place I've lived for 30 years and feel like I just got I'm from somewhere else...and often feel like I should be somewhere else. An overwhelming feeling of anxiety, like wanting to climb out of my skin, heartburn, feeling that something is supposed to be happening...lack of focus, discomfort in public places... your list described my life!

I'm starting a new project to survive financially, that will take me out into the business world, contacting many people. I initially felt inspired to do it, it is somewhat creative, but now, with these feelings, I get scared. Part of me feels that I need to work through this, but I want to be sure I'm going in the right direction. How can I best work through this? I do plan on participating in your teleconference next Sun., but cannot make it to the next Avesa (I am an Avesa grad).

Thank you for your time.

Namaste, & many Blessings,
Sharon Gualala, CA

Dear Sharon,

Congratulations! Your ability to allow these "symptoms" and invite dialogue is a sign that you are indeed sane! Please trust that your Inner Wisdom is finding its way to the forefront of your life. Rather than focus on the discomfort and anxiety, bring your attention to the surrender into trust. Let your ego have a tantrum while your actions are non-reactive and trusting.

Drink tons of pure water, eat organic greens, move your body daily. These steps will help the tissues expel the "old" energies and call-in vitality and confidence. Journal, Meditate, Tone/sing...move your energy and listen to the heart"s inner voice. Hand to heart often and declare the mantra of Self-Ascension: I am Here, I am Open, I AM Ready, Guide Me! Then let your creativity lead the way.

Of course it is scary to leave the familiar world. Yet, the greater world is calling for your authenticity to come forward. Celebrate this time of cleansing and "coming out!" Don't focus on money; instead focus on trust and authentic expression. Abundance will follow. We celebrate you!

With love,
Sri and Kira

Can you help me move forward with the Divine Guidance I have received?

Hello, Sri & Kira,

First off, I'd love to thank you for all that you do for the people on this planet. Coming across your work has made a huge difference in my life. It was your enthusiasm and comfort of knowing that all is well that inspired me and my life here at this time. Thank You! So, yes, on to my question...

About a few months ago during the middle of the night I was awakened by an Ascension Acceleration Experience where I immediately felt like words of wisdom were shared with me. I saw a vision of sacred geometry flashing before me in my mind's eye. I felt and heard a telepathic message that I was highly recommended to go to Texas and visit an area where there is a powerful energy grid. Going there, I would discover something for me that would be powerful.

The message felt like divine guidance to me. So I took the experience to heart. Since then I now see things come across my path that remind me of Texas: Texas license plates and people wearing t-shirts with the word Texas on it.

Anyhow, since this experience, I have asked the angels in my meditations to please give me more insight as to where exactly in Texas I will find this Energy grid, and when is it time for me to go? I have not had any more insight to this place in Texas, and I have just taken it as the time will come when I will be led to it. But my curiosity has really kicked in, and I am curious if you Sri or Kira have ever heard of a point in Texas where there is an Energy grid?

Thank You!


Dear Kevin,

Congratulations on your sacred opening. You were given a true gift. How you "unwrap and integrate" that gift is up to you. It is important that you follow your own sense of where to go in not listen to someone else's idea of what or where. You see, sometimes the inner direction has a more symbolic quality to it than a specific geography.

So...what we recommend is that you honor the inner connection by taking action. Here is an idea: get a map of Texas and stare at it....let your vision go into soft focus and ask for guidance. Once you have stared at a map, you could simply go into meditation and command: "Show me where my energy is called," and then pay attention to the signal received. Once you have a signal, then send your consciousness there (float over the State) and ask "show me." You see, you may be called to visit a place in the physical, or simply as conscious energy. Out of body travel can be just as valid in some situations.

In summary, engage the gift in trust; take some form of further action to engage your guidance. More will be revealed.

Many Blessings,
Sri and Kira

Preparing for the next Ascension Wave?

Dearest Kira and Sri,

There is much talk at the moment about the next Ascension Wave due on 21 December this year. I was wondering whether you have any suggestions about how best to prepare for this event so that we can gain the most benefit and lift from the available energies, for our own paths and for the good of the planet.

Much Love,
Maya Raa

Dear One,

Yes, there has been a rise in energy and a “sifting” effect in consciousness of late.  There is often talk of special moments, special opportunities.  Often the desire to lift or the desire to help bring peace to earth gets inspired by certain dates and beliefs.  This is not to say the dates and events are false, rather, we wish to remind you that it is YOUR heart that must decide what event or timing is calling to you.  It is your heart that will inform you on how to participate.  Thus, our recommendation is that you meditate and ask for guidance on how you are to be present.  Remember, a few years ago there was an Ascension Wave that was experienced as a Tsunami and many beings transitioned.  Let each of us develop ever-clearer communication with our guidance and trust in that knowing.  In this way we will indeed co-create an Awakened World.

We celebrate your loving intent and your willingness to take action.

Sri and Kira

How can I flow with the new energy on the planet?

Dear Sri and Kira,

I love your website and newsletters. I am reading your fourth book: 2012 Awakening. I love it.

I am wondering if you can please tell me how to deal with the new energy on the planet. Within the last week, my sleep has been interrupted between 1:00am to 4:00am. I feel very light headed and disconnected. I get irritated a lot by my 4 year old daughter (who is a crystal child). I feel really bad when I yell at her. I have been craving fresh fruit and vegetables.

When I am driving in the morning to work, I am aware of the road, but feel like I am not in the car. I see everything, but do not remember the drive to work. Then this morning I could feel all the life energy all round. The life in the trees, bushes and grass (it is winter up here in Wisconsin and everything is covered with snow). The colors in the morning sky were so warm and loving. Then by the evening I feel really drained by the day.

What can I do to help my body flow with the new energy?

Thank you,
Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

Dearest Lori,

Welcome to the wonderful world of AAE's! This is a moment of Divine Celebration and one that indeed calls forth the need for reassurance and understanding. As our world rapidly escalates into the energy of Ascended momentum, our Ascension Acceleration Energy Experiences multiply and expand.

First and foremost, have mercy on yourself! Remember that the beloved children of our planet are here as teachers and healers, and they are all volunteers! Your beloved daughter chose you to be her mother and when you find yourself losing patience, try to breathe and regain presence prior to responding. AND...if you do something you are not feeling good about, first forgive yourself...celebrate that you noticed, then immediately call forth a balancing action.

We encourage you to revisit the list of AAE's in 2012: Awakening and it is also posted at the website. Everything you describe is literally listed within them! Take time to start paying attention to your breath and be sure you are drinking A LOT of water. The cravings you are experiencing are absolute proof that your vibrational level is lifting. Honor what your body is asking for and the journey will be even more joyous.

And most of all, may you remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this process. Do everything you can to bring a stream of loving reassurance into your world. The journey you have called forth is a beautiful one, and soon enough you will stabilize this new energy and delight ever more in it!

Much love and Joy!
Sri and Kira

How does sex affect the process of Self-Ascension?

Dear Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa,

My fiancé and I recently started reading your books and to tell you the truth we both are highly impressed by all the information coming from Zadkiel, Uriel and the Archangelic Realm which you're so kindly sharing with the world. Thanks for your wonderful service!

We are reading about the "ascended chakras" where the heart chakra is referred to as the "root" chakra, the throat chakra is the "truth" chakra, etc. We also understand the first three lower chakras deal basically with density and in order to successfully ascend to the 5th dimension or beyond we must activate and only work with our "ascended chakra system" (if we may call it like that).

Our question is: How does sex life affect the ascension process considering it is a lower chakra issue, more likely density related? Isn't reaching a totally celibate way of life recommended by the Archangels before we can actually ascend? So far we haven't read any specifics regarding that subject which we consider important since all of humanity is affected by it. Perhaps you have received their comments and/or advice. Could you kindly share some light with us?

Jose and Melba


What a wonderful question! Celibacy is a time-honored method to help one learn detachment from worldly passions and stay focused on so-called "higher energies."

As we allow ourselves to fully embrace our beloved existence on this planet, while fully remembering the truth of who we are while we still have a body, then celibacy is not required for Self-Ascension. True Union expresses without a body and can also be expressed through the body. What is required is to be at peace with your sexuality! That is, do the primal passions rule your attention, drive your behavior or provoke fear? If so, then healing is indicated. Celibacy alone just suppresses natural urges; it does not necessarily heal, unless one brings consciousness and love to the issues that arise. One method of healing the lower chakra imbalances is celibacy coupled with another form of healing therapy. Another method is to bring trust, transparency, love and non-judgment into sexual interaction. It is important that we develop healthy intimacy, where Peace, Love and Joy express through giving and receiving with our partner. This happens with or without sexual interaction.

The body is a gift. Enjoy it, offer loving care to it...and don't become addicted to it! Self-Ascension is about being at Peace with all aspects of having a body so that one's attention can be focused on the Divine.

Many Blessings,
Sri and Kira



Orb Clarity
Could these [photos where orbs appear] not be explained as small droplets of condensation on the camera lens in the cool cathedral (or caves)..?

Dear Nada,

Yes, many "Orb" pictures are in fact pollen or dust on the lens. The light from flash photography illuminates the particles and they appear as floating phenomena. Therefore, if there are dozens of orbs in a flash photo it is more likely to be dust as dust is not likely to show up as a singular particle. (Often, however this will be intermingled with "true" orbs.)

If the flash is not used, then the probability that the orb is "real" increases. Also, the shape can be telling. Orbs tend to hold a circular shape, even when you magnify the photo. Other particles will bulge or fail to be circular on close inspection. Finally, ask your inner guidance!  "Are these photos capturing inter-dimensional phenomena?"

What is most revealing is that just a few short years ago, orbs basically did not exist! That is, their appearance in photos was practically non-existent. The overwhelming amount of orbs now appearing throughout the world, is a wonderful gift to us all, for it opens our multi-dimensional vision and allows us to be ever more prepared to expand in all-ways.

Remember, whether the orbs you witness are real or just dust, (sometimes both appear in the same photo), does not prove or disprove anything. What is more important is whether the photograph assists your discernment and helps you trust your inner knowing. All exposure to expanded vision helps us develop our inner perceptual filters.

Much love,
Sri and Kira

Seeing Orbs
Dear Sri and Kira,
I'm wondering what you understand orbs to be? During the 2006 summer solstice a friend and I went up on a mountain to watch the sunrise and honour the solstice with our own made up prayers and ritual. When the sun came over the mountain, the entire air around us was filled with hundreds of orbs - round, 3D, semi-transparent, shimmering light. They were hanging in the air everywhere as far as I could see! It was awe inspiring and incredibly beautiful. It lasted for about 1 minute before they disappeared. I found out later that my friend didn't see them and thought I was referring to the heat waves of the sun when I asked "Do you see the energy?" (I didn't call them orbs at the time). I'm wondering if there is a reason why I saw them and what they are. Different people call them different things -- angels, the beginning manifestation of spirits, etc. What is your perspective?

Dear Joy,

Thank you for sharing this beautiful reminder that each of us “sees” what we are able to “let in”. The Natives could not “see” Christopher Columbus’ ships on the horizon because their perceptual filters had no context for the information and discarded the “phenomena”. So too with orbs…many people subconsciously filter-out these phenomena. It is truly a subconscious mechanism that must be gently opened through trust and intention. You saw the energy because you were more open to it; that’s all. Your friend may now be “open” to the next dimensional phenomena that appears due to the trust you displayed.

The fact that orbs are now appearing everywhere opens consciousness for all! Trust your perceptions as long as you also feel the energy of your heart opening. That is, when our energy field expands we are in the presence of a higher frequency and when our energy collapses we are in the presence of something less nourishing!

Thank you for sharing,
Sri and Kira

Exercise to Open Inter-Dimensional Sight

You answered last week one who wrote in about seeing orbs that we can learn to see them with "trust and intent". Is there a specific exercise for that you can recommend? My mind just wanders when I try to address this, and I would love to see those orbs, and experience the beauty and truth they bring.
Thanks and love,

Dear Lily,
Believing opens the door to seeing! And, our "rewiring" often lags the decision to open. Some people do not even see the orbs in photographs, so celebrate your recognition! We suggest that you practice sun gazing to help open inter-dimensional sight. There were very specific instructions given by Archangel Zadkiel on how to safely do this. Please begin at sunset and build your ability to recognize the portal that is our sun.

Much love,
Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Believing is Seeing
Dear Sri Ram Kaa,
I read the newsletter with interest and was wondering if you could answer a question for me. In last week's Readers' Forum, you use the "native not seeing the boats" reference that has been going around New Age circles for quite some time and was popularized in What the Bleep. I was surprised to see this as I have never seen or heard any actual reference to this being factual, and have always appreciated the fact that you do not simply follow the leader in the mainstream. Have you been able to find a credible link to the authenticity of this statement? I have read Los Diarios of Columbus and he never refers to anything like this, nor do any other accounts I have read of the history in that region.

Many Thanks and Gratitude for the Work you are doing,

Hi Amanda,
The reference to the "visitors" suddenly appearing comes from the indigenous sharing. We do not have the reference to offer you. We referred to it simply because most people have heard of this example. It saves words!

A more powerful example of beliefs limiting perception comes from Margaret Mead, who chronicled a visit to tribes who stated the edge of the world was located just at a ridge on an expanse. When she challenged this and walked past that ridge she "disappeared" and when she called to them her voice was thought to come from the heavens and then when she turned and came back to the group she simply "reappeared". This magical behavior was verified by all of the natives who were present (and frightened!).

The point is of all this is to remind us that beliefs filter perception. This fact has been investigated by many and is easily found by interviewing witnesses at a crime scene. We do not want to add another belief paradigm to you; we wish only to help uncover the existing filters so that everyone can witness the magnificence of the un-refracted truth!

Many Blessings,
Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

Dear Sri & Kira,

Can you please tell me about the pink orbs? Any idea whom might be represented? There's also gold essence in the tree top near the picnic table in the first attachment. Also the filtering of the rays so that the colors of each of the 7 rays shown across the tree was a great validation of the colors included in the white light of the sun we see. At the time the picture was taken, I was using energetic healing (Heart2Heart) on the horse. I would love your feedback.

Sally Drobinski

Beloved Sally

Thank you for offering such a beautiful gift for all to witness! As we spent time with your wonderful photos, the presence of the Archangelic Realm came forth with great abundant love. Your question actually already contains your answer, and most likely you do already know that! :-) We are at the time when many will begin to feel the rays of Divine light, yet will still need the "hard evidence" to fully embrace them. When we step into the energy of pure love, and certainly when we do this with healing intent, we open a portal that transcends our earthly boundaries and allows only the energy of love to enter. You have captured that. As your heart embraced the Divine heart, the portal opened, (the pink orb), it then came through you, (the rays), and showered its gifts upon those your heart directed it upon. Most likely the tree also appreciated the healing! Each of us is blessed to have the gift to bring this forth, and we thank you for offering this "evidence" of the process!

With great love
Sri & Kira

Insights into the Orbs "watching over" us!

Hello, Sri & Kira,

These photos were taken in front and in back of our home last October in Phoenix, AZ. I have always felt we have been "watched over" and now I know for sure! If you can give us any more insight with these orbs, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your uplifting messages.

Jerry and Peggy DeLay

Namaste Beautiful Ones!

It is indeed an extraordinary time on our planet that we can be gifted with Divine contact so beautifully.  Your photos confirm many “things” for you. Wherever the energy of joy is present, so will be the Angel Hearts that are referred to as orbs.  They lovingly come forward and gift us with the abundant recognition that joy is the doorway to our true nature, the gift that will surround us and bring us home to ourselves in all-ways. 

When you gaze at your photos, what do you feel? What do you experience? Allowing yourself to KNOW that you are truly protected on all levels, is beyond a feeling, it is the recognition of trust in the universe, AND it is when we fully empower this trust that we become the miracle and miracles abound with us, through us and as us. Thank you for saying YES to this gift!  May we each in all-ways remember we are loved, supported and ever nourished! 

Abundant Love,
Sri and Kira



Galactic Yoga Practices
Dear Sri and Kira,
Thank you for your openness and availability in answering these questions. I have adopted the Archangelic Sacred Yoga practice into my own, personal daily practice. I was wondering, as the DVD was made several years ago, if any new practices had come through Kira Raa.

Tony, Seattle, WA

Hi Tony,
The Sacred Yoga practice is a prayer that is complete unto itself. It truly helps open one's energy on many levels. Remember, your intent will deepen the yoga practice.

We do offer advanced practices in our Golden Ray and Crystalline Ray programs. And, there are several "Galactic Yoga" practices in our books that you might enjoy combining with the basic yoga routine or adding in later each day, such as the "Living Ankh" and the "Flap and Clap". These additional exercises all expand one conscious connection.

Thank you for your commitment to your daily practice!

With love,
Sri and Kira

Universal Scar

Hi! I just wanted to relate my experience with the universal scar meditation/exercise.

As directed, I followed the meditation for the suggested 14 days. The first time I did it, I was able to see this scar very clearly (clairvoyantly). It was massive and extended down into the Earth and upwards like a huge arc. The first meditation was very powerful both physically and emotionally and it made many things fall into place for me (trying to take care of everyone, feelings of trying to fix everything, etc). It was a huge Aha moment for me. As time passed, the ability to see the scar lessoned until I couldn't see it or feel it at all on days 13 and 14. I gained a lot of clarity (almost instantly during that first exercise) and now truly feel free of many of the issues I hadn't even realized I had.

Thank you for bringing this message to me and to all the others that needed to hear it.


Dearest Susan!

We are grateful for your sharing! Many have written about this powerful discourse and the meditation. This current series of messages from the Archangelic Realm has gifted us all with illuminating the energy of Self-Ascension for the individu-u-will AND the world! While sometimes the messages may challenge our paradigms, each who follows their heart with the energy of sincerity is attracting to themselves the many gifts of abundance, freedom and as you shared so beautifully, clarity! THANK YOU!

Abundant Love
Sri and Kira

Sharing the Gift of the Container
Blessed be to you and all of your wonderful guides.
I love the book 2012: You Have A Choice. I heard you speak on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, and since I have been blessed with clarity in hearing my many guides as I learn to trust love. You are so loved by me here in Somis as I observe the progress of my 8 year old angel who guides me and teaches me wisdom and love. Your "container" is helpful to us and we appreciate your ongoing guidance and wisdom.
Peace, Joan

Namaste Joan!
Thank you for your loving and sincere sharing! Yes! The container exercise is very helpful and amazing in how far it can go in offering ever greater clarity and freedom. As the Archangelic realm so lovingly reminds us, when we free ourselves to fully embrace the loving presence of who we are, then our mere presence does so for others! How glorious that your 8 year old is demonstrating this for you as you are now embracing your power to share this gift with others!
Abundant Love!
Sri and Kir

PS: If you would like to learn more about the Sacred Container exercise it is found in its entirety in the book 2012: You Have a Choice!

How can I hold and express the consciousness of abundance?

Hi Sri and Kira!

Ok, I've been doing all the practices and must say that when I do them I see great shifts in my life.  I am one of probably many who seem to constantly be in the flow of just not enough abundance.  I am not complaining; however, here is my question: How do I hold and express the consciousness of abundance?  Thank you for answering since my mind is really trying to be in charge of this one, and I do recognize that I am participating in it. 

Eagerly awaiting your response.

Elisha, NM

Dear Elisha,

Abundance is indeed a state of consciousness.  The human brain loves patterns and seeks to impose its patterns on the outer world.  So, to bring in a new state of consciousness requires focus and commitment.

Start your day with positive affirmations - declare the truth of your soul legacy:  "I AM the miracle working presence going forth in all my activities this day."  "I AM living an abundant joyful life here and now."  Etc.  Begin by setting the consciousness in the morning.

Then later in the day do some of the Archangelic practices to help your energy field return to true soul alignment and affirm the truth again.  As we practice residing in that authentic alignment the miracles happen more frequently. 

Come to an Avesa workshop.  Listen to the audio discourses.  Stay in the energy of your authentic ascended soul and watch the outer world shift!

Much love,

Sri and Kira


Quantum Clairvoyance

What are the Cards of Clarity?


What are the cards of clarity? I missed that info.


Dearest Sue,

Thanks for asking. As you may be aware we have recently been called to Guatemala to facilitate the great energetic shift of 2012 and beyond. It was during our very first trip, while on the shores of Lake Atitlan for the first time, that Sri Ram Kaa developed a sudden and very deep "illness" while Kira Raa spent 24 hours in deep connection with the Divine.

During this time, she was instructed to cut small pieces of paper and to write down information on each one. She was also provided with many pages of profound information about each one and more (including how to use the cards for maximum revelation). When Sri Ram Kaa regained his healthy awareness, he assisted Kira Raa to come fully present and the Cards of Clarity were before them!

These profound tools are a gift from the Archangelic realms to offer clarity and self-trust to all. We are at the time where each must come into full clarity and trust of their internal guidance. As our world grows steadily with extraordinary amounts of information of all types, being inundated for all to experience, now more than ever the clearest and most accurate truth detector is our anchored heart. The Cards of Clarity assist each who chooses to use them to fully anchor their heart and be ever more clear and trusting of their own answers and internal guidance.

Many Blessings,
Sri and Kira

Dearest Sri and Kira,

Wow, what a powerful weekend!!! Thank you for this amazing gift!

What has happened for me is that my intuitive knowing has experienced a quantum leap. The next steps before me on my path are presenting themselves with unprecedented clarity, and also with a sense of urgency that is not to be ignored.

Thank you both so much for all you do.



*What an incredible weekend... exceeding all of the extraordinary
previous... superlatives do not come close... I'm still in the Quantum
"buss" . Thank you to Sri & Kira for the most memorable experience

Love & Light,

Hi, Kira and Sri

Wow, do I feel DIFFERENT. Many things marinating and percolating within me since the Quantum Clairvoyance weekend. Dreams are full of information, lots of new energies running thru my body and I had one experience that was rather startrek like, an apparition appeared before me, just a upper body and I saw it, then it faded away. There is a new optimism that is delightful and I feel more centered and confident . I am shinier!

Thank you for another amazing experience . I Love you both immensely, as well as everyone else in this family of light!!!!!!

With Reverence,

Dearest Kira Raa,

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and love on how to be of service as a quantum clairvoyant. As a reader, I have found the information flowing through for people to be very clear and pertinent to their situations. As a receiver of readings from several other people who completed this extraordinary class, I have an even deeper appreciation at what takes place during this process. Not only does the receiver get information around their situation in the form of words, pictures, etc., the love, the energy, at the core of the reading literally shifts the dynamics of the situations in question.

Twice, I experienced these shifts on a physical, mental, and spiritual level after I had communicated the situations to be addressed to the reader BUT BEFORE they communicated the reading back to me verbally days later! These quantum clairvoyant readings are far more than information--they truly are providing energetic shifts for people even if they never follow through with some of the information that is verbally communicated to them!

Sunshine filled hugs!

With blessings of love, light, gratitude, bliss and health in every moment of your precious and beautiful life, Ganeshananda

Sacred Union

Brunswick from Florida Asks:

I moved to Florida June last year but now I keep getting a feeling that I need to move somewhere else and I thought my beloved was maybe there so far I haven't met anybody on that level that I'm aware of. Was there a shift or a change somehow because I spoke with you last year and you confirmed that I will be with him within 90 days and so far nothing. I applied for a job in Cleveland, Ohio and I wondered if you're seeing me getting it. Thank you in advance for your help.

Brunswick Exinor
Riverview (near Tampa) FL

Sri & Kira Respond:

Dearest One!
The journey of your Divine unfolding is one that is ready to go into hyperspace! We felt it best to simply ask the Archangelic realm to respond to your request, and here is what they shared:

"The journey of finding the beloved takes many into the exploration of all soul experiences. When the search becomes the focus, then the search will all-ways continue. It is a great gift when the beloved within becomes the source of the search. It is the time on the planet to re-cognize that the beloved is all-ways with you regardless of where you live in this world. Allow yourself the spaciousness of trusting that all of your actions, where you live, the job you accept WILL lead you to the beloved once you connect with the energy of Beloved-ness. Yes, you can offer yourself many shifts and changes in all aspects of your being-ness, AND you are all able to fold time just as effortlessly."

How do I know this is really my soul partner?

Sri and Kira,

I have a question in regards to my relationship. I feel a soul connection but the mundane world seems to be throwing all sorts of huge obstacles in the way. A large age gap, fleas, herpes... I don't know if I should be trying to push through these or if it is only soul recognition because our paths have crossed in the past. How do I know if this is really it?



Dear Amber,

Thank you for asking this important question. We are all meeting souls that have touched us in other times. This recognition is delightful and can be confusing to the personality-self who wants a life partner. Each of us is faced with life challenges that require our clarity, whether it is the "right" partner or "right career," etc. We are at a time in our evolution where we must develop our inner guidance and trust it completely. This begins by setting aside the brain. All confusion in our life is the result of the mind. The mind imposes principles, standards and belief patterns and then offers doubts and questions, as well!

So, stay in your heart. Bring a hand to your heart center, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Connect with your inner wisdom, for your soul is waiting for this dialogue! Once you have relaxed into soul communion, then set aside all the mental pictures, all the stories and images that relate to this person and just connect to their core energy and ask, "Is this the one I am to partner with?" Be open to hearing a response you might not like& it might be subtle or contrary. However, know that your heart will never lie to's only the ego-mind that would interfere.

So, as you listen for this response, first simply be detached from the outcome and watch your process...then after you have discerned the voice of guidance, you can allow in the impact of that guidance on all levels and experience the emotions and thoughts that go with it. So, first witness, then integrate the discernment and then decide whether to actually act! Even if they are the right soul, perhaps there is some healing work that must be accomplished before you can truly be in partnership. Thus, timing could be the next question to bring to your heart!

With love,
Sri and Kira

Moving Through Transition of the Beloved

Dearest Sri and Kira,
It was more than thirty years ago that my twin soul and I first met. This earth became heaven for us. We were both devoted to finding God within us, and together, we soared beyond duality and the bonds of our physical world. We felt total completion in each other, and felt that we would never be separated again. As husband and wife, we experienced the fire of unity, and we were blessed beyond measure with sacred love. Sadly, my husband became ill and passed away several months ago. My heart is broken, and it is so difficult to find direction and purpose in my life now that the joy of my existence is gone from my life. I daily seek guidance, and I pray that I might find my way alone. So much is said about twin souls coming together at this time. How do I find peace and purpose by myself when my identity was so defined by unity with my other half? How do I find happiness again by myself, when my greatest joy was in surrender to the gift of Love that given to us? Thank you for any words of hope you can give me.
Sue from Arizona

Namaste Sue!
Our hearts reach out to you with great love and reassurance as your question is so dear and profound in many ways! As we each find our culminating energies at this time in our world, we are consistently gifted with the opportunity to continue our journeys through the completion of one gift and the illumination of another. The Archangelic Realm has shared on many occasions that we are currently at the moment in "time" where those who are prepared and ready to assist humanity in other dimensions will find them and be the bridge of love to this world. Your beloved husband has offered you the great gift of being the doorway of this world for the bridge of universal love to enter.

Take the time to celebrate your extraordinary gift of reunion that came forward while you were both in physical body on this planet. The more you celebrate this gift, the easier you will be able to call forth the many gifts of your husband's transition and the gifts that are ready to unfold for you as your journey expands. Let him begin to fully embrace his new role by being present for yours.

How wonderful that you have completed your journey of union with another in body! Now you are free to fully be of service without attachment, a profound state of clarity and union that transcends this time and space. Once you allow this process to illuminate, you will find that you and your husband have simply entered a depth of union that continues and expands, like the breath of life! Let your tender heart feel what it must feel, and with each moment of grief, begin breathing and simply state:
Beloved One, Guide me. I AM Here, I AM Ready, I AM Open and I am Ready!

May every moment be ever more precious as your next step lovingly reveals itself.
With great love and Big hugs!
Sri and Kira

Do I change my life when I "fall in love?"

Dear Kira, Dear Sri,

I'm in a quite desperate situation and I appeal for your help. I have met a woman in Thailand. We obviously fell in love with each other (I say obviously, because I'm not sure if it is real love or maybe just some kind of short-term "falling in love").

Now I have to make a decision: to break the contact with her, to emigrate to Thailand, or to take her to Germany. And I'm afraid for the last two options I wouldn't have enough courage.
Please help me, I'm really desperate.
Thank you very much and kind regards,


Dear Karl-Heinz,

Many people discover that a new relationship can stimulate an emotional chaos.  Yes, falling in love can turn your world upside down, even if you are from the same culture.  We can not tell you what to do, because all relationships (all!) offer growth. Thus, it is best if you use this relationship as an opportunity to deepen your connection to your inner guidance, to find clarity in spite of the emotional ocean.  Even if the relationship is short-lived it will teach you discernment and offer you a better glimpse of your own ego needs. All relationships, sincerely approached, offer gifts!

Now, before you pack your bags and emigrate to Thailand, we suggest you get very centered and clear about the decision.  We recommend that you settle yourself in whatever manner you can, through breath work and meditation perhaps, and then bring your hand to your heart and ask, “Have I already received the energetic gift from this relationship? Is there more to receive?  Do we need to be physically together to complete this?” After each question notice how your heart responds.  Some people find that journaling (automatic writing) is easier than quietly listening inward.  In our experience, a karmic relationship is characterized by energy, excitement and a compulsive magnetism.  A true soul mate relationship may include excitement; however, there is also a great sense of peace and calm.  For with a true soul mate, your search is over.  Both types of relationship offer gifts; it is up to you to decide what gifts you are ready to receive.

With love and respect,
Sri and Kira

  Soul Mission

 Gene Curry from Blue Ridge, Georgia Asks:

I am currently working on a painting with the intention that all who look upon it, or make a print of it can and will receive healing.  I simply call the painting Iowa.  What more can I do to insure that my intention will become real?

Sri & Kira: Dear One, your loving intention is the guiding structure for your energy. Make your intention even more powerful through focus and feeling every time you work on the painting. That is, pray and center yourself before touching the canvas. Ask for guidance at every step and then trust! Intention coupled with action infuses the energy.  Have no attachment to how the healing will happen for people, instead visualize them receiving a Divine radiation from your art.  May this Divine stimulation help them call forth the appropriate healing for their present situation!

Brian Asks:

Dearest Sri and Kira,

First of all, I would like to thank you both for allowing the Divine Mother/Father God live through you and sharing your light with so many souls.

My question is about surrender vs. action. I learned that I am a projector who is suppose to wait to be invited to do things, which I believe equals to allowing surrender to take place so that the Divine Mother/Father God can truly live through me vs. the ego living my life. My situation is that I have known for quite some time what I believe that God wants me to do, however, it seems like I am not receiving the invitations to do the work. I do know that everything happens in Divine timing, however, sometimes I feel like I am just being lazy and I am not being the light to assist others through the ascension process. I have known for so long now who I really am and I am frustrated that my many abilities have not awakened yet. When you completely surrender, do you only act when you feel a nudging in your heart center?
Much love and light ,

Sri & Kira Respond:

Dear One,
We appreciate your sincere questioning and transparency. Please remember that surrender includes releasing the expectation of how it should look. To surrender what surrender looks like! Yes, when we are aware of our gifts it is easy to construct an expectation that those gifts will be deployed in a certain manner that we feel is congruent with our awareness. Yet, sometimes we must first complete our inner work before we can be put to effective use in the outer world.

Continue to work on the four steps of Self-Ascension, (Unconditional Love, Be in Union, Release judgment, Surrender). All of these begin with YOU and through the continued dedication to the moment by moment process of deepening your commitment to a soul-based life, your inner space becomes the state of Union and surrender that attracts the action you have prepared for. Do this through affirmation, self-trust, and gently re-orienting your consciousness every time you find yourself distracted.

Then, consciously ask to be connected with people who need and are ready for, your energy. Begin with presence, not information. That is, your own vibrational rate IS THE TEACHER, not your knowledge. Let yourself be seen, and pay attention to greater serendipitous events. Be with people without intending to change them in any manner. Just be present and as your heart calls you, offer service in the moment. This will complete your own training and preparation.

Laziness is a judgment, not a truth. Be responsive in small ways…do not expect giant steps from yourself. Smile at the grocery store clerk; make eye contact and beam them gratitude for their service. Do the same when you look in the mirror each morning: beam yourself gratitude for your own effort and service. It is our energy that conditions the shared reality into ever-greater peace. The world is opening around you now! Enjoy.

Mariel Asks:

There doesn't seem to be much I'm particularly interested in on the physical plane. I do have some "hobbies", but when it really comes down to it, my spiritual life is my main concern. I'm retired and have really wanted to "be of service" somehow, but haven't found a niche where I feel comfortable in volunteering my energies. To put it bluntly, I don't want to get tied up in the bureaucratic red tape of what appears to be the old paradigm institutions. It can feel so draining sometimes. Any suggestions? Thank you again, Mariel

Sri & Kira Respond:

Beloved Mariel,
What a truly heart-centered question. When we open to the fullness of our spiritual life, the perceived "normal" of the traditional paradigm can often Lose its luster. With respect to how you choose to share your love and inspiration with the world, Archangel Zadkiel all-ways reminds us:"Let your soul lead, let your precious soul lead."

What this is encouraging you to do is to go into your joy, perhaps start with your hobbies. Make a list of things you enjoy including interactions with others. For example, do you enjoy taking or teaching classes? Do you enjoy art? Do you prefer the company of like minded beings or solitude, or perhaps a blend of both? These are just starting points, however the more you dive into the many gifts of surrender into your spiritual life, the answers to how you share yourself with the world will appear. Trust your heart, after all, that is the foundation of leading a spiritual life!
Abundant Love,
Sri and Kira

What is "The Choice?

Dear  Tosa,                                                                                                           

Namaste.  In  your  teachings  both  you  and  Zadkiel  discuss  "the  choice"  that  is  upon us  all.  In  one  of   the  recordings  of  a  Q  &  A   session with  Zadkiel,  one  woman asked  when  the  feeling   of  chaos  would  end.  Zadkiel  then  told  her   that   if   she  was  experiencing chaos  then   she   had   not   yet  made   her  choice.   Previously,  I   had   thought  that making   the  choice  simply meant  being  committed  to   one's  spiritual  practice.                                  

But  apparently  that  might  not  be enough  if   you're  experiencing  ups  and  downs  with   it.   Please  explain  what  it  means  to  make  the  choice.  Does   it   mean  being   rooted  in  the  heart  center?  Is  it  something  that  you have  to  choose  every  moment? 



Namaste Anna,

What a beautiful question.  The "Choice" is about truly recognizing the path of Self-Ascension vs believing in the 3-d world of density.  Chaos happens when we empower the density illusion and act "as if" that polarity were real.  Yes, empowering the Ascended Heart is essential, for from this orientation of unconditional acceptance, we allow each participant to have their own path to re-Union.  We begin to truly see the Divine in everyone and everything.

The mind may think we have made a choice, yet our life actions might betray us.  The Choice for re-union is not made by the mind; it is made by the soul speaking through the heart into the life that you call yours. 

In every-day terms, the chaos reminds us that unconscious patterns have captured our energy.  Say thank you, and bring your hand to your heart and smile at the reminder with gratitude.  Then affirm I AM now aligning my actions with my heart's knowing....stand witness and observe what comes next!

With love,

Sri & Kira

Would you explain my dream of "Taal"?

I had a dream in which I found a flat rectangle made of gold about six inches by 2 1/2 inches, about a quarter inch thick, and on the bottom was an embossed design of an ancient Egyptian, and on the top was embossed the word "Taal."
I wonder if you have any idea what this represents?

Thank you,

Dearest Joan!

Congratulations, you are opening a door that will bring you greater clarity on the soul journey that you are experiencing in this life, right now. Taal is the Dutch and Afrikaans word for language. Did you know that? First and foremost, allow yourself to know that this was a prophetic dream and one that is calling you to open greater memory of who you are and why you are here. Have you drawn the design yet? If not, regardless of whether you think you are doing it right or not, let it flow through you onto paper. Then write the word Taal and close your eyes. Remember this is the word that was used to define language, NOT a language itself.

As you know, Egypt is in Africa, and you are ready to remember your role as one who can bring forth greater understanding at a time when our planet seeks balance. To do this you must bring forth greater self-understanding, and take a moment to reflect if everything in your life is in balance. If not, take steps to do so. This is a journey you have been on for awhile, and your clarity will get greater with a few more of these dream experiences. Write/draw them all, and smile as you unfold the treasure!

Love abounds,
Sri and Kira

How do I know I'm on the right path?

Dear Sri and Kira,

Many blessings to you both for the wonderful work you are doing in sharing vital ascension information and direction to us on the path! My question is how do we know without a doubt that we are on the right path in choosing what our specific life purpose and spiritual passion is for us? I have been struggling with this question for months now about an organization that would like me to purchase a "yoga" franchise from them to further their vision of awakening individuals to make a decision to become conscious. They offer many training programs to assist individuals in getting in touch with their heart and increasing energy body vibrational rates. They tell me I should follow my heart and join them in achieving their vision of helping people to awaken and increase their energy vibration rate. On a personal note they did help me with opening my heart chakra, increasing my vibration, improving my health and curing my depression.

I was deeply committed and very passionate about the program. Then several people including some professional shaman/psychic told me the organization is a "cult" and I should leave it immediately. So, is this not a judgment on this organization? If everyone is working in divine order in their own way to assist in the planet ascension then how could this be wrong? I did leave the organization and it broke my heart leaving me without a path that I can personally find as passionate. If I understand your Ascension Consciousness chart this group is probably in the Spiritual Activism level. If I want to fully go to the Ascension Consciousness level will being involved with a group at Spiritual Activism hold me back or can I continue my personal ascension within the structure of the group?

Much love to both of you!

Beloved Laura!

Your question is a very powerful and timely one for MANY! Through your journey of opening and expanding into your heart you have gifted yourself with the recognition of living in wholeness. This is evidenced by your personal sharing of improved health and released depression. We feel that Archangel Zadkiel fully addresses for each of us the "HOW" to know we are on the right path issue in Sacred Union: The Journey Home, pg: 55, as quoted here:

"You simply ask yourself, does the information enrich my soul in a manner that allows my experience to grow ever greater in love and acceptance? Does the information prohibit me from my own experience and thought and try to impress upon me a manner that is uncomfortable and feel dictated or structured to the point that I am no longer expressing authenticity and love? Does the information ask me to judge? For if the answer to these two questions is yes, then it is not truly of the Elohim."

When you were in the flow of your heart you felt peace, love and vitality. When you gave that power over to another "professional," you felt dictated to let go of that which was filling your life with many gifts of joy and from your letter it seems that joy has not yet been found in the choice to separate.

Perhaps the greatest gift of this entire experience is that you must now look at your own heart, and recognize that within your experience of this extraordinary life, YOU ARE THE PROFESSIONAL. When we each begin to trust ourselves we open the portal to our Quantum Clairvoyance, the space where all answers burst forth with Divine clarity and the highest is all-ways served. When we grow along our paths, often times we doubt that we have moved into a space of clarity and seek answers from others that we assume to have the answers. Yet, often the reason the universe encourages us to seek is to come home to the Divine acceptance that indeed we are ready for the next step!

Take in a deep breath, re-read what Zadkiel shared, and TRUST your OWN HEART. From this space, the Universe will abundantly support you. Ascension Consciousness is when we recognize that EVERYTHING is in Divine Order and we can celebrate the journey that brought us to that recognition.

With great love and joy!
Sri and Kira

My life seems turned upside down!

Dearest Sri and Kira,

Things are changing around me including my job and change in my relationship and I don't always seem to handle them well. I really need a job solution very soon. I would like to be a healer but I don't have any connections. I will visit places and leave some flyers there. Is it the right timing for me to start the Avesa healing practice?

I miss my boyfriend very much. I'm very far away from him now, and it's getting harder to take it. The only solution is to move to overseas to be with him, but right now I can't do this yet. I have difficulty to release a block in my third that was already present in the past but using tools it had less grip on me. In the past couple of weeks it's worse than before. It feels that tons of rocks would be sitting in my third like a thick wall, that has an effect on my heart center and the tools I'm using don't seem to help. I asked the Angels' help already to be able to release that, but I could not resolve it.

My life seems turned upside down right now. Although I'm using my tools to be able be at peace and in joy, but it's only temporary, I often become emotional. Is there any guidance on that for me? I would truly appreciate any help!!!

Thank You very much!

Betty, L.A., CA

Dear Betty,

It sounds like you are in a cleansing period! This can seem frightening and hopeless. Yet, it is the very life challenge that can lift us to new heights of Mastery. So, judge not your situation. Have mercy on yourself! Use this time to connect more consciously with Spirit. It is time to breathe ever more deeply! It is time to meditate, journal, go for walks and let the perceived blocks be enveloped in the energy of spaciousness and loving trust. Every Mystic has encountered the "Dark Night of the Soul." a time when everything you depended upon has fallen away. And their advice is always -- go deeper into prayer, meditation and Divine trust! Once you have surrendered into this place, releasing all fear and expectation and truly surrendering, then you will find that you can choose to exit the darkness. That is, only after you are at peace with the cleansing process is the power of co-creation and choice brought to a new level of empowerment.

Much love,
Sri & Kira

Soul Nourishment

This week we address the many questions which, when combined, are essentially the following one question:

I have tried to be vegetarian but my body seems to need some meat each week or I feel weak.  And, I am afraid that the lack of energy I experience means that I am missing some nutritional components.  Am I different or simply unable to be vegetarian?

Remember that it is belief structures that keep the status quo established.  The norm is an agreement, not a law!  Anyone who has fasted for ten days or longer has faced detoxification and the fear of starvation.  Once those fears are dissolved the body can indeed thrive on sunlight alone!  It is our belief structures that define what is appropriate and thus these belief structures will trigger the emotions necessary to preserve the status quo.

Many have expressed varied reservations surrounding a vegetarian lifestyle, let alone a vegan commitment.  There are abundant resources that offer clarity and understanding into vegetarianism.  We will not recite all those here, although there are several links below that are of wonderful assistance. If you have any doubt that a vegetarian diet is natural and healthy, then research the subject to help expand your mind-set.

The choice to become vegetarian is not just an intellectual decision, though there are many rational reasons to stop ingesting meat.  Your intellect can help you make this healthy choice morecomfortable.  Thirty years ago, Diet for a Small Planet opened many eyes.  In the 90’s John Robbins’ Diet for a New America revealed the disastrous consequences to the earth’s ecological and economic systems that our addiction to animal flesh causes. 

Mankind was not designed as a carnivore, but adapted to that form of food out of convenience.  In the adaptation, dependencies were created.  That is, the eco-system of your body adapts to the habitual foods offered to it and you will usually experience cravings when you change your diet.

If any of you don’t believe that perfect health can be achieved via a vegetarian diet then read any one of Gary Null’s dozen books on the subject!  Even the AMA is becoming more vocal in announcing that fresh fruit and vegetables reverse diabetes and intestinal disorders.  The body will not only adapt to vegetarianism, it will thrive! Carl Lewis, winner of 9 Gold Medals says, "My best athletic performances were after I went vegan."

Changing your diet will reveal your addictions.  Anyone who visits fast food restaurants or eats typical snack foods has cultivated addictions toward salt, sugars and other chemicals.  Unconscious addictions are misinterpreted by the mind as preferences or needs.  Once you stop ingesting these foods you will discover the prison you have unwittingly placed yourself within!

When you shift to a pure diet, the body is given a rest from the constant inflow of chemicals and it will begin to purify the residue from years of poor food choices.  The body will begin to cleanse the tissues of the accumulated junk and toxins, and this can feel “yucky”!  The degree to which you feel “yucky” is the degree to which your body is releasing the accumulated toxins.  The only way to resolve the yuck is to drink lots of fresh water with squeezed lemon juice, rest, and patiently allow your fabulous body to cleanse itself.

Once the first round of cleansing is completed your energy will return! The choice to ingest Light-based foods is in fact a choice to reclaim your authenticity.  Light-based foods include anything that uses sunlight to grow.  The Soul Nourishment program  introduced in Sacred Union: the Journey Home, is a gentle way to restore authentic health, enhance body communication, cleanse, and expand conscious connection with your divinity.  By juicing two days a month, your body will gently cleanse itself and your vibrational level can lift with far less discomfort.

Remember, if you don’t believe you can do it--then you won’t succeed.  Doubt kills all progress. This applies to everything.  That which you trust and place your attention and energy upon will grow into manifestation.  If you are sincerely committed, success is assured.

Density Consciousness is the realm into which we are born.  Our bodies initially adapt to this dense vibrational level and everything that goes along with it.  Social norms, accepted feelings, your belief patterns and expectations all conform to the density strata.  As you awaken, you unplug from the out-dated beliefs and adjust to a rising vibrational level.  Self-Ascension is a conscious path.  It requires sincere effort as you push through the belief-blocks that are held in place by millions of unconscious participants in density.

Remember, you are here by choice.  Your life is the result of your prior choices!  If you are not experiencing Joy, then we suggest you confront the norms you have embraced and push through the inertia that keeps them in place.  This can be most easily accomplished by keeping your eyes on the divine energy and returning to Presence every time you lose sight of Spirit in Action.

We love you and honor all of your choices, whether vegetarian or not!


Tara Asks: Thank you for the wonderful article on the soul nourishment program. I have 2 follow-up questions: 1) You and Kira talked briefly about your 40 day fast in 2012 You Have a Choice! and have spoken at workshops about how the body doesn't really need food. Can you give us more insight or recommend any further reading on this subject? 2) Regarding the need for large amounts of water - is distilled water a good option? Thank you, Tara

Sri & Kira Respond:
Blessings Tara,
We have received many inquiries about the 40 day fast! It is important to remember that food is simply stored energy. Food is transformed into useable energy for the body by digestion. This transformation process results in lots of waste products as well as useable energy. And, it takes energy to digest and process the food! Fasting is a proven way to teach us that the belief systems of the mind are false limitations. Although it is not popular to hear, food is not a requirement for Life; energy is. The mind is conditioned to believe that a certain amount of food is required to live – this belief is so fundamental that it has become reality for most people.

During our 40 day fast we learned how to find sustenance from sunlight. We also learned how to breathe the all pervasive prana into the medulla at the back of the skull and then circulate that energy into the body. These practices, once learned, will sustain the body. However, it is very challenging to live this way while also confronting modern city life. Know that we were blessed to have the energy of TOSA ranch as part of our fast, and rarely left that sacred container. It is optimal when interfacing with the "everyday world" to recognize that a vegetarian or raw vegan diet will support the body to deal with the toxicity of the density environment while also sustaining a high vibrational level.

Large amounts of pure water are necessary. It is best to squeeze organic fresh lemon in the water. Distilled water is “flat” and needs to be revitalized. (This can be done via aeration and a crystal grid.) Spring water is a better choice for most people as long as it is pure. To support your harmony with your environment, it is best if one ingests locally grown foods and drink from the local water source.

Thank you for your commitment to sustaining the vibration of Divine love!

Betty in LA Asks:

Dear Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa,

I periodically have sleeping problems for years. Sometimes it's better and I'm able to sleep 5-7 hours during the nights...and in a few weeks or so I wake up every single night after 1-4 hours sleep and have a very hard time to be able to go to sleep again and I'm up for hours. It's frustrating and I feel quite exhausted sometimes. Is there anything I could do to be able to solve that problem?...

I'm going to attend the Avesa workshop in July and I felt weeks ago that it would be beneficial to fast before that and a few days ago I've got a message that it should be a 40 days fast.  I'm not sure how should I do fasting. Should that be only water fasting or juicing? And if juicing what juicer you recommend to get...I wouldn't really like to loose weight, so I'm a bit concerned...
I would like to ask your help in that matter...any help would be very appreciated!
Thank You very much!

Los Angeles

Sri & Kira Respond:

Dear Betty,
Your question is timely as Many, (many!), people are having sleep interruptions and experiencing unsettled or restless periods during the wee hours of the night. It is important to remember that your soul is communing with Spirit and that your “observer-self” is more awake to this process than ever before. The sporadic pattern you are demonstrating is also influenced by the amount of “attention” given to it.

We suggest that you set the tone for your night-time rest, (which may not always look like sleep), by creating a spiritual ritual before going to bed. Be sure this ritual includes some conscious breathing, the practice of gratitude and the reaffirmation of surrender to Spirit. That is, “thy will be done." By calming yourself before bed and reminding the inner child that you are safe and in the hands of god, then the night can be transited in deep peace. Keep your attention on this knowing rather than the pattern of interruption. Reframe “sleep” as “rest”, and do your best to let go of what that may look like. That is, do not expect to sleep; instead expect to receive a rest time where the body and mind can relax regardless of whether you are conscious or not.

Regarding fasting: Please follow the Soul Nourishment program in Sacred Union first. Your guidance is “future forward” at this time, meaning that you are indeed being called to a much longer duration of “Cleansing”, however the time is not now. Lovingly prepare the body with two days of juicing each month. Then do a 4-5 day fast to deepen the cleansing. That is enough to start. Significant results can happen with these more gentle approaches. There are lots of books and guidance out there on juicing – research the net. And if you are serious about buying a kitchen appliance, then purchase a VitaMix; we have found it to be the most versatile and will hold up to years of heavy use.

Betty from LA Asks a Follow-Up Question to the Guidance Received Regarding Fasting:

Dear Beloved Sri and Kira,

Thank You for your advice on fasting! You suggested to follow the Soul Nourishment program in Sacred Union first. I've read the book earlier this year. I'm vegan for over three years and added lots of fresh fruits, smoothies, greens, salads a year ago to my nourishment. I'll do the two days of juicing monthly and then a 5 day fasting as you suggested. How frequent should the 5 day fasting be?...and when it is recommended to do the 40 days fasting? I feel such an urge to do that...but I'll wait patiently. I want to go fast--how can I stay in balance?

Sri & Kira Respond:

Dear One,

So many people are awaking to the fact that our food supply is contaminated. Pure organic vegetables and fruit are the best health insurance! Thank you for nourishing yourself with Light and healthy foods! Fasting is a way to cleanse the tissues of years of accumulated toxins. There is no single answer for everyone, except that the two days of juicing each month is indeed appropriate for people regardless of their health and history. For some the two days need to be somewhat hearty vegetable soups blended to liquid, for others a lighter intake of pure fruit and vegetable juices can be tolerated.

The “pure fast” of four or five days should not be attempted until one can easily accommodate 2 days of light juices. We recommend you follow Stanley Burroughs’ “Master Cleanser” formula. You can find this lemon juice recipe on the web. Your first fast will offer a profound effect on the physical and the emotional body. Remember, toxins trigger emotions and you would do well to create a mini-vacation around your first true fast so that you can journal, relax and be as stress-free as possible. Let it be a spiritual event as well as a cleanse.

Then we recommend that you wait several months (three+) before doing another pure fast. We suggest 10 days for the next fast, unless you experienced a lot of toxic release and discomfort on the five-day fast. If that is the case, then it should be repeated. Following this period of cleansings we believe that your inner guidance will be more clearly heard and from there you will know whether further cleansing is appropriate for you. For us, a fast every six to eight months feels appropriate; it really depends upon how we have been living during the interludes.

It can be very exciting to follow our individual path of Self-Ascension as renewed energy and inspiration often lift us to new horizons! Each person must find their own pace and harmony. Change is destabilizing to the ego, yet becomes easier as we progress. Practice conscious breathing often. Hand to heart often. Declare messages of truth often. We all must anchor in our ascended hearts if we are to navigate out of density and activism and truly anchor in Ascension Awareness. Anchoring in the heart from an ascended perspective cultivates a spiritual Joy that vibrates higher than worldly drama. This takes daily commitment, right relations and sincere focus.

Many Blessings,
Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Yvoni from Qatar Asks:

Regarding the 2 day fasting, is the green tea a good idea to be combined with the juices????

Thank You,
Yvoni, Qatar

Sri & Kira Respond:

Dear Yvoni,

What a wonderful question, thank you for asking. Yes, tea is a useful companion to fasting, especially during the first transition day into the fast. However, when doing a pure fast it is best to stick to water with a little lemon juice squeezed in. This promotes a thorough cleansing. Also, the green tea has some stimulant effect which should be avoided. If you feel you need a tea, then stick to herbal teas, such as mint or Yerba Mate. Mint tea actually can assist a fast, and we do suggest doing your best to be sure it is as pure as possible, optimally organic. The bottom line is to always trust your body and your responses to any shift in your eating.

Many Blessings!

Yvonie from Qatar Asks:

Good morning Sri and Kira,
I did try to fast for at least one day by having only water and some lemon but my system reacted in a very bad way. I had a huge migraine, I think I never felt such an intense pain before in my entire life … Do you have any suggestions on this....

Very grateful,
Yvoni from Qatar

Sri & Kira Respond:

Dear One,

Each person is different. Whenever making a change in our life patterns we recommend that everyone proceeds with mindfulness. That is, your migraine showed you that a more gentle approach is in order. While some people can step into a lemon water fast, others need a more gentle approach to cleansing.

Cleansing the body of toxins can be accomplished in many ways, including fasting, liquid diet, colonics, herbs, energy work, etc. Please try two days of juicing and green soups (simply, boiled vegetables that have been blended), and be attentive to your reaction. We suggest fruit juices in the morning, switching to the vegetable soups in the afternoon and evening. Of course, always include lots of water. Sometimes the juicing should continue for two days every month for a year before attempting a water fast.

Our health is in part a dialogue with the body. Listen with love and respond with love and wisdom. That is, sometimes we must “push through” discomfort in order to reach the next level. Other times we should listen to the discomfort and soften our approach!

Be in great love with your body and the messages will become more clear. The next time you feel called to experience more of a “fast”, please research The Master Cleanser, by Stanley Burroughs. This cleansing combination may be a more compatible approach than simply lemon water.

Many Blessings of love

Anna Asks:

I would like to know if taking whole food supplements containing bovine ingredients (Standard Process) would be detrimental to maintaining the light body. Should I now use only products that contain minerals or herbs and stop taking any supplement that is animal-based? My intuition says Yes!

Thank you. Anna

Sri & Kira Respond:

Namaste Anna,

Thank you for continuing to refine the discussion about vegan eating and soul nourishment. Your call to self-trust is a wonderful discernment about the journey we all must take!

From a purely vibrational standpoint, there is little energetic interference from casein and other bovine extractions. However, there is a lack of congruence. That is, if you do not eat cows, and if you seek to respect all life, then why would you take ingredients from their milk? Cow’s milk is intended for baby cows. By drinking milk or using milk by-products we lend support to an industry that is abusive to the natural order and does not respect these precious animals.

Thus, we begin by first eliminating flesh meats from our diet and allow our bodies to acclimate. Then we release milk and cheese and again allow ourselves a period of adjustment. These periods of integration offer a new homeostasis to the body and freedom for our vibration rate to shift. (See our book, Sacred Union, The Journey Home, for more information on Soul Nourishment.)

After one has adjusted to a vegan lifestyle, the next step is to cleanse through fasting. This releases the stored toxins and density-debris from our tissues. It is a big step!

Regarding the supplements…all-ways Trust your own guidance! If you feel called to turn away from animal-based supplements, then please do so. Living a conscious life includes respecting all forms of Life. Know that we celebrate your commitment.

With abundant love,
S & K

Density Consciousness & The Soul Nourishment Program
If everything on this dimension is a hologram, why are we even focusing on things like what we eat or anything related to our bodies? Isn't all food the same - just another part of that illusion? This question just occurred to me and I am an avid and joyful follower of the Soul Nourishment program. Thank you for any insight you can offer. Narja

Dearest Narja,
What a wonderful question you ask, for it calls forth an ever greater clarity for all experience. The hologram is quite “real” to those who were born into it. Thus, though intellectually one would “think” that it has no effect on us or that all foods are equal, in practice this is not true. Just like the baby duck that is imprinted in its early hours to bond to its mother, each of us born into density consciousness will be affected by it until our vibrational rate has lifted. Thus, intellectually you may have an understanding; next, that understanding must also be integrated into one’s “beingness”. This integration is reflected as a change in one’s vibrational rate. To self-ascend is to “lift off the game board”, to be free from the grip of the hologram. Thus, the soul nourishment program is essential, as is freedom from emotional Velcro! The Path of Self-Ascension will help us keep our eyes on the Divine at all times and thus anchor in our Ascended Hearts. This results in the state of being in the world, but not of the world. This lifting process does require intention and dedication. We congratulate your commitment!

Many Blessings,
Sri and Kira

What are some helpful food preparation guidelines?

Hello TOSA,

I have a couple of food preparation questions.  While I realize it is best to cook fresh food everyday, there are days with leftovers.  Are microwaves safe for reheating or does it kill the nutrients in food? Are plastic containers ok for food storage?  Is a charcoal filter good enough to clean the tap water? 

Is one type of cooking dish safer than another (stainless, aluminum, cast iron, etc.)? There are so many opinions about these things.  I want to make the right choices when it comes to food preparation, but I don't want to needlessly complicate or worry about cooking.  I trust your guidance on this matter

Many Blessing,


Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for writing such clear questions.  It is important that we bring consciousness and love to both food preparation and food storage.  Microwaves superheat foods and thus damage the fats that are in the meal.   The microwave energy itself is an interference energy that does not promote health.  Its negative effects can be overcome by a healthy person, but why would you want to damage that which you ingest?   

Regarding your food storage containers and water filter, we refer you back to your own intuitive guidance.  Ask your Higher Wisdom to guide you with this.  Dowse or muscle test.  If you don’t know how to do this then face north and stand with your feet together.  Hold a plastic container to your solar plexus area and feel whether you want to rock forward (leaning into the container) or rock backward (leaning away from the container). This simple test uses the body’s wisdom to determine whether the substance is healthy and needed (lean toward) or is not healthy (lean away).  If you get no reaction at all then the material is relatively inert and non-invasive.  This method of testing is terrific for vitamins and other nutritional items.

Your Higher Guidance will help you with the water filter question as well.  Filter a glass of water and hold it to your chest and see if your body likes it.  Generally a charcoal filter only helps with taste and does not purify the water.  We will drink water that has been purified via Reverse Osmosis but prefer natural spring water.  If you are going to filter tap water then find a top quality unit that filters out chemicals.

Thank you for your commitment!

Kind regards,
Sri & Kira

Tips on Soul Nourishment!

Dear Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa,

Namaste. You have a book and DVD in which you teach about soul nourishment which I've enjoyed. And I understand that although you travel the world you're quite vigilant about practicing it. I'm curious what a typical daily menu of soul nourishment might look like for you. A major obstacle for me and maybe others as well is feeling too rushed to always prepare food properly.

Many Blessings and thanks for all your responses so far!


Dear Anna,

Any time we make a lifestyle choice that is different from mainstream consciousness, planning and commitment are required. Our soul nourishment program is basically a Vegan diet.

Having the right ingredients in your home is essential. No compromises& only foods that are aligned with the Soul Nourishment program are kept in the home. We always have soy cheese, almond cheese, tofu and Tempeh in our refrigerator. We keep frozen pita bread and Edamame available. When we make rice we always make extra so that there's a container of left over rice in the fridge. Thus, even when you are rushed or tired a healthy meal can be made in 5 minutes. Just warm up some rice, boil the Edamame and serve some slices of cheese with whole-grain crackers. Or, make a cup of Miso soup by adding a spoon of soup concentrate to hot water, throw in some frozen peas and add a dollop of rice to the cup of soup. You can build a warm or cold sandwich from soy or rice cheese, grilled tofu or Seitan, etc. It really is not hard if you just think ahead when shopping. Have the ingredients in your home.

Traveling is another story& then you don't have that refrigerator handy! It is important that you plan ahead when traveling or the mainstream's fast food offerings will make you feel very lonely indeed! It is a spiritual reminder that what is authentic arises from within you and does not come from the outer world. Thus, we usually travel with some snacks, such as trail mix or energy bars so that we can be more patient with airline offerings. We also pack a light meal when we have time...this is usually some form of veggie wrap or pita bread sandwich. It is very easy to spread hummus on a tortilla and add lettuce and a grilled veggie or tomato. It is very easy to make a peanut butter or almond butter sandwich. It is very easy to pack a slice of Manna bread with a soy cream cheese topping. These efforts go a long way to making travels in density easier.

When we go to a nicer restaurant the first thing we tell our waitperson is that we are Vegan and ask them to help make a menu selection. Usually the waitperson will go to the kitchen and chat with the chef and come back with 2 or 3 menu items they can offer to us. We always have good luck at Italian and Asian restaurants. In fact, most Asian restaurants have many vegetarian selections that can easily be made vegan. Thus our favorites are Vietnamese and Thai restaurants. When you are in a rush, just ask the Asian restaurant to make you some fresh spring rolls or go to Einstein's Bagel shop and get a bagel with hummus and cucumber! Conscious choices take commitment. With planning they become easy. With consistency, your body and your energy field will be vibrant and light-filled.

Many Blessings,
Sri and Kira


Su'Laria (Atlantis)

Jill Asks:

Blessings, my question did we work together on Atlantis? It seems we are doing it all over again for the Earth at this time. What musical instrument did I play on Atlantis? I feel guided to combine Infinite Dimensional Art and Music of the Presence.
Just Being,

Sri & Kira Respond:

Dearest Jill,

Congratulations on opening your energy to ever finer vibrational connection. Within your divine memory and your ever opening heart are the answers you seek. It is important that each person find their own sense and recall of history. When Kira and I first came together, she was fully aware of our connection, yet had she told me, it would have impeded my ability to fully know and understand the complexities of Su’laria, (Atlantis), in relationship to being on the planet now. Yes, in many ways history is repeating itself, however, offer yourself the gift of seeing that as a “wake up call”. In the recognition of the pattern is the recognition that we do have a choice! Let each of us remember those portions of the past that are useful in cultivating deeper trust and authentic expression in the now. That is, what instrument you played in a past life is less important than your decision to bring through harmony and diving connection in this now. When you discover the answers, all of the confirmation you seek will be lovingly revealed and there will be no doubt!

Remembering Su'Laria
I just had to write to you as I started your book [2012 Atlantean Revelations] this evening and was shocked to see so much of myself in what you have done! The last few months, I've had the urge to move. I LOVE Virginia, and love my home. But my daughter and her family live in Santa Fe. It hasn't bothered me at all to be here when she is there ..... except the last few months! All of a sudden, I have felt the need to move closer to her.

However, I also know it HAS to be in the trees and higher elevation. I even told her I felt like it needed to be east of her location. So I even moved my schedule around to arrive there next month and she has some places for me to visit. Then, I read further. I've had dreams of my lifetime in Atlantis as well! So now, it's getting even weirder as I read! In fact, that lifetime lead me through dreams to inventing a sound therapy that I teach around the world!

While only 1/3 through the book, I felt inclined to email you. I never do this, and I'm sure you've heard things like this before. As I read how you felt drawn to NM as I now do, that deju vu just kicked me in the butt.

So, this is just a connection to tell you thanks for writing the book; and perhaps someday we will meet! With blessings,

Beloved Kae! Your letter is powerful in so many ways! MANY, many are writing us about their recognition of Su'Laria, in conjunction with an expansion and unfolding of their greater Soul Mission! The clarity you so beautifully describe is a great gift and we are confident your letter is a source of inspiration for others to also follow their heart with the Divine clarity of presence! YES! We are all in the state of divine familiarity as we are collectively bringing forth our soul memories and each is being called to live where the greatest expression of soul energy can be brought forth. As Archangel Zadkiel has shared with us all so often,"Have no fear, for each is being called to be exactly where they need to be...and all will be exactly where they are meant to be in the Divine timing of reunification!"
And so it is!
Sri and Kira

Memories of Su'Laria

Dear Sri and Kira, I just got finished reading the section of 2012 Atlantean Revelations in which you discuss the history and story of Su'Laria. My memories of this time do not match up with what you have written, and yet I feel very drawn to your work and to Zadkiel. Can you give me any insight into what this might mean??

Dear Robin,

Thank you for this important question. Many people have memories or glimpses of scenes from past lives. Often these memories are experienced like we experience dreams, which means that the true energy of a prior time can be blended with other creative imagery. Our brains tend to accept the images that "fit" in some fashion and reject other images.

Thus, no one can tell you if your memories are "real" or "not real". To do so would be a disservice because your memories carry an authentic energy that is doing its best to assist you. It is important to feel the energy of the past life memory and capture the learning or reclaim a lost soul fragment. Let the details of the story be merely decorations for the energy!

The story we shared in our recent book is quite clear to us and represents a glimpse of a particular time slice of Su'Laria. Others have shared authentic Su'Larian memories with us that are from another period of that civilization. Thus, while the mind loves to compare and compile, what is more important is the now.

That is, the purpose of past life recall is to heal. There is no other need. We were asked by the Archangelic realm to share that specific slice of Su'laria to heal a great soul wound that occurred during the end times of Su'Laria. We share our memories with the intent that it may provoke healing and clarity in the reader, whether or not they were "there" at that moment.

Clearly our book stimulated a process in you, and we are most grateful. Allow yourself to continue to enjoy the gift of this stimulation; let what is within your consciousness arise and offer you ever more gifts. It's not so much about comparing stories as it is to claim our wholeness as Co-Creators. For indeed, that is why you are attracted to Self-Ascension, you are ready to claim your wholeness in all-ways!

We love you!
Sri & Kira

Gift of Atlantis
Hello Sri and Kira, First, I really would like to thank you sooo much for your nice answer in your last newsletter about my little story (about having too much energy sometimes, and to ask the trees to help me). THANK YOU VERY MUCH, you are wonderful people. And to thank you, I just would like to give (offer) you this MP3. I called it "L'atlantide" ("Atlantis"), when I have composed it, more than 7 years ago (in year 2000). It is made with synthesizer and the main melody (theme) is played by a friend with his flute. I let my friend Betty listen to this music and she had a excellent idea : to share it with you. That's what I do now. You too, you can share this music with everybody, and put it on all the websites you want (of course if you want). But if you do it, just tell me where you will put it. It's free. Just enjoy it and consider it as a present, from me to you. :)

Light and Love, Renaud

Dearest Renaud!
How truly talented you are! When we played your most precious gift of the heart we floated in bliss to an instant recognition of Divine presence and abundant love! It is our pleasure to offer this music to all of our wondrous TOSA community so that all may enjoy. Perhaps we will link it to the home page of our website so that everyone who visits will immediately feel your gift so freely and lovingly shared.
With Much love!
Sri and Kira

What is the ancient language I've heard on Higher Love Radio?

Dear Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa,

Thank you for the love and joy that you bring with your teachings and the connection to the Archangelic realm.  I listen to your radio program every week and on a few occasions a gentleman from Seattle offered words of wisdom using an ancient language.  I am very curious to know what that ancient language is.  Is it from the time in Su’Laria or from a time before this particular third dimensional expression?

I love that more men are calling.  It's nice to know that our gender is finally awakening to its Divine self.

I thank you in advance for your response to my question.



Dear Ralph,

Yes, we celebrate that more men are enjoying Higher Love! 

Ancient Languages are often remnant knowings from our soul’s history.  We have communicated in many different “words” in other times; usually, a “word” is actually a phrase of meaning that sounds quite striking to the ears of density!  It is a beautiful gift to simply let the ancient language wash over your heart and intuit what the meaning might be. 

One of the gifts of ancient languages or not using words at all, is that it frees the mind from the concepts and patterns of this reality.  That is, the brain thinks in words, thus the brain is limited to this realm of experience unless we cultivate pre-cognitive knowings.  The language that was offered by our listener in Seattle feels to us as having been anchored in a time in between the gatherings known as Su’Laria and Gaia.  Let your attention be focused on the speaker’s intent and your heart’s response, and then the words become less important.

We appreciate your question!

Sri & Kira

Remembering Su'Laria

Namaste, Kira, I am reading the third book 2012 Atlantean Revelations. As I was reading your story about the soul retraction, I had tears in my eyes. I was there and probably not on the best of terms. I had this vision when I was 8 years old; I saw this sacrifice taken place. It wasn't until my adulthood that I started talking about it, not much but to some. I found a friend (S.L.) who I ended up sharing the story with in 2005, and in 2006 I told him the rest of the story. I told him that it had to happen and there was a huge ascension after the sacrifice took place.

In 2007, I told him some more and the words that were exchanged. Whether it came from Sri or King Theraphys I have no idea, but these words were spoken "Ya Nah Hae Tae," meaning "Divine Spirit, Manifest the Veil." King Theraphys, I am thinking, knew what was going to happen after you died. I also told S.L. that you looked up at Sri Ram Kaa and said, " I love you; I forgive you."

This was before I read the book, so you can imagine how it affected me when I read it. I was there and to have that acknowledged was so awesome.

This was a huge opening for me. I cried when I read it. After I crawled back into bed I asked for clarity for some kind of connection to this time. At 2:12 pm, I woke up and the name An RI Kaa came to me. I always called myself Anika but it is An RI Kaa. It came to me to ask you about the name.

S.L. and I were talking about it later the next day over coffee, and I showed him the book. He read it, and I told him how I felt. And he said, "The codes Kira had are the book of Essenes." (Editor's note: This conversation took place before the revelation of the latest series of discourses: The Lost Books of the Essene! Book One: Birthing and Essene Heart; Book Two: The Great Ponderance.)

Thank you for guidance. It has been a struggle to get this far, and now that I have the story I can move on.

Thanks and much love,
An RI Kaa


Supporting Others

Lee Ann Asks:

I am seeing many people around me in pain, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual.  How can I best support them in healing and shifting?

Sri & Kira: Dearest One, pain is a great awakener - it is perhaps humanity's greatest tool for change!  Rather than focus on the pain, bring your attention to the effort being undertaken by the energies that are seeking attention through the pain. Something is trying to emerge into their consciousness. This is creation in action!  To hear a body message that has been previously ignored requires a deeper surrender.

You can support another by helping them remember their divinity, by helping them relax into divine trust.  Pain often stimulates fear and doubt, which if allowed to take root, will only make matters more desperate. Offer reassurance. Every expression is an opportunity to lift consciousness.  Help them use their pain to build a more conscious connection with the Higher Wisdom and cultivate trust in their commitment to their next action steps.

How do I lovingly handle "shifts" in friendships?

Hi, Sri and Kira,

Thanks so much for your inspiring work. I really appreciate it. My question regards how to lovingly handle "shifts" in friendships?

As I go through internal "shifts," I am noticing that friends I once felt extremely close to, all of a sudden I feel far apart from.  Yet transitioning from one friendship "alignment" to another sometimes feels challenging to me.  I often feel some sadness and guilt regarding the old friends that I feel like I am drifting away from, and I wrestle with how to communicate what I am experiencing without hurting them.   I want to feel clarity and peace in this process.  Would you be willing to share your perspective?  Thank you.



Dear Cynthia,

It is indeed the sincere heart that offers support and connection to those we greet along life's path. 

Your friends actually reveal that you carrying a gift of joyous Divine connection, and this often feels uncomfortable as most friendships are not anchored at this level.  The illusion of density will often offer the perception that a friendship is based in Joy, and, yet, until we meet each other in authentic heart-centered recognition, the shifts you describe are a natural evolution of our growth.  Celebrate who YOU are now!  Gift your friends by living your truth without hesitation, and you free them to do the same.  No words are necessary.

Trust that each will find their way.

Many Blessings,
Sri & Kira

How can I help my son who is living with so much anger?

Hello, Kira & Sri,

My name is Nancy from Princeton, NJ and I was the first caller on your show yesterday evening (Higher Love Radio). I spoke to you both about my 5 year old son Peter who is living with so much anger and you asked me to email you for a contact for Avesa healing for him. I want to have the healing done on Peter as soon as I possibly can.

I forgot to mention that I have crystal pyramids which I purchased from you for Peter, my daughter, myself (I have 5 in total - I have one in our family room and I have one on my desk at work too!) in our bedrooms. You mentioned that I should not have Peter sleep with his crystals/gemstones, which I removed and have placed them on his dresser. The crystal pyramid is on his window sill about 2 feet away from his bed by his head. Do you think it might be too close to him? I know the pyramids have very strong beautiful energies but I'm not sure if they may be too strong for Peter.

Lastly, Sri mentioned Peter's diet and oats. Peter does not eat oatmeal or cereals but does eat a lot of pasta, which is wheat based. Can this be a problem? He absolutely loves fruit - you name it, he'll eat it. Are the natural sugars in fruit a problem for Peter? I will also limit his fruit juice intake and buy juices with no sugar. I will cut the other sugars out as well, which believe it or not is not a lot because I do not allow them to eat sweets every day. Can you advise me on the pasta though and natural fruit?

Thank you so much for taking my call last night. You are both an amazing blessing to the world. I hope to continue to study with you by taking Avesa I and II HOPEFULLY next year. I've given my intention to do this to the Universe and so it shall be.

Many, many blessings to you!!

With much gratitude and LOVE,

Namaste, Nancy,

We are delighted you wrote and thank you for calling into the show. Avesa Healers in the area are: Danuta, Array Raa, and Hugette.

Peter tests wonderfully for RICE of all types as a main stay. There are wonderful rice pastas available and the key is to put them into boiling water, turn off the heat, cover the pot and simply let them cook in the covered pot for about 5-7 minutes this way they do not turn to mush! You will get the hang of it.

Too much fruit sugar is an issue for him, so moderate between the juices and the whole fruits. Wheat is not too much of a challenge, however rice is best.

The pyramids are FINE AND GOOD for all of you! Simply removing the crystals at bed is enough.

Breathe beloved one and this will come forward shortly with profound resolution and clarity.

Much love and appreciation!
Kira Raa

Namaste Kira & Sri,

Just following up with you... I was able to reach out to Danuta and she is currently working with Peter. I wanted to share with you an experience I had on the first evening Danuta started working on Peter as I found it absolutely profound, exhilarating and breath taking.

I dreamt that I walked into Peter's bedroom and while he slept, I stood on his right side. In prayer by his bedside, my body then lifted above him for a few moments and then came back down.

I proceeded to go back to my bedroom and got into bed when I saw the most beautiful angel come into my bedroom and stood beside me. I recall vividly her appearance and her radiant beauty. She gazed deeply into my eyes as I reached out to touch her face. As she was walking away from me, I asked her name and mentally she communicated to me her name as either Cedriel or Cegriel.

I have NEVER had an angel visit with me, so needless to say, I awoke the next morning ELATED with such joy in my heart. Thank you so much for your time, your concern and your love! Many, many blessings to you both!

Peace, love and joy,

What is the light I see coming from my child?


I am wondering if you might be able to answer this question for me - my daughter who is 3, I believe is very open spiritually as all children are. Little things she has done like open a book to a certain page that I was interested in, etc. and she has never eaten a bite of meat (NEVER) - I believe it is because of her own inner discernment. Anyway, last night she was sleeping in my bed and during the night it seemed that there was light coming from her (hand area) have you ever heard of this? I'm not sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me in the night.

Please let me know if you have any feelings on this. It is more like a small spark of light (coming from her or around her, I am uncertain). I try to see it but she moves always and then I am back to sleep!

Thank you so much,
North Carolina

Namaste Patti!

What a true blessing the children of this moment are! We celebrate ALL parents of these enlightened beings of such great love that they have chosen to incarnate on this planet to fully assist all of us to remember who we are.

As you already are fully aware, your amazing child is fully awake and simply enjoying the experience of being in body during the daylight hours. Her choice to not eat meat is indeed due to a vibrational frequency of attainment that has fully embedded in her DNA and is also the gift of presence for all those she interacts with.

While she is sleeping she is FREE to fully ILLUMINATE her many gifts that will begin manifesting with greater expression in just a few years. There is nothing to fear here, only to celebrate her own process of bringing full alignment with her healing capacities back into form in a manner that is safe, gentle and non-frightening.

Remember, while a true master she is...a young child she is also.

May each moment bring forward greater joy as you lovingly teach her the gift of gentle touch. If you do not already have a house pet, this would serve her well. Together, offer love through petting of the animal and smile as you will gently begin to notice this light become ever brighter through this conscious hours training. Simply breathe in the gift of Divine presence together and may each breath be filled with joy!

Many Blessings,
Sri and Kira


Thank Yous

Internet Connection
While meandering my way on the world wide web, seeking to recognize the sacred in others, I found the sparkling life within that is your web presence. Your site flows with grace as it infuses fresh energy into cyberspace. I am pleased to have connected with who you are as your creative essence and individual perspectives are genuine and authentic. Thank you for sharing your resplendent environment. Your gifts are many and I honour your indelible presence and personal liberation. May you live a life of self understanding and transformation that you may explore the purpose of life and achieve your highest potential.
Yours in Visionary Insight
Micheal, The Ancient One

Dearest Micheal!
When each of us has the moment of joy that comes from the glimpse inside the Divine mirror, it is all-ways a gift! We are delighted that your life's work is offering so many this precious gift as your search brings with each new turn ever abundant revelations! What a wonderful role model you are!
With great appreciation!
Sri and Kira

Mini-Soul Reading Miracle
I received a mini soul reading on Golden Hawk's show. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you so much. I am very excite about my journey that you had spoke about. Which I am already on. You spoke about Archangel Raphael, which I have already been using in my Reiki. Your reading brought tears to my eyes. Again thank you so much. I look forward to my path.

Beloved Tricia!
When we allow ourselves to be open, miracles happen. It is all-ways a gift for us when we offer a mini-soul reading that confirms energy already present and in use! (Such as your abundant connection with Archangel Raphael!) To look forward to your path is a great gift, for you are claiming your ability to receive as a universal gift! When we each open ourselves to receiving, from there we claim universal abundance, miracles and instantaneous manifestation! May all your dreams unfold with love!
Many Blessings,
Sri and Kir


Thanks for the response in the newsletter.  All the information was great but this part was really fun.

You wrote,"If you don't know how to do this then face north and stand with your feet together.  Hold a plastic container to your solar plexus area and feel whether you want to rock forward (leaning into the container) or rock backward (leaning away from the container). This simple test uses the body's wisdom to determine whether the substance is healthy and needed (lean toward) or is not healthy (lean away).  If you get no reaction at all then the material is relatively inert and non-invasive.  This method of testing is terrific for vitamins and other nutritional items."

This really works!! My son, Jack, takes more supplements than me since he is a pickier eater.  I had him check out all his supplements.  He loved the activity and about fell over a few times.


Dearest Sri and Kira,

I'm Eszter from Hungary. I'm 29 and I live in Budapest and working as a teacher of literature, writing, film art & media. I'd like to say thank you for your amazing work; thank you for what you're giving us.

Finding and reading your second book in a Hungarian book-shop (2012: You Have a Choice) was a real gift for me. I feel calm and safe and stronger than ever. The last 2 years were extremely hard for me, but I experience more and more joy and inner peace. I feel I'm on my way now. Your book helped me through a hard period and still helps me a lot.

I'd like to send you a beautiful picture I took 3 weeks ago from the kitchen window of my apartment in Budapest. Hope you'll get it.

All of my love,

Receiving the Gift of Authentic Joy

Hi Kira and Sri Ram,

I just wanted to let you know what I delight it was to meet you both! You are obviously doing amazing service on this Planet! I received an amazing and most profound healing from you both last night. to make a very long story very short, I've been on the "spiritual path" since 1970 when I went off to study with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to become a TM teacher. Needless to say, after 38 years of searching an d deep meditation, although I have had many profound experiences, the one that has eluded me has been joy. I just hadn't really experienced it: authentic joy!

A few days ago, I prayed that someone would come into my life that would assist me in fulfilling my highest purpose here. I wasn't even sure what that highest purpose was, I just knew there was one and I wanted to fulfill it! When I was sitting in the audience listening to you, something energetic came over me, and while I was witnessing the profound joy that you were expressing, that amazing, most thrilling joy came over me! It was as if it was a profound transmission of joy from you to me! It was amazing!

And, I realized that is the highest purpose of my life, to live from that joy and to express it and transmit it to others, just as I had received it from you! It was as if this energy transmission from you to me was a profound gift from Life...a gift that is to be shared forever!

How do I tell you how grateful I am? I don't know, but I will always hold you both deeply in my heart!

Until we meet again....much love and gratitude,

Rosemary Cochran

(p.s. what a birthday gift that was!!!! as it was my birthday as well, I consider it a most amazing gift from Life!)

Hello, again Sri and Kira,

I called in to your show on July 30. I want to express my deepest love and gratitude to you.

Every since, I attended your book signing in Mountain View, Ca. I have been to the moon and through the sun and flying among the stars and continuing to move onward. Your book about 2012 has given me all the keys to not only walk though the doors, but fly though them. When I purchased your book, Sri wrote the following quote, "Don't look back, trust yourself". As I began to read and practice the tools contain within it. I begin to open up and walk though the doorways. When I had began to doubt what I was hearing and seeing. Sri, your mantra would remind me to don't look back, and trust myself. I would naturally return to the state of trust and love and continue with the experience.

Kira, your soul reading is on point for me. I immediately put the tools into practice. The following morning while taking a bath, I recognized that I AM IN LOVE, NOT ONLY WITH MYSELF, BUT HUMANITY, EARTH AND ALL THAT IS AND ALL THAT WILL EVER BE. I AM HOME!!!!!!!!! Now when I look out and walk into the world it is brand new. I thank you both for being a example for me and teaching me to live in the fullest of ALL THAT I AM!

With all my Heart and Soul,

Pamelyn, CA

To the Container!

Dear Sri and Kira,

While diligently "Navigating the Inner Matrix" on more levels than one-and with gratitude for the synchronistic, interdimensional curriculum and the many layers of support, including from Akinah -- I had a humorous third-dimensional experience, that I think you, as well as fellow members of this community, might appreciate.

Although I feel a little embarrassed to talk about such mundane matters in the midst of inner musings on 2012, the Divine Galactic Blueprint, and so forth and so on, I choose to confess that recently, in this earth plane, I had been seeking to make my trusty stick of deodorant last for as long as possible. Finally, when I had truly worn it down to the end and the empty plastic container was starting to chafe against my armpits, I automatically, without thinking, said, "Thank you--I love you--TO THE CONTAINER!" and threw the used-up deodorant stick into the trash. It was only at that moment that I realized I had just automatically applied the "Sacred Container" exercise to third-dimensional garbage, and I burst out laughing! I can only imagine that Zadkiel was getting a good chuckle, too.

Later it struck me that maybe this whole experience wasn't totally mundane after all. Maybe I am being invited to be more conscious of the physical manifestations that flow into and out of my life, and to express gratitude for them before sending them off into the next step of their journey. Maybe I can start saying "thank you" before placing items in the recycling or the trash. And although I know the items in the trash can't literally be recycled at the present time, perhaps, rather than feel guilty about something that seems beyond my personal control, perhaps I can peacefully say "thank you" to Mother Earth for holding these items for us, while holding within myself both an experience and a vision of planetary (and intergalactic) harmony.

Anyway, who would have guessed that an empty stick of deodorant would have inspired so much hearty laughter--and so much "food for thought..." :-)

Thanks for the sacred work you do, and have a great day!

Cynthia Symancyk

Dear Kira & Sri,

I saw your interview with Allan on heaventoearth the other morning and what I'd like to thank you for, is your teaching of: Hands on Heart, say Thank You, Breath then Smile.

Now I don't know what this says about me, but the first time I did it I had to make myself smile but the second time later in the day not only did the smile come automatically but It then turned into a big grin and then into a giggle. I've been doing it frequently and almost every time I start to giggle (I'm giggling as I write).

Now although I'm a Scot, I'm not a grumpy one and I do laugh from time to time, but this is different, the cares just disappear.

Thank you and blessings,

Namaste to all of TOSA,

Thank you Kira and Sri for trusting in the gift of the messages sent to the miracle team. For the past week I have been literally obsessed with the song "Sowing the Seeds of Love" by Tears for Fears.

I knew it was a message to me before the miracle team message was received (Monday, September 22nd). A beautiful song but not always knowing the words of songs, I printed out the lyrics.

I realized it is political but as I got past that - a much stronger force. Love is the Power. LOVE POWER.

I am so looking forward to Avesa.

Much love,
Gladys Tishmack

Greetings and Hello,

I would first like to say thank you to Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa for the opportunity to be a part of the Quantum Clairvoyance event in September and the Avesa I training in October. And to all of those who were a part of these experiences with me, I would like to express a deep and sincere gratitude. Thank you all!

The experiences have been profound on many levels indeed, too many to include here. There is one in particular that I will share with the community. I now recognize that when I am aligned with my ascended heart that life is flowing through me and everything is sacred and when I am aligned with my egoic mind that there is a need to understand and sacred becomes scared and it feels as though life is happening to me rather than flowing through me.

Many years ago I put a sign on my desk that I now get in an entirely new way. It says "When everything is Sacred, nothing is secret." This came as an answer from a part of me that I have kept hidden for a very long time. I am amazed at how closely this answer sat to me all these years patiently awaiting my recognition. Lesson 12 of the 12 lessons of oneness was waiting for me when I arrived home and spoke about this with great clarity. Such delightful synchronicity.

We did a remote Avesa balancing as a part of our training and I am overwhelmed at the result. I could never have imagined. And thank you all for being part of this reunion.


Kira and Sri,

There is so much appreciation, gratitude and love in my heart for you and the amazing teachings that you share. It was truly a gift to have been present with you and the large community of Avesites last weekend.

Now that I have settled in over the past week I have felt an incredible amount of energy and peace fill me. The tools that are taught are so easy and accessible in any given moment when needed to be back to clear. Thank you.

I was finishing the Inner Matrix Course that weekend. A greater understanding became clear being present at Avesa.

It's so much fun in the Light!!!! Lots of gifts in each day.

Safe travels and many Blessings
Kathy Yurista
Ka'Nan Ananda Raa

Dear TOSA,

My name is Colleen and I had the time of my life at both the workshop and the Insoulment. My teacher, Timothy (Ganeshananda), actually suggested that I write to Kira and Sri and tell them of an experience I had last Sunday night, the same night of the Insoulment (at the Mystical Salon in LA, CA)!

I was lying in bed and I felt a sudden sharp pain in my lower right pelvic area -- I am very much in tune with my body -- and I thought to myself, "Huh, I never felt that before." I then had the same experience three more times during the night On Monday morning I awoke to more of the same -- not a constant pain but more like a persistent poke which was constantly taking my by surprise. By two-o-clock Monday afternoon -- I could only figure that I was having a appendicitis or something similar -- the folks at the office where I work were concerned and continued asking me to go the small dr. office locally and have it checked out. They had never seen me in such discomfort. So I did!

Please note -- I have never once been in a hospital for my own health -- and even birthed my daughter at home (with a midwife) as to avoid the hospital experience! The lil' Dr. was unable to help and suggested that this may be a matter of life and death and told me to get right to the large emergency room to be checked out. On my way there, I thought to myself , "What if all this goes away tonight and there is no more pain? You will feel so silly!" I still was having the unusual poking sensations and I did go to the emergency room (First time in my 52 years)!

They poked and took blood, did ultrasound -- it was very uncomfortable! Finally, at 7:30 that Monday Night, the E.R. Doctor came in and told me that I had a cyst on my ovary. I was to contact my Female Dr. for next steps. I left the hospital -- was driving home -- the pain totally subsided. I have not, 4 ½ days later, had the pain again. I am sure the whole onset of this experience was the healing energy movement -- I don't quite understand it - the thing is, the moment I was "diagnosed" the pain went away. I have not had the pain yet. I did have a second ultrasound on Wednesday, and yes there is still a cyst -- it has "flattened out" and this may be the reason for no more pain. I am rescheduled to see the Dr. in 2 ½ weeks when they hope to do a third ultrasound and check the size out. It is totally in my best interest to make this cyst go away. I am wondering if others have had similar experiences after a Kira healing energy workshop, and also if Kira and Sri would be able to help keep in their healing power presence?

I will never be the same after that Mystical Salon Weekend!!!!!!!!!!

I am in Love!


Dearest Kira,

Thank you and Sri for a beautiful show and for continuing to beam the message of divine love and presence for the world - how different this election is for me because I have been truly holding presence and not feeling anxiety or trying to convince others of how to vote. I know that the highest will be served, regardless of outcome and i continue to bless all involved. I realize how much I got into judgment about politics in the past and created therefore, more disruptive energy around outcomes. It seems that I can spend more energy sending love and light to the world and less worrying.

I also wanted to thank you for all the support around what has been a huge transition in my life. I have signed the preliminary accord with my husband and the divorce will be final after India. I found out last week that he even contacted my cardiologists to get 'inside information' about my health to use against me - an illegal thing, and that this cardiologist gave him info as a favor to my husband's partner in law. He has lied to the kids about this woman he had an affair with and who harassed us for years and years. She has moved to Boulder and I am trying to let go of her, the past, and what the future might bring. Every time I would get really upset, I would breathe, send to the container, and ask for guidance, love and light. I even told the judge during mediation that he couldn't yell profanity at my attorney - and my stating that calmly helped him to see the bigger picture and then he apologized and the energy shifted. Please let me know if you need a jumbo container at TOSA, because I think I used the family plan!

While I still have some doubts - will I be able to support myself and kids, and some angry thoughts, I am inviting myself to trust the process without knowing an outcome and focus on the divine. I have just started to teach qigong in a space that Aratreyah is renting me and there is a room where I am doing balancings and chambers. This work and my children, and mostly my connection with the divine, bring me peace and a sense of well being. So it is with deepest gratitude that I thank you, Sri, the TOSA community for the outpouring of love and holding presence so that I may be as Whole as I can be. Thank you for doing the work and for putting yourselves out there.

Thank you for caring.

With love,

Dear Sri & Kira,

Namaste! And thank you for the miracles of your teachings. A few days after your seminar in California I had a confrontational meeting with my boss. I wrote a script of talking points using the non-violent communication format. I discussed the ideas with my beloved and we refined the talking points to a manageable time frame.

I knew I had to go in with full self trust and express what I need. A few minutes before the meeting I went to the restroom to breathe and do the Living Ankh. I felt really empowered (especially after I realized that my arms stretched from wall to wall). I knew I was SAFE.

My first statement in the meeting was "I called this meeting to see if we are able to establish a respectful and professional relationship during our work encounters." For about 30 minutes we volleyed and clarified issues back and forth, with the end result being all the issues I brought to the meeting are resolved and we established clear boundaries for future communications. I felt amazed because I didn't get flustered, hot under the collar, or back down from my needs.

Additionally, after the In-soulment salon, both Ron and I experienced a profound and lasting cleansing and healing. For me the healing seems to be reactivated each time I do the Ankh exercise. Thanks for all you do and are.

See you in March.

PS. I felt really honored to see myself in the picture doing the Ankh on your recent newsletter.

Dear Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa,

I just wanted to send my Love and thanks to you both. Thank you for being a beacon of Light and Love. I have been working on/celebrating my expansion for multiple years and always smile as information falls in my lap just at the right time in my life. I was introduced to your website a few weeks ago and have downloaded all of your past messages (and have already read each and every one) listened to most of your archived shows, purchased your books and have even called into your show!

I AM aglow with trust and love and wonder at the magic that is all around me. I AM bringing myself back over and over again to Divine Oneness and continually thank God for both of you and your Trust and your Love and your Joy that has manifested such soulful, helpful information. My hearts desire has always been to have a pure heart overflowing with Love for myself and the whole world and your information is helping me make my hearts desire a reality.

From the bottom of my Expansive Heart I THANK YOU, I THANK YOU, I THANK YOU!!!

Oceans of Love,
Colleen Johnson

Good morning Kira and Sri,

Cornelia and I want to thank you for the workshops and for you hospitality in opening your home. Your open sharing, and a well-organized event made the workshops both informative and transformative.

A special thank you for your willingness to "insoul" on our behalf and on behalf of the planet. And thank you for bringing forward the healing rods as we all shift.

We look forward to working with both of you in the future and for now we will be practicing with the healing chambers, crystals, bowls and rods!

Love from us both,
Gary (Abello) and Cornelia

Dear Sri and Kira,

I just wanted to say, "Thank you," once again for your Divine service to the world. Your tools are opening my heart with such ease and grace and allowing me to see the Beloved that has always been within me. I also wanted to share with you a fun synchronicity that happened to me when one of your archived newsletters led me to the "I Am Discourses" by Godfrey Ray King that were channeled from Saint Germain.

First I want to say that the story of how the book mysteriously showed up in your living room fills with me awe. After I experienced reciting the Spiritual Prayers of the Mighty I AM Presence all I could say is, "Wow! Wow! Wow!" as I felt the mighty power of my I AM Presence.

I only had 10 minutes before I had to shower and dart to work but I went into meditation and was filled with such peace, power and presence. When the ten minutes quickly passed I spoke out loud and said, "I don't want to leave." And immediately a voice said, "Take it with you. This is not a meditation only experience."

That morning at work as I entered the break room, that overlooks the belt route, to get my morning water, a large semi zoomed by with "Saint Germain Transport" written in large bold letters. It stopped me in my tracks and once again caused me to say, "WOW!" and filled me with such Divine joy at how guided I AM and Loved I AM. I radiated such light and buoyancy as I returned to my desk I was questioned on what was "really" in that drink I had in my hand.

Life is a playground and I'm ready to play!

Oceans of Love,
Salt Lake City, Utah

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